Sorry, we're having technical difficulties right now. Check back later.

Mon, 06/25/2012 - 4:44am - Anonymous

Everytime I try to sign in I get this message:

Sorry, we're having technical difficulties right now. Check back later.

It has been almost a week now, does anybody know whats going on??


John on
The fact that they put NOTHING on their home page makes me wonder if they don't claim "technical difficulties" when in fact, they've just decided to block certain people....they don't respond to e-mail inquiries about this at all. Don't some people PAY for that site? This is almost reportable to the FTC.
Mia on
This is very strange; I've never encountered anything like this before. I don't personally think they randomly block certain people. As far as I know the site is free but you can also choose to subscribe and get the full benefits? I figure this is/will be an ongoing problem for a lot of people? Thanks for your reply John.
John on
Ok...I have CONFIRMED that OKCUPID reports this message when they have deleted or blocked your profile for some reason. Instead of actually TELLING you they did this, they put cookies on your computer that prevent you from ever logging in to the site. If they detect the cookies they placed on your machine they put up the "technical difficulties" message...they're lying. I deleted the cookies, started a new account, and was then able to log in to the site on the same PC using the same network. Probably illegal what they're doing...
Joe on
This is 100% correct. They cancelled your account and are playing it off as technical difficulties. I just created a new account and logged right in. I then searched for my old account and it was not there.
Mia on
Wow, really?! I don't get it, why?? I'd signed up not more than a week, then this whole 'technical difficulties' started happening. I'm not going to bother now to be honest. So very lame! Anyway, thanks for the replies and info guys. Much appreciated!
Alec on
I am getting the "technical difficulties" problem on okcupid, and when I deleted browser history on chrome once, it worked, but after I signed out and tried again it gave me the same message, and clearing browser history doesn't solve the problem. I downloaded tor, got it working, but ran into the same problem again. You sound like you got around the ip ban/cookie blocking, and I want to know how to use okcupid (with multiple account) too. Thanks!
raj on

it works

Germeen on
I did that ,And it actually worked
Danielle Ferguson on

how do i get rid of the cookies that they put so i can make a new account and be able to log in and use the sit again this is crap they should let people know when they do this and not jsut delete or block the person i did't do anything wrong for this to happen to me that i know of 

Bob Jones on

Tried thiss at least 7 diff. browser history flushes.

Blocked cookies from the site.


Still blocks me from even creating a new account.

Anonymous on

That is because they now use a technique called canvas fingerprinting in order to block people in a more difficult to detect and prevent w0ay

You can circumvent it by using a special intenet browser called Tor. Look it up online. It's designed for working around tracking techniques so that people in politicaly oppressed countries can be safer, and is also used by people on the darknet (the hidden part of the internet, where hackers often reside).

Danielle Ferguson on

it's been happaning to me for over a yr getting We are having technical difficulties. Please try again later when i try to log in to okcupid and i've tryed to make a new account to and it dosen't let me it says when i get done that shouldn't have happened when i finish making a new account i don't know what's going on and it won't even send me a pw reset email eather 

Dani on

They DO block certain people. At least one moderator does out of jealousy,I along with a group of friends have used OKcupid for years, I nor them have ever done anything wrong or ban worthy, in fact we have been the most polite people responding to all messages even if just to say "no thank you" to those we had no interest in. I have collected evidence by stating an email that I NEVER used on okcupid and the moderator that has always claimed we were banned for flagging(Which I've never bothered to do because it's pointless when I can just block) Has always been LORRY who also had an issue with me when I first started at Okcupid with not allowing my perfectly sensible images which I complained about and it was taken care of. Apparently the site has some mods that are just there to falsely ban people for no reason at all.

Anonymous on

Yes, I have encountered this also. The company uses active users as moderators for the majority of flags (at least it seems so).

Some of the regular users, moderators, and staff are extremely petty and often ban people for personal reasons, all while pretending to be fair and objective. There is a small segment of people on the site that have a disproprionate amount of power. They are narcissitic pricks and like to fling their power around in such a way as to always make everything work out in their own favor.

My advice: Never even talk to the regulars or the moderators or the staff if at all possible. Never flag anything at all, even if it is genuine. They have frequently banned people purely for having a worldview that differs with their own. For example (and I'm saying this as a liberal), I have seen them ban people who have asserted even the slightest sign of conservative opinion on certain sensitive topics. I don't agree with those opinions personally, but it is very unethical to run the site like a dictatorship where only their opinion and worldview is given fair treatment and everyone else is banned at the slightest faint breeze. They even boycotted Firefox once purely because the CEO of firefox had views that they didn't agree with (which I also don't agree with, but that is irrelevant).

The only safe way to use the site is to lay low. Sacrastic humor in messages are often reported and can accumulate until you are banned. It is a rather oppressive environment in terms of how they operate. Both OKCupid and POF are like that unfortunately.

Anyway, good luck. I know how you feel. I've been on the recieving side of their incredible hubris and pettiness too and have also been hit with a completely unethical ban for purely disagreeing with them and flagging something in an ambiguous case.

RadiOastrO on

You are right about all this....i been suspended just for adding rhythm to my summary couse i was bored and now i'm suspended...i wonder if they abanded my account or just suspened my account...its not fair but oh,well.!! 

wans123 on

I actually contacted OKC and ask them to restore my account. I was able to receive messages from those I had sent to. They were received all at once and I had a flurry of activity. Plus I have blocked so many. I only use my phone so no cookies. I was trying to get off site and had no luck. Am I now stuck here forever? With many crazies?


jimmmmmmmmm on

Unless someone continues writing you (and why not block them), there's no reason to write back saying "no thank you."  I understand what you're going for, but it comes off as a little high-and-mighty.  Yes, sometimes you actually can be too polite.

