Tvp 805

Fri, 01/17/2014 - 9:26pm - Anonymous

Samsung smart tv. Streamed netflix for two days When I first got tv now I get the tvp 805 message every time


ed learn on

I have same problem, got tv on the 10 jan, watch netflix for a few days, now just the 805 message, no luck with samsung or netflix, will be returning my tv


Michelle. on

Same exact situation.

Samsung is blaming Netflix, and Netflix is blaming Samsung. Both place blame on a faulty internet connection.

Thing is, my internet connection is solid, and I have no issues streaming Netflix on countless other devices - some located farther away from my wireless router than the Samsung 'Smart' TV in question.


David on

Yep, tvp-805 message every time on my new Samsung TV. Internet connection is solid -- five bars and all other networked devices work fine. I can even browse the web on the TV, but no Netflix! 

Erica on

SAME HERE!!! What's the deal?

Mr.E on

same deal with me...any success out there?

Michelle. on

I've uninstalled, deactivated, and reinstalled Netflix according to the Samsung manuals online. Nothing.

I've reset Smart Hub. Nothing.

I've disconnected and reconnected all the wires. Nothing.

I factory reset the TV. Nothing.

It's permanently useless one month into ownership.

ed learn on

Today is the last day for me to return tv to bestbuy. I gave them this many days to fix this problem. the tv is going back and i will buy another brand name at bestbuy today.

NH on

Same issue with the TV. Samsung Smart Hub updated itself about 10 times annoyingly over the past week and Netflix just crapped out. Really irritating. Errors are TVP-805. Tried deactivating the account, reinstalling the app. Nothing. It worked just fine a week ago, so some moron screwed up.

edlearn on

I now am the proud owner of a Vizio tv and I am watching an old startrek movie on Netflix.

take the samsung back,

Ticked on

Same problem here.  Neither netflix or samsung stepping up to the plate.  

Jessica on

I am having the same problem on my Samsung TV.  Started having problems with sound a couple of weeks ago and now the TVP-805 error.  Samsung trouble shooted...deactivated, reactivated, reinstalled, unplugged, plugged...blah help. 

Heather Harrison on

Damn, I was hoping there would be a solution to the 'tvp-805' problem on here.  We've had our Samsung TV since July 2013 and there have been no issues until three days ago when Netflix (and only Netflix) stopped working.  We've tried everything under the sun and nothing works.  If anyone finds a solution, PLEASE post it here.  Might have to buy a Roku player to stream Netflix since returning the TV is not an option right now.  Arghhh.

Mike on

Had this problem since January 2, 2014 and reported it on January 4th.  I had both Samsung and Netflix go through through their typical protocols several times but to no avail during the first  week or so.  In simple terms, this is what I found out after much persistence and many calls to Netflix.  A Samsung update affected the Netflix app and Netflix are fully aware and working on it.  Hard to believe that it is taking them this long.  The problem is that when you call Netflix they want to start from scratch and maintain their surprise of this situation.  But if you know what you are talking about and tell them that you are aware of this ongoing issue (it is all over the internet, I called before...check my records, please check with you tech people during this call, etc.) they will give in and admit it to it.  If you are persistent you can get them to contact their upper level tech support during the call and get a general update of where they are in fixing the problem.  I called last week and was advised that they had fixed it on certain models but the larger-sized models such as my 50 incher was still being worked on.  The more people call and provide their TV model details the better.  I think what happens is most of us can get netflix through another device and will not spend the time calling Netflix to complain since they basically hit a wall every time they do so.  It is unfortunate that Netflix is not admitting to this issue to the general public but at least they are noting these problem calls and working on it albeit slowly.  Not grat news nor a solution but hope this helps.  

N8smom on

I uninstalled Netflix from my Samsung smart tv today, then logged back on and it finally worked!!! If you do not know how to uninstall Netflix go to the site and click on cannot connect to  Netflix and find your device and follow the steps. I hope this helps you!

N8smom on

@Heather, I'm sorry for the confusion.  I deactivated (not uninstalled) it, then logged back on and it worked.

Heather on

@N8smom, did actually uninstall the application or did you deactivate your account and then reactivate it?  I've tried de/reactivating it and that doesn't work (per the steps it gave me on the Netflix site).  However, i can't seem to find a way to completetly uninstall then reinstall the app since I think it came as one of the default pre-installed apps that can't be changed.  Anyway, glad it worked for you!  We're still looking for a fix on our end.

