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Site Issue Time & Date Comments Lottery Crap site 8:05pm 1/22/21 Lottery Website is Down 8:00pm 1/22/21 Lottery Not working 7:59pm 1/22/21 Lottery My future is going down the drain!! 7:56pm 1/22/21 Lottery Site won’t load 7:56pm 1/22/21 Lottery Not loading 7:53pm 1/22/21 Lottery Site won’t load 7:52pm 1/22/21 Lottery Site wont load cant buy tickets 7:49pm 1/22/21 Lottery Not loading 7:48pm 1/22/21
https://www.usps.comUSPS Says error has occured during checkout process, try later 7:48pm 1/22/21 Lottery Site won’t load 7:36pm 1/22/21 Lottery Will not load 7:31pm 1/22/21 Lottery Not running 7:19pm 1/22/21 Lottery Slow not responding 6:37pm 1/22/21 Lottery Won’t load says unavailable 6:37pm 1/22/21 Lottery Site won't load 6:36pm 1/22/21 Lottery Not loading 6:35pm 1/22/21 Lottery Site Unavailable 6:24pm 1/22/21 Lottery The Service is Unavailable 6:23pm 1/22/21 Lottery Server unavailable 6:22pm 1/22/21 Lottery Site won't load. 6:22pm 1/22/21 Lottery Site Wont Load 6:21pm 1/22/21 Lottery Won’t load to purchase tickets 6:19pm 1/22/21 Lottery Won’t load 6:18pm 1/22/21 Lottery 503 error service unavailable 6:16pm 1/22/21 Lottery Site won't load 6:09pm 1/22/21 America News Repeating audio 3:56pm 1/22/21 All Access Will not load, poor customer service 3:15pm 1/22/21 cite is down, won't opne 2:53pm 1/22/21 All Access App crashes going to live TV 2:13pm 1/22/21
https://www.key.comKeyBank System Error. 12:48pm 1/22/21
http://abc.go.comABC Authentication failure 12:19pm 1/22/21
http://abc.go.comABC AuthenticationFailure 10:45am 1/22/21 Smart World Service Will Be Available Soon 10:29am 1/22/21 All Access Shows wont play....almost 2 months of complaints 9:14am 1/22/21 Bank no allowing login 8:56am 1/22/21 Compass Cannot login 7:27am 1/22/21 unable to process request - pickup and delivery 6:37am 1/22/21
https://informeddelivery.usps.comUSPS Informed Delivery No emails- two days 5:28am 1/22/21 All Access Episodes won't load 3:15am 1/22/21 All Access Episodes Won’t Load 3:14am 1/22/21 All Access No episodes will load for me to watch 3:11am 1/22/21 All Access Nothing will load for episodes 3:08am 1/22/21 All Access been over 5 hours and still is acting up 2:02am 1/22/21 All Access Report 2:01am 1/22/21
https://informeddelivery.usps.comUSPS Informed Delivery Blank Screen 1:51am 1/22/21 All Access Nothing will load - no shows available 12:40am 1/22/21 All Access 404 error 12:36am 1/22/21 All Access Shows won’t load 11:45pm 1/21/21 All Access No episodes visible/ playable 10:32pm 1/21/21