Jon Hensersky on

You're ridiculous.

Jt on
Delete your browser cookies and create a new account. Then you're ready to go. Or open it up in a different browser to create a new account.
John on

down for me too, its somewhat strange

Bev on

A friend of mine did report this today.  I got locked out about 10 days ago.  Not impressed at all.  NO human ever responds. NO customer service phone numbers.  I lost contact with some very interesting people.

Rich on

okcupid is extremely notorious for its sexist attitude towards men.  They have blocked me before because a woman cussed ME out because I wouldn't respond and I blocked her/reported her. Next thing I know I'm deleted from the site with no explanation and no response. I've met a few women who were moderators and they all said they will delete men who are simply just not someone they like. 

Zeh on

They need customers. If they ban man, who's gonna pay them? Woming? Yeah, go ahead with this passive aggressive technique. Let me know when they bankrupt. Where will all those fat land whales then go?

Gerome J on

This....they are petty. Laying low is your best bet..

I learned my lesson. Don't talk s!*t to scammers and fakes or waste time.flagging

wans113 on

Lets realize people that this is a FREE dating site that is obviously not down from the four Harvard math students who created it in 2004 based on numbers. With that being said there has to be an issue on this site. Can we not expect something please OKC. All of of us single and not quite so single want to know. Why and when can we expect to begin typing away at the opposite sex. Crazy, fun and dating of the future  For sure  

Thanks. Wanda M

allen on
You have to delete all the cookies, not just the browser history.
feentsho on
this is not right to do such thing
feentsho on
feentsho on
its unfair
feentsho on
plez fix my account
bilal on
Well firstly i received a message from ok Cupid telling onw of the users has flagged abuse for my picture and it has been deleted After sometime i was unable to log in and received a message sorry we r having tech difficulties check back later is it the same case? So my entire profile has been deleted?
sara on

Is there something we have in common to get deleted? I am an atheist and answered questions on God etc accordingly. i had just sent 4 (nice) messages to guys. is it the questions? do they delete people who answer questions in a way they dont agree with?

Meanie on

Wow... Try using your brain a bit? Don't be stupid, rethink what you just posted, and come back to the internet when you've thought a little about life, the universe, and everything.

If all atheists are as unthoughtful as you, I'm surprised the Enlightenment ever happened!

yourright on

Your right, and the next comment guy is a paid disinformation clown.  Or maybe a bot.

arty on

if our culture doesnt make it obvious, they'd be more likely to be against christianity (look at all okc's permissive references to premarital sex)

Rich on

That would not surprise me at all. The moderators are not monitored at all so they could delete anyone on a whim. I was deleted simply for blocking a woman who cussed me out after she repeatedly emailed me (I didn't respond back). So yeah, they simply just have too many people with immaturity issues on their site. 

John on
The site is NOT down. As this thread makes 100% clear, they have probably blocked you using cookies. You need to tell them to restore your account, and also delete ALL OKCUPID COOKIES from your browser. If you try logging in again before they unblock you, the cookies will come back and will prevent you from logging in to the site with that browser from ANY username.
bilal on
Thanks John ! Yes you are so right cookies are appearing again so how should i resolve the issue? Even though deleting the cookies reappears them in next sitting Could you help me sorting out the problem?
shawn on

did you get your account back or did you have to make a new one?

