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Site Issue Time & Date Comments Lottery Site won’t load 11:52am 7/15/24 Site Down 3:55am 7/15/24 Nexus Site displays as 404 3:48pm 7/14/24 Mobile Will not refund me although I ask to cancel 9:36am 7/14/24 Loan Care Calls won’t go through 8:16am 7/13/24 Archive The Wayback Machine is not showing the toolbar at the top of archives 5:11pm 7/12/24
http://www.usbank.comU.S. Bank Focus Card 2:51am 7/12/24 Workforce Commission Site cannot be submitted 12:44pm 7/11/24
http://www.comerica.comComerica Can't login 7:32pm 7/10/24 Lottery KENO NOT SHOWING NUMBERS FROZEN SINCE 8 AM 11:03am 7/10/24 Lottery Cash pop and other winning numbers not updating 10:37am 7/10/24 Lion Shopping site loops users back to start; can't purchase cart 10:20am 7/10/24 Lottery Keno winning numbers are frozen 10:06am 7/10/24 Lottery Keno winning numbers are frozen at... 505454 10:05am 7/10/24 Lottery Keno number are not updating 9:52am 7/10/24 Lottery Can’t check keno numbers. 8:35am 7/10/24 Lion Site is down 12:59am 7/10/24 Lion Keeps saying I'm blocked 3:52pm 7/9/24 Loan Care Phone Calls Don't Go Through 1:10pm 7/9/24 Purchase history not working 3:54pm 7/8/24 Archive ...AND THEN THIS! (screenshot for proof) 3:42pm 7/8/24 Archive First i get the 429 error... (screenshot for proof) 3:38pm 7/8/24 Archive NOW IT TOOK TOO LONG TO FREAKING RESPOND! 3:31pm 7/8/24 Archive 429 too many requests 3:29pm 7/8/24 Online outage 2:08pm 7/8/24 Error 503 Service Unavailable 12:07pm 7/8/24 Financial Group Site isn’t updating 11:41am 7/8/24 Nexus Ads 7:32pm 7/7/24 Loan Care Forbidden 5:23pm 7/7/24 Lottery Can't access website 9:19am 7/7/24
https://www.usps.comUSPS Cannot complete label for Click N Ship 6:29am 7/7/24 Bank Online banking 12:10am 7/4/24 MA site cannot be reached 8:58am 7/3/24
https://www.groupon.comGroupon Not allowing sign in 3:29pm 7/2/24 Lottery Won't load page 8:12am 7/2/24 Loan Care Website down 8:02am 7/1/24 Archive Hrm. Fail with status: 429 8:14pm 6/30/24 Credit Union Serious Security Incident June 29 3:30pm 6/30/24 Credit Union Online banking down 2:51pm 6/30/24 Credit Union Patelco mobile app and web 2:22pm 6/30/24 Credit Union Can’t Access Accounts 10:06am 6/30/24 Credit Union No services available 9:38am 6/30/24 Credit Union App and site down 9:23am 6/30/24 Credit Union hacked? 9:18am 6/30/24 Credit Union Everything down still 8:12am 6/30/24 Credit Union Everything down still 8:11am 6/30/24 Credit Union App down 7:16am 6/30/24 Credit Union App down 6:33am 6/30/24 Credit Union All online and app access is down 5:59am 6/30/24 Credit Union Site and app down 5:52am 6/30/24