@Mike, thanks for the update.  If you find out any new info, please post!

Heather on

Netflix is working again!  For those of you who are still having problems with the tvp-805 issue, try unplugging everything, plugging it back in, deactivating and reactivating Netflix and then try playing a video again.  After doing all of that, I still received the same error twice, and it finally worked on the third try!  It's worth a shot, good luck.  (I had also called to complain again last night so maybe that's why it randomly started working again).

gilbert on

I've also ran into this problem as of Sunday 2/09/14 around 4:30th PST I've called netflix they had told me it's Samsungs end I called Samsung and they told me it was Netflix end so I called netflix back they ran me through the complete troubleshooting to tell me the same thing they are communicating with Samsung to resolve this issue...For being a standard TV quality is great as for it being a Smart TV it's not as great as I thought it would be and it's the second one I've gotten. I had to warranty my first 40inch smart TV by Samsung due to it crashing when it was trying to search for the Wifi connection.

Mike on

Heather/That size is your TV. Tried the deactivate/uninstall/unplugging, etc again but to no avail.  Did you also disconnect wifi or internet cables? Spoke to Netflix and Samsung again.  Samsung promised that it would be fixed but no time frames given.  I'm curious how yours worked on the third try...I tried the same but no luck.  Perhaps your Netflix or TV was going through a firmware/software update at the time?  Anyway, great news for you! I'll keep trying.     

Ticked on

Still having the same issue.  Called Samsung and they told me that they would "send" a fix to my specific tv within a few days.  Here we are over a week later and the same problem occurs.  Has anyone got it figured out yet?

Laurie on

Ridiculous!!! I'm having same problems, the fixes on Netflix site do not fix the problem. The main reason I bought a Smart TV was to stream Netflix! This has been going on since December.


Samsung smart Tv does not work.  Will not stream netflix (TVP805) nor will it stream Amazon .   Tv worked for the first month, then stopped arround Jan 25.  Samsung and netflix will say they are working on this, but in the meantime the TV is junk.   I have waited a few weeks for a fix.  NO more, waiting.   I will find a tv that works and return this samSungKrap.   

Mike on

I followed up with Netflix again today, February 22, 2014......over ten calls to them since the beginning of January.  At least it is good to see that their representatives quickly acknowledge the issue now but unfortunately offer no time frames for a fix.  So I still got the old "we are working on it" response.  One thing slightly different on this call though.  The Netflix rep did state that it is a Netflix issue and not a Samsung issue.  So perhaps there's some hope!  

Laurie on

Thanks Mike for the info. I figured this was a netflix problem and not samsung. netflix originally denied it was their problem even though I was recieving a netflix error. ive been calling too, and will continue to do so. I hope everyone else that find this site does, too! 

habid on

interesting, but if you call Samsung, they say it is their problem and they are working on it.  

Anon on
i deactivated the netflix account and relogged into my netflix and i still get the tvp805 error or any title. it goes to the load screen of ANY title, and i get a small red bar that moves but stops about a quarter of the way then it shows the error screen...why am i paying for this?
alex on

I just called Samsung today (2/25/14) and after speaking with several customer service associates they transfered me to Remote Managment. The girl I spoke with said they had released on Friday (2/21/14), a trial verson of updated firmware so a smallgroup of TV's. After talking for a few minutes she told me that her supervisors had told her that Samsung should be sending out a mass update of the firmware within a week to week and a half. Hopefully this actcucally happens because i am now going on three months of the Netflix ap not working onmy TV

laurie on

Great news! I hope Netflix and Samsung worked together to fix this really annoying and unfair problem. It's not a Smart TV if it can't stream Netflix for goodness sake!

Dan on

Anyone else getting the same problem with Amazon Instant Video? It will crash and the TV will turn off as soon as it starts to load the movie/show.I will also get the TVP-804,805 error and it's beyond frustrating. 

habid on
I get the same problem on Amazon, we can not play your ......... but the TV does not crash or turn off.
Ren on

Yeah My Toshiba is having the same problem, Ain't technology Great?

Laurie on

I spent 2 hours on the phone with Samsung last night. One story after another. The new version is: Samsung has their act together with updates but Netflix does not. Really? Give me a break. Both are pointing fingers. Samsung says they have fixed 2014 TV's but not 2013 TVs. Do this dude chattered on and on and when I said should I call Netflix and tell them what he said, he says well...just know we are working together, I'm not blaming Netflix. Time to return my Dumb TV.