bilal on
Well john I have deleted cookies,caches and ran Anti Malware there were 7 threats found which were removed.Even though i mailed Okcupid but there were no responses.I am trying to login for new account and server error message appears. I changed my Ip Dynamic one things never showed up Can you check my id at okcupid its : afewg00dmEn two zeroes and capital E afewg00dmEn Any further suggestions ??????
Anonymous on
Let me tell you about OKCupid... I've had a dozen different profiles on there, basically because, well, the a!*#$le "moderators" keep deleting them! They last between 3 days to 3 weeks then you Can't log in for "technical difficulties" I've never violated their rules. In fact, I've nicely polished off my profile, generously expanding and adding things to it: making it funny, telling more and more about my interests and background. That sort of thing. Then when I least expect it, I'll log in one day and Won't be able to log in! Their "moderators" are a hundred or more a!*#$les located across the country. They are typically in their 20s or early 30s and literally play god with their powers. They secretly read e-mail. They make their own bogus accounts and talk to different people through them (they call this an "experiment" incidentally--whatever they do they "Justify"!). My first account I packed. They have an online questionaire and for each question you can manually type in an answer to it. I answered all 3200 or 3300 of their questions. That's right, THOUSANDS of them--and for each I gave a nicely detailed explanation for each. It was not accomplished overnight. It took Some Time to do all this work. That's how much faith and trust I had in OKCupid's system. Then one day I tried to log in and Couldn't. IT WAS ALL f!*#ING GONE FOR GOOD! And I couldn't e-mail OKCupid and get a response, no matter how hard I tried (or for that matter log back in because at that time I had no idea I was deleted!). That's how they work. So I went back on and created a new profile with a new picture (because whenever I used my old ones they were the first to be deleted--a part of their "rogues gallery" of f!*#ing losers!). And each and every account was sooner or later deleted. In all, I acted respectful, intelligent, and fairly classes but not obnoxious. I played by the ruled. I respected all women and responded to what e-mail I was sent. THERE WAS NO f!*#ING REASON TO DELETE ME! None of them justified deletion. So I began to experiment on them. I came up with a "Trekkie" profile which was cute--that one lasted 3 DAYS! I came up with a "foreigner" profile (a Muslim guy who had trouble typing English)--he lasted maybe 1 Week! Obviously the f!*#ers who run the place like to play games and love to discriminate!
direct_trevr on
This is 11/26/2013 - Anonymous who posted Anonymous on Fri, 10/12/2012 - 7:57am IS ABSOLUTELY RIGHT. It is simply a matter of giving your opinion or refusing to talk to a certain woman - or especially demonstrating that some woman on there did not tell the Truth in one of her question answers. The TRUTH or sarcasm will get a MALE bounced from OKCupid - A Female with NEVER be bounced from OKC - because the ENTIRE OKC SITE IS RUN BY FEMALES THAT HAVE HAD PROBLEMS IN MARRIAGES - OR WHO ARE JUST SO AIR-HEAD FEMINAZI THAT THEY LITERALLY CAN'T GET A DATE. So these DEFECTIVE FEMALES - IDENTIFY WITH EVERY OTHER DEFECTIVE FEMALE ON THERE - So, hence, if you are Male you can't get BOUNCED FOR NO REASON OR FOR ANY REASON. But how you KNOW they are FEMALES Running OKC is THAT THEY DON'T HAVE either the courage, the brains or the honesty to even tell a Male that he is being Blocked OR Why he is being Blocked. Like many of the men in this society and MOST of the women - the OKC women-manager-feminazis don't give a damn about truth or being open with people. The OKC women site-managers THRIVE ON DISHONESTY and concealment. But if you are one of those wimps who will obey any woman's command if just you can get a warm place to put it for a night - then you will do all right on OKC . If you are enough of a coward, hypocrite and suck up as a male - the women will tell you that you are one of the "polite" "considerate" and ESPECIALLY "Respectful of women" men on there and they will give you an internet Junkie home on OKC as long as you are stupid enough to think that you can find a truthful, just and good-natured woman on OKC (dream on) . You are better on Craigs or Paying for Yahoo personals. Actually Craigs personals is ALSO run by WOMEN who will read your mail and BLOC you if they don't like you. But Craigs is better than OKC . But Yahoo Personals is probably the best of them all. The "Plenty of Fish" dating site - is even Worse than OKC . It is run by a greedy Dufus named Marcus - who might as well be a Woman himself when you look at all his p$#*y-footing politeness rules. Plus he won't let you post your email - and the women on Plenty of Fish are just as psychotic against all men Except "girly - men" of course as the ones on OKC - but don't feel badly about getting bumped off the site. Just think of the embarrassment all those Whiners and Feminazis will experience when they have to introduce one of those girlymen they are going out with to their friends or their father :) < you have your revenge right there. Anyone who wants to write me about this stuff write gordon mark 5 < (put those 3 together) and USE the yahoo site server just after the 5 to send me a letter - and we can talk about it. I do know some other Good FREE sites to use for dating if you are an intellectual. So if you want to scheme something against okc or just to talk - give a shout with my yahoo mail. Trevor
s on

Not true just FYI  - I'm female and am currently locked out for the second time.  Totally random - haven't changed my profile lately or anything and haven't done anything unusual ... this is so ridic.

sassie on

I am a female and the same thing happened to me.  I had been on leas than a week.  I was polite to all men who emailed me, even though my profile said I am bi looking for women.  I refused to give pictures to men off site.  I think this is what got me blocked.  

MSF on

I am a woman and I was blocked after a week of being on the site... at least I am assuming that is what has happened since I can't log on and there seems to be no record of my account.  I had a great profile.  Wonderful pictures and a nice witty profile. I did honestly answer their questions.  I'm extremely disappointed because I liked this site much better than Plenty of Fish, which I always signed up for at the same time.  So disappointing.  

Interesting on

Hey...I agree, its not right. its weird. there are clearly underhanded motives for it all. a matter of a lack of ethics.

Interesting on

Hey...I agree, its not right. its weird. there are clearly underhanded motives for it all. a matter of a lack of ethics.

tiff on

Also a woman that was blocked after only a few days.  No response to my email inquiries

bob on

Hey whats up  trever i just want to say that i enjoyed your speach about those b!*#hes who work for okcupid. it would mean alot to me if we could talk more about the matter No Homo. Ive just now experienced the pain and suffering of being banned after 2 days, being told theres been a meldown just now knowing of the meaning of that being banned. Those b!*#hes have no life. I spent hours creating something positive, something natrual, something great. and all to be thrown away becasue some worthless c*#t that was not getting any likes. I feel for all men that were banned regardless of what theve done or said. im pissed the f!*# off. Its called reality. I wish i could find out the women who work for okcupid and exploit them on news and everywhere else that would make a diffrence. but that wld mean stooping down to there c*#t level. im livid for even feeling this way, it sickens me to have thoughts of evil. id rather piss myself then haveing suck blood from there necks just to have a frofile. Dont get me wrong i feel for women who get threating and abused e mails from jerks but just knowing c*#ts work for okcupid are making things worst for guys that want to find a nice girl to be with. Im human at heart. Im sorry for the spelling misteaks. Sorry for the way i put things. im upset and disappointed. Anyways thank you for liseaning., and hope to hear back from u man. i got loads to say. Im ready.

