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Site Issue Time & Date Comments All Access Running so slow it's not watchable - buffering forever 4:31pm 7/6/20
http://www.plasticsoldierreview.comPlastic Soldier Review Will Not Load 4:08pm 7/6/20 Bank Been on hold for 40 minutes 4:03pm 7/6/20 All Access Fatal error 2:20pm 7/6/20 America News certificate not being accepted -- blocked 2:15pm 7/6/20 MA website not loading 2:02pm 7/6/20 Workforce Commission identify verification then it logs me out 1:40pm 7/6/20 Sorry, we are having trouble, check back later 1:21pm 7/6/20 Workforce Commission Won’t stay logged in 8:01am 7/6/20 Bank Local branch closed 7:31am 7/6/20
https://www.usps.comUSPS We are sorry but an unexpected error has occurred during the checkout process.... 7:26am 7/6/20 Not logging in 6:59am 7/6/20
https://www.regions.comRegions Cannot deposit on mobile 5:21am 7/6/20 Workforce Commission Login/Logoff Loop 5:08am 7/6/20 Bank RETURN CODE: P90009999 5:02am 7/6/20 Third Bank App Is down 1:52am 7/6/20 Won't let me change or cancel my pick up order for tomorrow 1:19am 7/6/20
http://www.ezcardinfo.comEZ Card Info Cant login 10:41pm 7/5/20 Workforce Commission Won't let me log in. 7:23pm 7/5/20 All Access Keep getting fatal error 5408 7:18pm 7/5/20 Unable to complete order 7:04pm 7/5/20
https://www.e-zpassny.comE-Z pass NY We're sorry, the system is unavailable. Please try again later 6:07pm 7/5/20
http://www.nationalgridus.comNational Grid Error gateway down trying to login 4:36pm 7/5/20 Home Depot Can enter site but cannot search for items 4:13pm 7/5/20 Student Loans Unable to log in 4:08pm 7/5/20 Workforce Commission Cannot sign into account to request payment 3:40pm 7/5/20 Home Depot ERR_CONNECTION_RESET 3:35pm 7/5/20 Can’t check out, make purchase, or contact IKEA in any way 3:20pm 7/5/20 Can't check order status 11:41am 7/5/20 App won't load 8:11am 7/5/20
http://www.nationalgridus.comNational Grid Gateway timeout errors - HTTPS 8:09am 7/5/20 Apologies. Something is not working here. 10:09pm 7/4/20 Order status disappeared 6:28pm 7/4/20 Walmart app not loading 3:32pm 7/4/20
http://www.ezcardinfo.comEZ Card Info Not able to login 12:37pm 7/4/20 Can't open anything 12:01pm 7/4/20 Bank Can’t access online banking for two days now 11:43am 7/4/20
http://www.ezcardinfo.comEZ Card Info Can't sign on 11:37am 7/4/20 Third Bank App not working. 11:32am 7/4/20 wont let me acess om line denys acess 10:45am 7/4/20
http://www.lordandtaylor.comLord & Taylor Access denied 7:48am 7/4/20
http://www.clubwpt.comClubWPT cant login 7:42am 7/4/20
https://www.westernunion.comWestern Union worst system to send money in the world 4:52am 7/4/20 Grocery Server not working 3:16am 7/4/20 Can't add to cart or confirm profile 10:54pm 7/3/20 Bank I can’t reset my password keeps showing me an unidentifiable error occurred 8:21pm 7/3/20 America News Sound ok pic not 6:21pm 7/3/20
http://www.key.comKeyBank Error during login 4:37pm 7/3/20 Workforce Commission Can't login 3:55pm 7/3/20 apologies. something is not working here. 3:54pm 7/3/20