Where am I?
You are at You are not lost.

What am I doing here?
You are probably wondering why a site is down, and if the owner of the site even knows about it.

What does this site do?
This site will hopefully save you some time and thought with your worries about a site you can't access, or is down. Learn quickly if others are having the same problem as you, and any related info about the downtime you can't find elsewhere.

How can my woes be heard?
If you see a site down, report it! We tally up the reports to provide a crowd sourced look at problems sites are having. The site may be up and running in California, but everybody in Florida seems to be having problems still. By simply reporting an outage, you'll help build a clearer picture of the problem. Website owners and operators have the option of getting email reports whenever their site is reported. So at times, when you report a site down, someone from that organization may see the report via email.

Will the website owner do anything about my report?
That is entirely up to the website owner. Whether or not they want to pay attention is up to them and their business priorities. If their website is constantly down, they should get to the bottom of it, and fix it asap. The information on is available freely to anybody that wants to see it, but we cannot force a site operator to act on any of it. does its best to "ping" the website that is currently down. When a serious outage is detected, we post a twitter message with hashtags relevant to the organization. We also allow email notifications for reports by website.

What if I just want to see when a site has been down?
Great, then find the site's page on Site Down using the homepage filter feature, or the Sites page, and check out the numbers detailing the site's reported downtime in the past.

How do I report a site that is down, or a service I can't access?
First find the site or service by searching for it on the homepage, or on the Sites page. Once you find the site, browse to the site's page, then click on the big red "Report Site Down" button and follow the simple steps. You can also install our Bookmarklet to quickly report a website down while visiting any page on the WWW. If you can't find the site or service to report, you can add it using the steps outlined below.

Why should I report a site down?
It's important that there is a historic record of outages, available freely and openly on the Internet. If a company or other entity has outages frequently, it will be apparent by looking at their pages. Not only can current users vent their frustrations, but companies and potential new users can view as well. Hopefully in the long run, with outages clearly reported and universally visible, companies will adjust, and work towards making their products more secure and reliable.

How do I add a site that isn't currently available on Site Down?
Simply click the "Report Outage" button on the homepage, and if you cannot find the site in the instant search field then click the "Add the site" link. If you have already searched and cannot find a site, you can add a site here (must be logged in). Once you've filled in the required and optional fields to your liking, click the save button. You'll be forwarded to your newly created site where you can be the 1st to add a downtime report.

What websites and reports are appropriate to be posted here?
Sites listed on may not contain or reference adult, violence, hate, contain low quality/spammy content, or be low trafficked. reserves the right to remove any site, report, user or comment for any reason.

How can I send a suggestion/question or report a bug with this site?
Please use the contact form or send an email to support"at"

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