MSF on

Just as an FYI to everyone out here, I wrote to OKCupid after reading all these posts last month (using their confusing "contact us" links) and explained that there was this blog out there that was bashing their site.  I explained my situation and also that this type of bad publicity could really be terrible for a business.  I was reinstated 24 hours later.  They did not admit that I had been blocked.  I would recommend following the links and contacting OKCupid to state your case.  I was extremely professional and did not rant.  Flys and honey gang!  Good luck.

Dani on

I am a female and I already posted a comment about this. The site is NOT run by all females in fact there are about 2 female mods the rest are all male.   The only ones the females are deleting are other females they are jealous of. The reason males are deleted/blocked is because girls you denied are false reporting you.

Amanda on

I got my account suspended for no reason and it was only started less than 24 hours ago. It seems to effect everyone so don't act like it is a gendered issue. I wanted to find someone to be friends with or get to know on an intellectual level and was completely respectful and honest in everything I did on that site but apparently they don't give a s!*t. Deleted cookies and made a new account to try and message a guy I had been talking to yesterday to give him some way to contact me since the site is clearly unreliable :(

dkk6264 on

Wow. Talk about ignorant. Don't make sexist assumptions without research.

I am a female (yes, I have enough confience to say I am very attractive) when I have had this happen twice now.

I signed up with very appropriate casual photos, a "safe" personal description, even replied politely back to men I was not interested in just to decline. Both my accounts didn't last 2 days before being blocked. I realize they were free accounts but seriously?? I was only able to log in twice and see that 200+ people liked me and then once I logged in the next day, this "technical" message popped up. I was neither offensive nor provocative towards anyone. WTF.


d_robe on

I got my account of 3 years blockeds and get the "technical difficulties" message.  Here's the deal about OKC.  IF you sign up as a lesbian that does not want to see straight people, you get an instant message from a girl named Alice.  She has a profile as a lesbian and her message is about how lesbians can find a better match.  

IT IS OBVIIOUS that this site is run by lesbians looking for box.  It is sexual orientation discrimination.  It is ILLEGAL and if it ever comes out that the site is being run by women who hate men and discriminate against them, this site will be sued for millions and taken down.

At first, I just guessed that this was the situation, but when I created a fake lesbian account, I found that OKC employees were hitting me up to meet up.  This is a very weird situation and I am enjoying f!*#ing with those feminazi's heads.  I might even make a fake meetup for this Alice chick (New York) and make her travel to an empty meeting for being such a c u n t. 

Amanda on

I got an instant message from Alice and I am a straight female.. JS She said women who make the first move/contact people find better matches. Idk what you are going on about :/

Estefania on

Hi, I can't enter my account which I created just 2 days ago! I tried it since google chrome, firefox and in different computers. I also deleted the history. Could you help me? thanks  

d_robe on

I got my account of 3 years blockeds and get the "technical difficulties" message.  Here's the deal about OKC.  IF you sign up as a lesbian that does not want to see straight people, you get an instant message from a girl named Alice.  She has a profile as a lesbian and her message is about how lesbians can find a better match.  

IT IS OBVIIOUS that this site is run by lesbians looking for box.  It is sexual orientation discrimination.  It is ILLEGAL and if it ever comes out that the site is being run by women who hate men and discriminate against them, this site will be sued for millions and taken down.

At first, I just guessed that this was the situation, but when I created a fake lesbian account, I found that OKC employees were hitting me up to meet up.  This is a very weird situation and I am enjoying f!*#ing with those feminazi's heads.  I might even make a fake meetup for this Alice chick (New York) and make her travel to an empty meeting for being such a c u n t. 

andagain on
Tell me what the point is of this site, outside of venting steam? BECAUSE NOTHING GETS DONE. YOu can rant and rave all you want here but nothing ever happens to the bastards who screwed us over!
jen on
im stuck signed in! i cant log out, view visitors or send messgaes. I can look at other profiles but thats it! can anyone help?
mary mcleod on
I've tried logging in to my profile since last night and got tech diff. with no response from them. I haven't done anything wrong and they blocked me gonna try a different email address
Joseph on
It's another way of screening potential customers for They know if people have been active there a long time or they talk to a lot of people in general, then that person will be more likely to subscribe to their (now) parent company, which is full of inactives (70-80%) if you're not aware. There's nothing wrong with us, folks. They think we're perfect candidates to get fleeced. The problem is that people now know how much of a scam really is.
tetrodotoxin254 on

Exactly Joseph.too much bulls!*t going on there.So disappointing.

bilal on
I would never log in to Okcupid again they blocked me for no reason
MSF on

Trust me.  I am a woman who was deleted and I have a great profile, very nice, tasteful pictures.  This is insane.

guyser on
OkCupid does not repeatedly delete people if they're not violating some site policies or something. You can claim anything you want here, make up all the conspiracy theories you want. A random deletion sometimes could be a mistake, but not over and over again. Emperor has no clothes.
Adam on
Yes they do. I had a nice little profile. Every now and then I would deactivate it when it wasn't in use. ( i was seeing someone or something ). Just tried to log in and it wont work. Just tried to make a new account and same thing. Some school photos are faar from going against any policy. So they blocked me because of what?
Mekan on
No they do!!! It's second time I'm having so called "technical difficulties", and I didn't violate any rules. the real problem is that I did put huge effort and time, I had over 20 girls with whom I will contact almost every day, with most of them I already met in real, and over 100 other in my favorites for the future and what now?.. this is f!*#ing crazy!!!
stndoerr28 on

I was blocked before I even added anything to my profile.  This was the same day I started with the site.  Perhaps I have the new record for being banned.  My sign in name is the one u see here.  Not sure that is offensive at all.

