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Site Issue Time & Date Comments Nexus fix my chat .over a month is out.enough guys.DONATE YOU WILL NOT GET BY ME . 2:39am 5/20/24
https://www.walmartmoneycard.comWalmart MoneyCard Got my issue fixed 11:19am 5/19/24 Lottery Down for maintenance 5:38am 5/19/24 Lion can't complete order 10:46pm 5/18/24
https://www.walmartmoneycard.comWalmart MoneyCard Unable to access funds in vault; "you've reached your daily limit... 10:06pm 5/18/24 Bank Can’t login in 9:57pm 5/18/24
https://www.e-zpassny.comE-Z pass NY Website account is not accessible 5:46pm 5/18/24 MA Website won't load 6:13am 5/18/24 cannot ship 12:11pm 5/17/24 Lottery Games aren't loading 6:55pm 5/16/24 Nexus Connecting.... 6:38pm 5/16/24 Glitching 12:02am 5/16/24
https://www.ilsos.govIllinois Secretary of State Down 4:09pm 5/15/24 Lion Can’t Go To Checkout Online 12:24pm 5/15/24 MA website down 11:58am 5/15/24 Nexus Happened again can't test any decks, watch replys, check the leaderboards... 9:59am 5/15/24 Loan Care Can’t log in 10:02pm 5/14/24
https://www.e-zpassny.comE-Z pass NY Code 5258 3:40pm 5/14/24 Nexus New game tab will not load 11:43am 5/14/24 Mobile No internet 9:32pm 5/13/24 Request is blocked 11:30am 5/13/24 Idiots in charge it seems 9:13am 5/13/24 Cannot log in 8:22am 5/13/24 can’t log on to app or website 8:17am 5/13/24 login issues 8:13am 5/13/24 Login denied 8:05am 5/13/24
http://www.rocklandtrust.comRockland Trust can't get onto the app 8:01am 5/13/24 Webapp down 7:53am 5/13/24 Website and App both down 7:30am 5/13/24 Can't log in 7:26am 5/13/24 Can't log in 7:19am 5/13/24 No access 7:19am 5/13/24 cannot logon to E-Trade 7:14am 5/13/24 Cannot Login 7:05am 5/13/24
https://www.walmartmoneycard.comWalmart MoneyCard Resolved 3:38pm 5/12/24 Lottery Down 12:36pm 5/12/24 Unable to check out 6:34pm 5/11/24 Loan Care cant log in 1:14pm 5/11/24 Lottery site down 8:19am 5/11/24 Lion Can’t shop to go 7:26am 5/10/24 Lion cant do online shopping 7:16am 5/10/24
https://www.walmartmoneycard.comWalmart MoneyCard Not letting me unlock my card 5:41am 5/10/24
https://www.walmartmoneycard.comWalmart MoneyCard Vault to account not working money is gone 4:38am 5/10/24 Workforce Commission Cannot login to my TWC Account 7:48pm 5/9/24 Third Bank cant log in, cant use face id, cant type in details, cant do shit 4:30pm 5/9/24 Financial Bank Online Account will not load. 7:25am 5/9/24 Financial Bank Unknown error won't load 7:22am 5/9/24 Trouble connecting 6:06pm 5/8/24 Workforce Commission Em22 9:35am 5/8/24 Lottery Errored out mid game, can't login 7:39pm 5/7/24