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Site Issue Time & Date Comments Lottery 150102 4:24am 6/4/24 Lottery It will not let me log in 3:42am 6/4/24 Archive Won’t connect 2:40am 6/4/24's Secret Failed to Fetch error 1:42am 6/4/24 Lottery Won’t let me sign in 7:20pm 6/3/24 Lottery Won’t let me sign in 7:16pm 6/3/24 Nexus 404 error 6:26pm 6/3/24 Lottery Won’t let me sign in 6:24pm 6/3/24 Lottery Won’t let me sign in 5:41pm 6/3/24 Lottery Won’t let me sign in 5:20pm 6/3/24 Lottery Won't let me sign in 3:10pm 6/3/24 Lottery Says password is wrong 2:28pm 6/3/24
http://www.comerica.comComerica Can't withdraw 2:26pm 6/3/24 Lottery Keeps saying password is expired 6:56am 6/3/24 Lottery Website & App are down 5:27am 6/3/24 Credit Union Can't login into account 4:03pm 6/2/24 Can’t see online orders. 12:42pm 6/2/24 Cannot view order in process or order history 12:40pm 6/2/24 Trust remote deposit capture adapter down 12:24pm 6/2/24 Cannot search, view order history or access customer service 11:08am 6/2/24 Can't view my order, no updates on my curbside pickup order. App and web... 10:49am 6/2/24 Site inaccessible 10:23am 6/2/24 unable to search 10:15am 6/2/24 Financial Bank Won't log in error 6:31am 6/2/24 Lottery Error: 150003 6:31pm 6/1/24 Federation Server down 12:59pm 6/1/24 Lion Can't checkout 8:22am 6/1/24
https://www.walmartmoneycard.comWalmart MoneyCard Issue resolved 4:21am 6/1/24 Financial Bank System down 4:19am 6/1/24
https://www.walmartmoneycard.comWalmart MoneyCard Vault to account not working 12:23am 6/1/24 Lion unable to sign in even with fingerprint 5:55am 5/30/24 MA website not working 9:56pm 5/29/24 Lottery Games not loading 7:28pm 5/29/24 Access blocked 4:03am 5/28/24 Archive Internet Archive Down 11:51am 5/27/24 Archive Internet Archive Down 11:50am 5/27/24 Bank App won't open 12:00pm 5/26/24
https://www.e-zpassny.comE-Z pass NY "System Unavailable" 10:53am 5/26/24
https://www.e-zpassny.comE-Z pass NY Site is down 10:26am 5/26/24
https://www.e-zpassny.comE-Z pass NY Logging 10:08am 5/26/24 Nexus .404 NGINX. GUYS.9 OF 10 REPORTS ARE MINE.STOP IT GUYS. ENOUGH ENOUGH ENOUGH... 8:48pm 5/25/24 Mobile I cannot make phone calls. I cannot receive phone calls. 8:04pm 5/25/24 Nexus 404 not found. nginx.guys fix it ,every day i have a problem with that thing 7:38pm 5/25/24 Mobile I cannot make or receive call on my phone. 7:27pm 5/25/24 Bank Can’t transfer money or zelle 5:30am 5/24/24 Lottery App down 11:29pm 5/23/24 & Noble Pages Won’t Load 11:19pm 5/23/24 & Noble Website 10:26pm 5/23/24 Workforce Commission Won't let me log on 4:23pm 5/23/24 Workforce Commission Cannot log in 3:02pm 5/23/24