What is the point of having a social website if you are going to blindly block so many people without explanation? 

mm on

The same thing is happening to me. I made my account less than a week ago, I made it probably on Monday. I tried logging in yesterday, and it's been giving me the "technical difficulties" message ever since. Thankfully I downloaded the app on my phone before this happened so I can still use my account. I don't get why. I've never violated any rules, the only thing I can think of is that I don't reply to a lot of the messages that I get. I am female, and get approached by A LOT of creepy men who are old enough to be my grandfather. I don't think that I should have to reply to everyone in my inbox to keep my account. 

What they're doing is BULLs!*t

sara on

yes they do. I'm a female university lecturer and got ditched by the site unspecified time after i sent 4 nice messages to different guys yesterday. Do people think it's people (perhaps maliciously) using the report user button?

Ted on
And if they're gonna block us, at least tell us why ffs. It's a shame because it's a really great site.
Anonymous on
This happened to me also and here's my solution. My problem was that I couldn't even create a new account or log into ANY OKCupid account from my computer or phone. I tried the deleting cookies and history solution and it didn't work. I still couldn't create a new account. I finally figured out that they were banning my MAC address as well as banning my login name. So the solution is to follow the delete cookies and history process AND to spoof your MAC address, all at the same time. Then DO NOT log into your old account. Create a new account. If you try logging in to the old account, they grab the new, spoofed MAC address and ban it! You then have to spoof a new address, which gets to be a pain. I also removed the OKCupid app from my phone and re-installed it. It is now able to log into the new account. Would be curious to know if this works for others.
Adrian on

My situation is very similar to those reported by others. I'm receiving the "technical difficulties" or "account deleted" message, whenever I attempt to login via my laptop. When I access through my phone or with one of the many computers at school, there's no problem. My profile hasn't been deleted. This problem began less than 24 hours ago, so I'm waiting for the hatchet to fall. I really don't want to lose my profile. I did have something of a flame war with another male user but we were co-responsible for the feud. I did not habitually troll users or even ever express resentment if I did not receive a reply to a message.

MSF on

Adian, did you continue to have success?  I'm curious if you found a solution for the rest of us.  I also wonder if all of us having problems are using Apple computers.  I am a bright woman with a great profile.  I am on my the kids PTA board, a member of the Junior League, own my own small business and nothing on my profile is anything less than proper, appropriate stuff.  But... I did answer all those questions they ask you and I wonder if that puts a red flag up.  Hmmm.

Me on

They can't possibly block your MAC address, as the never get to see it. Try finding out how things work on the Internet before stating something.

I noticed I always got the same "technical difficulties" pages when I tried to login through Tor. Signing in from home wasn't a problem.

Anyway, I did some background checks on IAC and their closeness to Google and decided I didn't want to play their game, so I deleted my profile.

bowman on
Thanks anonymous, I think you're right. I set up a new account and everything worked fine until I logged in using my old account (just to see if it worked). As soon as I did that, neither account worked. I think the key is to never log in again using an old deleted account.
moureen on
hello there, I am experiencing an almost similar problem with OKC,i forgot my password,and tried to recover/reset it.problem is i have not received the reset link in my email even after several attempts.its bn 72hrs,i tried to contact them,still nothing.i cant access my account.i've tried signing up a different acc using a another email,and i keep getting the 'technical error msg'.does anyone know what's going on?
Joseph on
(repost) It's another way of screening potential customers for They know if people have been active there a long time or they talk to a lot of people in general, then that person will be more likely to subscribe to their (now) parent company, which is full of inactives (70-80%) if you're not aware. There's nothing wrong with us, folks. They think we're perfect candidates to get fleeced. The problem is that people now know how much of a scam really is.
James on
I just signed up today AND paid $50+ for a six month premium membership. Coincidentally a friend got blocked/deleted and mentioned it to me on facebook, which lead me to this site. If they cancel, delete or bock MY account after taking my money, there will be hell to pay...
Tim on
Same here. I created an account, spent hours getting a good profile together and answered about 200 questions then could never log in again. A week and 3 unresponded to emails later and still nothing. It's a shame because I really liked the way the site was set up but it's all a waste of time. You'd think they'd be decent enough to give some straight up answers.
Dave on

They just want your money. Had the same. Tried new account. I noticed that uploaded my profile!

then a pop up from them invites you to browse in your area..... 

I think I now got blocked when I didn't take ok'd invite to upgrade....

its just a scam. There are NO free sites. 

