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Site Date Comments All Access Error UVP-1011 3:15pm 1/18/19 cannot access email - message: disconnected 10:38am 1/18/19 Cant access email 10:18am 1/18/19 Comcast Email server not responding 10:18am 1/18/19 Can't access email 10:14am 1/18/19 Email not sending or recieving 10:14am 1/18/19 COMCAST email down 10:14am 1/18/19 Cant connect to email server 10:12am 1/18/19 Comcast Website & Email Down 10:06am 1/18/19 Emails not sending 9:58am 1/18/19 CANNOT CONNECT TO EMAIL 9:55am 1/18/19 no email 9:51am 1/18/19
http://www.huntington.comHuntington Bank won't load 9:44am 1/18/19 DNS server not responding 7:05am 1/18/19 All Access Technical Difficulties 6:10pm 1/17/19 All Access Up 1011 6:03pm 1/17/19
https://www.e-zpassny.comE-Z pass NY Can not sign up 5:58pm 1/17/19
http://www.squaretrade.comSquareTrade The site was UP as of 1/17/2018 @3:30PM 4:10pm 1/17/19's Glitch 2:10pm 1/17/19's Glitch 2:05pm 1/17/19
http://www.key.comKeyBank unable to sign in to online banking 1:44pm 1/17/19's site still down 1:14pm 1/17/19's Website Down For Everyone All Day!! 12:41pm 1/17/19
http://www.squaretrade.comSquareTrade site down for 33rd time in a row? Scam? 12:33pm 1/17/19's Can't access website at all 12:23pm 1/17/19
https://www.e-zpassny.comE-Z pass NY Cannot create ezpass account 11:28am 1/17/19's Kohl’s Website Down 10:12am 1/17/19's 404 errors 10:03am 1/17/19
http://www.identityguard.comIdentity Guard website is apparently down 7:08am 1/17/19
http://www.huntington.comHuntington Bank Entire site down, not loading 1:16am 1/17/19 Study Center study center not loading 8:12pm 1/16/19 All Access UVP 1011 7:01pm 1/16/19
http://www.usbank.comU.S. Bank system won’t let me login 5:34pm 1/16/19 All Access UVP-1011 5:24pm 1/16/19 can not place an on line order 4:41pm 1/16/19
https://www.pinterest.comPinterest Scrolling problem on my boards with many pins 3:35pm 1/16/19 All Access Error UVP-1001 2:35pm 1/16/19
https://www.pinterest.comPinterest Site won't fully load 10:39am 1/16/19
https://www.e-zpassny.comE-Z pass NY Cannot create EZ Pass Account 8:24am 1/16/19
https://www.pinterest.comPinterest Site is not working 2:31am 1/16/19 problem loading page 12:28am 1/16/19 All Access Error UVP-1001 11:42pm 1/15/19 All Access uvp-1001 10:32pm 1/15/19 All Access Uvp-1011 7:50pm 1/15/19 All Access Error: uvp-1011 code 7:02pm 1/15/19
http://abc.go.comABC Saying program not included in my Spectrum TV subscription 4:52pm 1/15/19 All Access I’ve-1011 4:48pm 1/15/19
http://www.adp.comADP Get the spinning wheel of death after logging in 4:44pm 1/15/19
https://www.e-zpassny.comE-Z pass NY Website Down - Can’t Login Into my Account 4:23pm 1/15/19
http://www.adp.comADP Not working 4:15pm 1/15/19