Recent Reports

Site Issue Time & Date Comments chase site outage 6:30pm 9/15/12 post login site down for Chase 5:13pm 9/15/12 Site STILL down 5:09pm 9/15/12 trying to set up new online account access .. is the site down? 4:53pm 9/15/12 No access what so ever 4:26pm 9/15/12 can't stream any movies 3:24pm 9/15/12
http://www.yelp.comYelp BuAySJust came back up a second ago... 3:24pm 9/15/12
http://www.yelp.comYelp Not loading, appears totally down for last 3 hours 3:21pm 9/15/12 Internet very slow keeps cutting out 3:15pm 9/15/12 Can't get movies list 3:10pm 9/15/12
http://www.yelp.comYelp Slow Loading Site 2:49pm 9/15/12 Twitter won't load - misc errors 12:55pm 9/15/12
https://www.bankofamerica.comBank of America "The connection was reset." Cannot access website for online banking... 10:21am 9/15/12
https://www.bankofamerica.comBank of America Unable to peform this function 10:17am 9/15/12 Daddy Website still down 9:38am 9/15/12 Can't Checkout 9:06am 9/15/12 Cannot load any titles 8:44am 9/15/12"R"Us Error 404 8:02am 9/15/12 Can't load any titles at this time 7:27am 9/15/12 I can't log in. It times out. 4:58pm 9/14/12 Site down 4:42pm 9/14/12 Still down. After logging in goes to white screen and status bar says done. 3:34pm 9/14/12 Still down 3:24pm 9/14/12 Netflix constant rebuffering and hanging PS3 2:35pm 9/14/12 streaming is down since yesterday evening and all day today, so far 1:40pm 9/14/12
http://www.huffingtonpost.comThe Huffington Post Unable to connect via browser (Chrome or IE) 12:23pm 9/14/12 eBay site is down 11:36am 9/14/12 crap 11:19am 9/14/12 amazon down 10:39am 9/14/12
https://www.bankofamerica.comBank of America Site down 8:22am 9/14/12 Can't check out/page will not load/500 error 7:51am 9/14/12
https://www.att.comAT&T AT&T crap website 7:14am 9/14/12 Unable to login - no response from the page 7:04am 9/14/12 Still Down 6:57am 9/14/12
https://www.att.comAT&T Pre-ordering iPhone for 'Add line' is not workin 6:50am 9/14/12 site wont load at log in screen 6:29am 9/14/12
https://www.craigslist.orgCraigslist Craigslist has been down all morning 6:00am 9/14/12 Wireless Website won't load, guessing iPhone crashed it... 5:25am 9/14/12 Wireless Can't sign in or use site 3:51am 9/14/12
https://www.att.comAT&T ATT business site shut down to accomodate new suscribers..... F%#* YOU ATT 2:51am 9/14/12
https://www.att.comAT&T Site down because AT&T wasn't prepared as stated 2:48am 9/14/12
https://www.att.comAT&T ATT There was a problem with your request. We apologize for the inconvenience,... 2:05am 9/14/12
https://www.att.comAT&T ATT Cannot order through phone, ATT Upgrade App, Website etc...... 2:02am 9/14/12
https://www.att.comAT&T ATT business premier site down . 2:00am 9/14/12
https://www.att.comAT&T use your phone go to it works I promise going to bed now took an hour 1:45am 9/14/12
https://www.att.comAT&T buncha crap AT&T site 1:32am 9/14/12
https://www.att.comAT&T at&t website down 1:22am 9/14/12
https://www.att.comAT&T 45 min to load 1:12am 9/14/12
https://www.att.comAT&T Add a line page not loading 1:12am 9/14/12