Zack on
Same with me.. got banned. For no reason.... FML
Kaus on
Thanks Annonymous for let us know your experience, and for the tips. I was banned for no reason too, and I decide to take one of the multiple path of the way: Do not use OkCupid anymore. You take some time to fill their questions forms and they banned you for no reason... Thats so bad.
Manbeforetime on
OKC is total BS. When I first went on OKC, I played by the rules cool and cleanly. I was polite, honorable, and even answered all of their frigging 3,000+ dating questions! Then I was deleted for no freaking reason. I tried getting back on and got the "we're having difficulty now try again later" s!*t message Forever (it's their way of saying, we deleted you!). I tried contacting them. I b!*#hed and complained. Nobody would respond, probably because they don't read or receive e-mail. I tried to re-establish my account but using my e-mail address just gives them "a message will be sent to that address" because it's taken--even though No e-mail is sent. It's all BS. I established a new account. I typed in reams about their services. After a week That was deleted. I got madder and madder. Eventually like 100 guys swarmed my account and someone had the balls to say "I don't like you," blah blah blah. He was a bi-sexual 20 year old from New Zealand of all places (one of the "staff" of OKC who determines whether you stay or go by his own simple standards!). Basically this boiled down to two dislikes 1. I was an old horror movie buff, and I make no secret of this (which apparently some people perceive as being Psychotic!) and 2. I was an Atheist. #2 in particular somehow pisses off women like hardcore Christians. Just e-mail them "You look nice. Can I date you?" is interpreted, by them, like I'm out to convert them or burn their church down. Poor Catholic girls just click on the tab by the message to REPORT ME. And because women outnumber men on there, it's better to Delete a dozen guys than lose 1 female member. I put up new account after new account and they started deleting them on a weekly basis, then after reaching Manbeforetime17 or so (as in 17th account!) they started to delete me Daily. Oh, and my greatest violation of their rules? My photo is green-tinted with me against a black background. Pure originality to stand-out among the crowd. This apparently puts me into their "creep category" and there's even a website on Tumbler where I'm a proud member of their OKC creepwatch! I just want to know WHERE OKC IS LOCATED. You know, a physical office somewhere. The name of the guy who runs the place and where he lives? I'd really like to pay him a visit...
sheila marianne on
hi everyone, does this people know how bad it felt when you finally got inspired by someone by just exchanging msges, that you're so willing to stay up late and manage to wake up early mainly because your too exited to see his msges and all that and then suddenly i can't log in both on my iPhone 5 and mac air saying on my iPhone "sorry, staff robot had a meltdown check back later" on my mac technical problems and then reading all the comments that theres a huge possibility that okc might did blocked me or deleted my account how sad is that. this happens to me this morning and believed it I'm still trying to log in till now not losing hope on that technical problems on their site crap, whew!!
Anonymous Lady on
Yep...same here. I wrote to them, no response. Couldn't log on from my iphone or any browser. No email from them, no warning. They just deleted my account after a day. I did absolutely nothing wrong. I did say I was atheist. I only responded to maybe 2 or 3 messages out of a hundred. Everything was clean. OKCupid sucks. Strongly suggest blasting their Twitter account @okcupid and their Facebook page with these same complaints and stories. If they aren't going to respond to us personally about their unsuitable business practices, let them answer to the public!
2nd That on
Report them to FB and Twitter as spam or offensive! Maybe those A**holes will get their accounts suspended then pay attention. Definitely copy their @okcupid twitter account and FB account on all complaints. The public needs to know about this scam. I checked, and yes, they are owned by, so it's reasonable to assume they are aggressively forcing people to pay for an account at

Yes BLAST their facebook account by posting MULTIPLE TIMES in EVERY thread.

I just wrote the following and copied and pasted it to over 40 threads:

About 3 months ago I found I couldn’t log in, with a “technical difficulties” message.

Since then I have written OKC Support no less than 20 times and not a single response.

As I was an active member for at least 3 years this is EXTREMELY FRUSTRATING.

Please explain what is going on, and FIX IT, or I will visit the multitude of BLOGS that are complaining about the same thing and have everyone else you have been screwing around with like this, to SPAM every message on your FaceBook.

Sorry to employ such a tactic, but this is ridiculous.

Disgruntled on
I've had two profiles deleted for no apparent reason. I spent hours answering idiotic questions. Never again. DO NOT trust okcupid. I only wish I could log on to delete my profile. I was actively corresponding with people and likely have messages I'll never see. If you're still on okcupid get another email address from others right away or risk never communicating with them again.
F*ckOKStupid on
I too have been getting the "Sorry, we're having technical difficulties right now. Check back later" message and after reding this forum, am convinced they have now deleted my account. I was a paid A-List member. The am sure that the only reason why they deleted my account was because they were tired of me reporting the plethora of FAKE PROFILES that now populate the site. Everyday for the past several months, I would search for new profiles and invariably the results would include brand new bogus profiles, you know the ones I'm talking about, poorly written by someone whose first language is not English yet English is the only listed language they speak, using amateur model photos of some 25 to 35 year old woman who is supposedly interested in men ages 40 to 80. Funny that OKStupid staff have the capability of blocking me, a paying member, but not the capability of blocking the a-holes who repeatedly post these fake profiles.
AnotherOne on

I was getting ALOT of emails from these fake accounts. In fact, one guy contacted me & almost immediately wanted to communicate with me via email, which I usually don't agree to until I get to know them better. for some reason, I agreed. The style of writing was clear that the "person" did not speak English as a first language & they would capitalize every other word & keep talking about how "God Fearing" He was. i didnt trust this person so I stopped communicating. About 2 weeks later, a profile with the exact same photos shows ip but the "guy" is a totally different person with s different age, lives in a different state & has a whole different life story. I reported "him" & now I got banned. I've gotten emails from other men who are all in the military & claim to be currently overseas & plan to be in town in a few weeks. Same style of writing like a forsigner, capitalized letters & God-fearing descriptions repeated a few times. What could be the purpose of doing this?

