Recent Reports

Site Date Comments
http://abc.go.comABC Code 000-000-006 11:46am 6/20/18 All Access Uvp-1001 5:52am 6/20/18 No access for w days 3:35am 6/20/18 Email down 10:12pm 6/19/18
http://abc.go.comABC App 9:02pm 6/19/18 All Access Error UVP-1001 8:45pm 6/19/18 Nexus Can't login 4:17pm 6/19/18 Suntrust mobile banking down 3:45pm 6/19/18
http://abc.go.comABC Error 013-0700-000 11:36am 6/19/18's Can't add anything to "bag" 10:21am 6/19/18 Cant track package 8:56am 6/19/18 can't log on 8:26am 6/19/18 cant log on 8:11am 6/19/18
http://53.comFifth Third Bank after login account info does not come up 7:52am 6/19/18's App not loading 7:04am 6/19/18
https://www.e-zpassny.comE-Z pass NY Error message system down 6:54am 6/19/18
https://informeddelivery.usps.comUSPS Informed Delivery not loading images of mail 6:47am 6/19/18 Bank Can't log in to see my account information 6:11am 6/19/18
FasTrakFasTrak Unable to register new transponder 11:15pm 6/18/18
http://mail.lycos.comLycos Mail i can't open my mail 9:20pm 6/18/18 Bank Cannot login 6:50pm 6/18/18 Bank Unable to pay bills online 4:28pm 6/18/18 All Access ERROR UVP-1001 12:47pm 6/18/18's App won't open 8:46am 6/18/18 Unable to log on 8:35am 6/18/18 Suntrust App and Online Down 8:24am 6/18/18 Suntrust App and Online Down 8:23am 6/18/18 Suntrust Online STILL DOWN! 8:06am 6/18/18 Email down 8:05am 6/18/18 Cannot login to online banking 7:42am 6/18/18 Mobile online banking unavailable 7:36am 6/18/18 cannot log in 7:25am 6/18/18 Can not log on website nor mobile app 7:21am 6/18/18 cannot log in through IE, CHROME or mobile app 7:19am 6/18/18 cannot log on 7:16am 6/18/18 Cannot acces internet banking 7:08am 6/18/18 HTTP Error 503. The service is unavailable. 6:47am 6/18/18
https://www.e-zpassny.comE-Z pass NY Error message creating account 4:16am 6/18/18 Nexus Error: not_logged 10:30pm 6/17/18 Nexus authentication_failed 9:42pm 6/17/18 Bank Can't log into Umpqua online - last 2+ days 6:35pm 6/17/18
http://mail.lycos.comLycos Mail login promlem 10:39am 6/17/18 Bank Still can't login, another day the same story 8:42am 6/17/18's Unable to add to cart using up to date kohls app 6:17am 6/17/18 All Access ERROR UVP-1001 4:29am 6/17/18
https://www.pinterest.comPinterest I can log on but can't search or do anything else 9:39pm 6/16/18 Bank cannot logon 9:38pm 6/16/18's Secret unable to view full site from browser 6:10pm 6/16/18 Bank Can't connect, tried several times today. 6:08pm 6/16/18 All Access Wont play show 4:58pm 6/16/18