Mike on

Had a smart hub update 2/27/14.  Got excited but it did not fix the Netflix problem so will wait based on what Alex reported about the firmware update in a week or so.  Hopefully there is another update coming. 

Charles E. Brown on

I contacted Netflix and they are now stating that the problem is with their software and that they are working to find a fix. Also, Netflix gave me a 1-week credit for each week that it has been down. 

Scot on

After trying all the power-downs, deactivations, resets, reinstalls etc and have not gotten any further, I reconnected my ROKU receiver and can stream to my samsung 40" smart-tv (right!!?). I tried streaming from my wifes amazon prime account also and that was not working either.  As much as I like the screen on my new TV, I could have saved about $80 and went with a dumb TV. 

Does anyone know if a wired network connection makes any difference?

Laurie on

I tried the hard wire approach and it did not work. This is the email I receieved this weekend:


Hi Laurie,




There is a patch that is coming in early March that will fix Netflix issues. If you would like to go forward with the service we could  set that up for you but there is no guarantee that having a technician out to look at the television will resolve the issue without the fix from Netflix.




Thank you,




Jamal T.


Samsung Electronics America


David on

This sucks, been online for three hours with netflix and samsung, they are blaming each other for there problems, I think its a samsung problem, netflix was fine till one day a month ago after a update on the smart hub.  I will be on the phone with samsung in the morning, if Hulu was worth keeping I would just use hulu cause that works fine, if it ends up being a samsung problem I will pull the wet box from the back yard and pack it up and take it back.  useless crap!

jbfishy9 on

had the same message....tried all the live chats both with samsung and netflix....called both twice....placing blame on each other.  Netflix was the most help between the two.  Here is what I did last that got me back up and watching:

1. unplugged my tv for over a minute

2. plugged back in and turn it on

3. launch Smart Hub, then launch Netflix

4. deactivated my account (launch netflix app then press up, up, down, down, left, right, left, right, up, up, up, up on your remote),

5. signed back in to my account.  Then tried getting a movie/episode to launch 3 x .....and finally success. 

I am back to wataching.  I had tried EVERYTHING!  I was thinking I would be returning my tv...but for now I guess I am good to go.  Good luck to everyone else!!!

scot on

Any chance you could follow up with us in a few days of use to let us know it's still working?

Would be greatly appreciated.


jbfishy9 on

Yep...I still have to load it 2 or 3 times, sometimes load one title, before I can get the title I want to watch to load, but it is working. Not perfectly but better than not at all like it was.  I will try to remember to repost in a few days or so. 


~ Jbfishy9

Abhishek on

Does anyone know when the patch/ firmware update is supposed to arrive, I am facing this issue since since early Feb'2014. Tried everything, called Samsung and Netflix many times. I bought the TV last year in OCT so cannot return it, badly stuck....This is the only onsite resource that is giving me some hope, please keep your updates posted :)

Laurie on

The email they sent me last week says early March. so far no fix for me. 

Laurie on

I tried this fix numerous times doesn't work for me. So frustrating! Samsung should NOT have Netflix all over their smart tv boxes! Falsse advertising and I can't take my tv back! is there such a thing as consumer advocates?



David on

this is so messed up, paid two months of netflix and I cant watch on this "smart tv" I've spent hours on the chat with both netflix and samsung and samsung knows that there is a problem and there attudite is they don't care, it will come out when they get around to it.  my last two samsung phones sucked and screen cracked first time i dropped it, don't know why I brought there tv, I know I won't be buying a samsung product anytime soon.

Mike on

Still no Netflix.  I just had two updates today, Saturday, March 8th and one a few days ago but still the same TVP-805 error.  Hopefully this early March update that wasn stated a few posts back is still on the way.  I have held off asking Netflix for was there idea to do so as it would make more sense to ask for it after he problem is actually recolved. 

hanshotfirst1138 on

Tried everything Samsung has said, nada. It's a problem on their end, and even after the firmware update, nothing is fixed.

beshoy fahim on

TVP-805, I tried everything Samsung and Netflix both have not been able to fix this issue. SOMEONE PLZ PUT AN END TO THIS PROBLEM


Joe on

I'm also still having this problem. Since mid-February. Tried everything suggested.