Tim on
A few weeks after I had this problem I had an email telling me that my problem was fixed and I could use my account. Since then it's been fine. A really good site with some nice features.
ftw on

Then y did u end up on this page!

Lostmoney Angerman on
This really chaps my hide. Along with all these other people, I lost my account too, just right after the funds cleared for my $45 A-list membership. Help spread the word about okcupid being a scam by upvoting this reddit post: go here: And upvote the post(s) about okcupid being a scam. For now, it is my only post, but if need be, I will keep posting to reddit till people take notice.
Robert on
I just set up a account. i wrote down everything. i can't into get my account to fix something that i made a big mistake on. I put my account on gay. I'm bi my account was on my iphone I'm not happy. My friends are like your gay i'm like no i'm not. I'm very unhappy. I want my account gone i will not be using it ever again
a on
has anyone been able to ever login? i cnt create a new profile either
worrier on
i think they blocked people by ip address.A week ago i was unable to log in, i'm tried to delete all cookies and log in through the deferent browser but it didn't worked. and i'm still recieve correspondence and emails, the last one was ''you are hot '' from okcupid isn't is funny??
Jose on
OKC will take your money, Then they will ban you and not allow a refund. I still have no idea why they banned me. DO NOT DEAL with these people. So many more up and coming sites to deal with other than them.
Jessie on
I haven't been able to log in myself for well over a month now. I had been a user since they started way before 2005. Hell that's where I met my husband. He and I still use our profiles though and have met some awesome friends. I have emailed them 3 times and tweeted them. Naturally after reading this thread I know why I'm not getting any responses. I haven't even changed my profile much in almost 2 years so I couldn't even imagine what was flagged. So some clown must have flagged something randomly stupid in my profile. My husband even tried searching for me and he can't find me on there. It's upsetting because since I've been on there for so long I had answered THOUSANDS of questions and even have given explanations.
Mike on
Okcupid has address information posted here: And yes, I get the same errors as some of you as well. I couldn't even do the reset password link without "technical error" and I get a "server error" page with a message inviting me to send them feedback when I tried registering for a new account with the email address I used when I registered before. I'm guessing they decided to block my email? In any event, I need a new website where the people are much more caring. there's too many a$$holes and bi%ches.
Jery on
bulls**t Technical error. They send u a welcome mail notifying ur profile is approved,while it is blocked.
TheSFNut on
They've deleted me a dozen times over the course of just as many months. If you read "we're having technical difficulties" it means you've been DELETED. You haven't been locked out and they are NOT having "technical difficulties" - This is their cowardly way of saying Take a Hike! Your profile--including all those frigging dating questions you've answered, your e-mail--EVERYTHING--is GONE. It's a Game they play. And yeah my research certainly indicates that most of the players are young punks, probably nerds with no lives, who get their jollies by screwing others others. I'm talking teens, 20-somethings, morons from Albania, non-Americans... They have the power to f!*# you and they f!*# you. NO REASON, just a game to them. Who's targeted? Guys who put a lot of time and effort into their profiles. Guys who stand out. Guys who draw too much attention on their site. In fact I dare say the more popular you become there, the more friends you make, the greater you chances of logging in the next day and reading "Sorry, we're having technical difficulties, try again later!" There will never be another later! Here's some hints: keep a low profile. Keep it short and sweet. So even if you get f!*#ed you haven't wasted N-hours typing your life story and answering their freakin questions. Also NEVER GIVE YOUR REAL E-MAIL ADDRESS OUT! Even when trying to log in again or start a New Account--Never give it out. If you try a new account they'll say they'll e-mail you at it because it's taken: which is bulls!*t since they Never send an e-mail. I'm as mad as hell at all the time and effort I wasted online on OKC. I want sweet revenge. That's another thing: no point in e-mailing them since they won't respond and/or receive it! I don't know where this operation is located but I'd love to slide a machete up the a!*es of a few of their "staff." Oh yeah that's another thing. If you're a straight Guy and all of sudden you see Male visitors to your profile: that's a sign right there that they're "staff" and have the power to eliminate you then and there on the spot. Don't even Bother trying to reason with them. I think they pull deletion games! And it doesn't matter whether you're a newbie or a full-paying A-list customer: you're fair game either way in the eyes of these little f!*#ers! Another hint is never to upload the same photo of yourself if you're trying for a 2nd or 3rd or 4th...profile. I think they have a "rogues gallery" of "troublemakers" your original pic ends up in ! Either that or their online gamers will report to one another ("I think I saw that guy on here already--let's f!*# him!"). I've also curiously been deleted immediately after friendly chatting with friendly females who were "too good to be true" almost as if that's a part of their f!*#ing Game! Yeah, these people are really low, tasteless losers with no consciences whatsoever. Don't give out any personal info even in private chats (which I wouldn't be surprised are "public chats" among fellow OKC staff gamers!). OKC has to go. I want their a!*es sued.
Anon on
Just wanted to pass on another annoyed okcupid user. I only just signed up, did to s of questions, and was actually getting a couple of responses that I wanted to follow up on. I'm a female and apparently I was too blunt. I stated I was an atheist and that I'm more interested in a sexual relationship cause I'm busy but still alive. Apparently honesty is not allowed.
Marcela on
Same thing I used for about a week and without any reason they block me....trying to sign in Sorry, we're having answers to my complaint (or feedback as they call).. Just when I was about to discover a scammer... I will try to create a new account I hope gives me time to apologize with the people I knew ones like to send a message and be waiting days for a reply that I usually did almost immediately..I mean to friends that I make there.
Radical_Man on
I wish that I would have read this page before pulling my hair out in frustration and insanity! I created an account on OKC under the name Radical_Element over a month ago. I poured a lot of clever thinking into my profile such as a list of "Dont' date me if you agree with the following one-liners" gimmick. I had a few responses but most women kept asking me for a lot of personal info which I refused until we actually met, and they were closed-mouthed about it. Strange. I was stood up by one woman, and others were rather wacky in that they were Afraid to meet me? Anyway, to keep a long story short one morning while logging on I couldn't. I got the same "Technical difficulties" BS. So over the course of a week or more I tried and tried, using up precious time and missing appointments and even a day of work. I created a new account under the name RadicalElement (without the space bar) and posted up, quite frankly, why I couldn't access my old account but could access this new one. This was after I e-mailed and e-mailed and received 0 responses like maybe their e-mail box had a hole in it. So I posted on my profile that this was a "temp" one until my old account was re-constituted. It never was. The women who visited my new account began to bombard me with "you sound so Nasty and negative" one-liners, as though they couldn't comprehend being in my place or it happening to them. The next day or so my RadicalElement account was hit with the usual "Technical Difficulties" while trying to log-in! I could sense a pattern here, it also hit me as strange that I, too, was one of the few people to outright state that I was an Agnostic and quite a few Xtians had been rubbing me the wrong way for my lack of "Godliness." I wondered if the two were connected in some way. I went back on and established a third account, this time as Radical_Man. I uploaded plenty of pics (decent ones complying with their strict rules) and I reposted my previous profile's gimmicks. The next Day "Technical Difficulties" bull again - Another Account apparently wiped off the map! I wonder how many other poor fools fell victim to this scam! This is pretty sick if they don't even have the decency to say "Sorry. You've been deleted!" and not even say why or reveal who did it. And to keep you in the dark so you try and try to log back on but obviously can't! From reading this page there are people who actually Paid for this, too! These jackasses should be taken to court! OKC should be hacked and dragged down!
Mike on
Well Radical_Man, I know how you feel. When my first account got supposedly blocked, I did go for a second one, but its one to display my resignation to the site. I don't know what happened to that account afterwards, nor do i care. I just wanted people to know how much pain okcupid has caused to innocent singles looking for a real relationship. I won't be surprised if my second account is blocked. That site is a piece of junk. Thank god I didn't pay a cent.
tetrodotoxin254 on

