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Site Issue Time & Date Comments Lion App not working 9:30am 6/12/24 Third Bank MFA_NO_VALID_OPTIONS 8:59pm 6/11/24 MA website not working 8:04pm 6/11/24 Lottery Can’t log in to the site…. This happens all the time. WTF 7:53pm 6/11/24 Lottery Cant sign in.. 7:43pm 6/11/24 Lottery Won’t Allow Login 9:58am 6/11/24
https://www.schwab.comCharles Schwab Login Unavailable 7:10am 6/11/24
https://www.schwab.comCharles Schwab Can't login to TOS or 6:34am 6/11/24
https://www.netaddress.comNetAddress Server down 8:53pm 6/9/24 Lottery App login not working 7:59pm 6/8/24 Archive Connection timed out 6:17pm 6/8/24 Lottery not working -- app on phone is working. 2:11pm 6/8/24 Lottery Will not load 8:30am 6/8/24 Lottery won't load 7:15pm 6/7/24 Lottery Site won't load 6:01pm 6/7/24 Lottery This site can’t be reached 5:51pm 6/7/24 Lottery Browser issues Friday June 7 not loading 5:37pm 6/7/24 Lottery error 150003 8:10am 6/7/24 Lottery Down for planned maintenance 7:24pm 6/6/24 Lottery Site won't load 5:20pm 6/6/24
https://www.e-zpassny.comE-Z pass NY System Unavailable 9:39am 6/6/24 Lottery Service unavailable 11:53pm 6/5/24 Lottery Error logging in 7:19pm 6/5/24 Lottery Site down? 4:54am 6/5/24
http://www.angelfire.lycos.comAngelfire Log In page down 4:06am 6/5/24 Lottery Cant log in 4:21pm 6/4/24 Lottery Cant login 3:20pm 6/4/24 Lottery Says password expired 2:27pm 6/4/24 Lottery Will not accept password 12:46pm 6/4/24 Lottery Cannot log in to app 11:43am 6/4/24 Lottery Unable to login 11:01am 6/4/24 Lottery Not able to login 10:40am 6/4/24 Lottery Unable to login ONLINE 7:48am 6/4/24 Lottery Can’t log in passcode error 7:10am 6/4/24 Lottery Can’t log in 6:35am 6/4/24 Lottery 150102 4:24am 6/4/24 Lottery It will not let me log in 3:42am 6/4/24 Archive Won’t connect 2:40am 6/4/24's Secret Failed to Fetch error 1:42am 6/4/24 Lottery Won’t let me sign in 7:20pm 6/3/24 Lottery Won’t let me sign in 7:16pm 6/3/24 Nexus 404 error 6:26pm 6/3/24 Lottery Won’t let me sign in 6:24pm 6/3/24 Lottery Won’t let me sign in 5:41pm 6/3/24 Lottery Won’t let me sign in 5:20pm 6/3/24 Lottery Won't let me sign in 3:10pm 6/3/24 Lottery Says password is wrong 2:28pm 6/3/24
http://www.comerica.comComerica Can't withdraw 2:26pm 6/3/24 Lottery Keeps saying password is expired 6:56am 6/3/24 Lottery Website & App are down 5:27am 6/3/24