I bought my Samsung in November specifically to watch Netflix. I should have bought Apple TV instead!

Mike on

There were 6 - 7 Samsung updates this past 7 days however none of them were related to Netflix.  I called Netflix on Thursday, March 13th and they were still fully aware of the issue.  They stated that 32 inch TVs and less were already addressed with a fix, but that the larger models were still being worked on with no estimated date for a fix.  This is definitely NOT a burning issue for Samsung or Netflix and there is no way to escalate it within Netflix. 

Laurie on

I think this is ridiculous. Can't return TV, broken promises etc. I still have the box for my Samsung dumb a!* TV and it has Netflix advertising all over it.

Anyone buying a 2013 model will be screwed like us. I'm going to check out National Association of Consumer Advocates. But, considering what GM has been able to get away with it seems unlikely that a TV would have any priority.

I will NEVER buy another Samsung product again!!

Charles E. Brown on

All fixed. I called Samsung and they remotely accessed the television. They wiped out all the apps and then the television automatically reinstalled them. Netflix came right up after that. 

If you don't want to call Samsung go into setup and change your country. That will wipe the apps. After that  set it back to your country. That force everything to reinstall 

You will need to resign in to your apps 


Hope this helps all 

habid on

Hey charles, what model TV .   thanks

Laurie on

That is interesting Charles. They wouldn't do anything remotely for me a couple of weeks ago. Please tell us your model and I guess I will waste another couple of hours calling them.

Charles E. Brown on



I have the UN40F6350 Smart Television. 


Now, I called Samsung last Sunday afternoon while I had some time. I started off with the usual customer service and they transferred me to the "Remote Team."  The wait was about 25 minutes. I got a GREAT technician. He explained that the last firmware update somehow caused a conflict with the last update of Netflix. Apparently the Netflix update didn't uninstall properly before the new version installed. 


In the menu of the television there is a remote option that generates a PIN number. I had to give him that number and he took over the television. Basically, he wiped it out. I then had to uplug the television for about 30 seconds. When I turned it back on, and the television acquired the internet connection, all the software reinstalled and Netflix started up normally.  


He told me that there is a way of doing it without calling remote. You go to the settings of the television and select a different country. This forces the software for that country to install. You then set it back to the United States, or whatever your country is, and it forces the software to set back. 


Since then it has worked without problems. 


Let me know if it works. 

Laurie on

Great information Charles!  I'll give it a try this weekend and see what happens. I was curious about the size of your TV, mine is smaller. I hope it works and I will let you know. Thank you!

Dave on

new updates and restarting sometimes isnt enough, change the set up to spanish and then back to english helps reset everything, sign in and the format on netflix is different but its working again, I got the lastest firmware versision# 2001.3 from chris at samsung

Laurie on

It worked Charles! Went in last night changed to Spanish, back to English, in and out of software update, netflix update was getting frustrated and then something clicked. I can stream again! Good grief I hope they don't do this again! Thank u!


Mike on

Dave/Laurie/Charles/Others...OMG it worked. Thanks so much.  I wonder when Netflix was going to tell me how to fix it or that the problem was fixed!!!! Through the MENU function, I switched the TV's language to Spanish then back to English and then checked for any software updates (all while not in Smart Hub Mode).  The update installed and went to Netflix and got the new version and signed in and it is working again.  Awesome!  But I think similar to Laurie, the Netflix update loaded but the TV was just blank so I turned it on and off and then went to Smart Hub and selected Netflix.  That is where I had to sign in with my email address and password. Hope this works for others. 

Laurei on

happy it worked!  Yes, my screen went blank, too. Turned it off and on. finally seeing house of cards on the big screen!  

Charles E. Brown on

Glad it all worked everyone. 

One other thing I forgot to mention. 

On some televisions, when you come out of Netflix, you may have to set the source back to your cablebox. Samsung knows about the problem and hopes to have it fixed with the next firmware update. 

Link up with me on Facebook if anyone wants.

Abhishek on

Yes, it worked. Thanks Charles. and yes the TV will go blank, just restart it... :)

Dave on

Hey is anybody now getting the screen that states..

"paid app will no longer be avaiable via sumsung apps starting March 26th,2914   we are sorry for the inconvenience  for more info please visit"

wonder what that's about?

Charles E. Brown on


This is on the Samsung page:


Samsung is always seeking new ways to improve the Smart TV ecosystem and provide the best experience to consumers and developers alike. With this in mind, we’ve decided to modify our paid-app service for Samsung Smart TVs and have begun developing a new business model solely around free Smart TV app offerings.

Beginning March, 26, 2014, Samsung Paid Applications will no longer be available via Samsung Apps. Please note this does not apply to subscription services (such as Netflix, Hulu, Vudu, Pandora, Amazon), only applications you must pay to download.

We believe this next step will benefit not only our customers but the Smart TV ecosystem as a whole and we’re excited to share more details once they’re available.

For more information, please visit

Thank you.
Samsung Social Media Support Team


scot on

my netflix is working again on the smart-tv. new netflix interface. seems like an update happened and then it was good. grateful.

Roy Rookie on

Solved! :)

Struggled and did most of the things on the forums. nothing worked.. Did setup my phone as hotspot and connected my tv to this wifi. Worked! Run Netflix with no problems. Then connected back to the wireless in my house. Worked! Issues must be related to the network connection to the local wireless on my Samsung 8006 series tv. All other nodes in the house (pc, pads, Apple tv and phones) never had any issues. Seems like a software issue on the Samsung. 

Gussie on

This is driving me nuts.  I can stream on my ipad but get that stupid code on my new samsung smart tv. It did work for quite a while but the past few weeks i've had no luck.

mundy on

without logging into smart hub, i clicked menu > software update and it reinstalled the latest software update for the tv, then when i tried netflix again it required another update which i ran. I had to log in to netflix once again with my email and password and it worked and netflix looks new not like before.. 

before i could browse netflix but couldnt watch anything due to the error 805, but this new update looks completely different and actually works. took 3 months but finally!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

gibby71 on

I just tried this and it worked! !  Thanks for the directions. 

calvin on

Press MENU on your tv remote. Scroll down to support and select Software Update. Note: This will not work if you are in the Smart Hub. Once the latest software is installed go into Smart Hub, move onto the Netflix app and hit tools on your remote. Then select `Reinstall`. Netflix should work.

Ninan on

Finally!!!! It worked after several months of waiting.

Raye on

Thank you, Calvin! That worked for my tv. 

mark on

Boom...worked for me finally.


New netflix installed ui and everything.

Had to do the netflix deactivate too though...

Larry on

DID IT. After 3 weeks of plowing through impossibly goofy suggestions, your simple explanation did the trick. Thanks, Calvin!


Hannah on

You don't know this, but we're now best friends because of this post... I seriously have not been able to use Netflix for over 6 months from my tv until just now.  I bought HDMI cords to run from my laptop to my computer to run Netflix and finally got tired of it.  THANK YOU!

Oscar on
Calvin, Thanks a lot for your explanation and tips for this error code between Netflix and Samsung it worked perfectly !!!
greekgym on

Works perfect Calvin. Thanks you.

Donovan5133 on

U da man, Calvin.  This helped, worked, and gave me the latest version of Netflix. Thx

edgy on

Go to the Main Menu, then System, then Update.  It will walk you right through the steps and voila! Magic!  Back to Sons of Anarchy.  

edgy on

Oh Calvin, I just saw where you posted. 


Patrick B on

Netflix admits having trouble with some device. Especially smart tv's (15 jan 2015)


Follow them on twitter

Diana on

Just bought a new Samsung Smart TV today. Was having a new Netflix issue where it wouldn't load, just gave me an error message and it acted like I was already signed in. Tried every one of the above tricks and nothing. The husband finally found this one trick on youtube....

Go to menu>system>smart security>OFF

Make sure this is off. Once you turn it off, Netflix should work fine. The TV firewall basically blocked it out.

Oscar on
Calvin, Thanks a lot for your explanation and tips for this error code between Netflix and Samsung it worked perfectly !!!
PK on

Hey guys... any help for Sony Smart Tv as well, app is there lets me browse but as soon as it starts to load any content the Tvp 805 appears (just as it did for most of you)

Any help would be gratly appriciated (TV model bravia KDLHX855)

Bbkm on

From your remote "menu" button look for a software update.  I'm not familiar with your specific TV, but it seems, at least with Samsung, that the TV software is separate from the "smart hub (app screen)."  My smart hub always updates, so I never even thought about it. Once I used the menu option for software update, I could use Netflix again. using the update within the app screen was useless.  Seems to be a misconnect with updates across the board!

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