well said mike,however i couldnt help rolling on the floor and laughing my a!* off.your comment is very too and also comic.indeed they hav caused alot of pain to innocent single souls me included

Anon on
I wonder too about the religious folks flagging. Despite my clear preference for socially liberal-minded people, I was getting messages from socially conservative men. As if.... Maybe saying I was turned on by brains was taboo, too, since those dolts clearly didn't have any and sent me a message anyway (or they are majorly desperate, also gross). Still, I was polite in my messages to them, simply telling them I didn't think we had much in common. Even for a casual thing, I need to have some respect for the person. I also agree they need to let you know WHY you were deleted. They also need to stop flagging everything. It's not like I was stalking anyone; I had enough messages to sort through that I hardly had time to browse before I was deleted.
Adam on
hello every body, i do no know how to go into my account in okcupid they just keep writing that "Sorry, we're having technical difficulties right now. Check back later". anyone can help me please
Jessie on
Adam, Please see above at pretty much everyone else's dilemma. Your account has been deleted on OKC for who knows why just like the rest of us.
Tim on
Site is a piece of trash! I got deleted after a couple days for no damn reason. Okcupid should be taken down, like right away!!
Chris on
The weird thing for me though is that my account is not deleted. I can log in on my phone or on a different computer not at home. I still receive messages to my e-mail. So it's clearly just my IP address that got blocked and if so... why? Even if they want to block us for some inexplicable reason, why not just block the username in general? I don't get it. Is other people's circumstances different, where you're blocked entirely?
Kirsh on
Yep, blocked entirely. And I was actually a moderator, so I'm very surprised
Anon234234234 on
I got blocked today, I was a moderator as well. Time to move on to a new site.
Mike on
Okcupid is a bunch of hairy f@#gots who get mad when things don't go their way.
brett on
okcupid sucks
destroyokcupid on
They have banned me twice! i went to my friends house and i made account there and many of them i get home it works fine but a few hours after that i cant even log in. I personally hope who ever owns the site dies a terrible tragic death and i think we should maybe ban together and file a group joint law suit because this is disgusting! NO Warning no nothing so gross
stillexists on
My profile is still there, and I would really like to delete it, but can't log in! All of my information is there and available for people to see, and I can't take it down! OKC will not respond to any of my requests - I have sent at least 4 in the past week. I can't believe that they don't have a phone number when they are dealing with people's personal and sensitive information. I still get half-messages sent to my email, but then can't ever see the whole message because I can't click "read more" and be taken to the site. The 2 guys I had set dates up with were basically abandoned because I had no way of contacting them to confirm our plans. In addition, someone from my past just found me and wrote to me, and I do not want them having access to all of my information - so I would have blocked the account if I was able to. I feel like this has now had a negative effect on my personal life and is bordering on illegal. At this point, I am sending messages to OKC begging them to just delete the account since I have no control over it anymore. I just want my information taken down.
ScienceGuy on
Are you guys ready for a good laugh? I mean a good laugh as in OKC BS propaganda? I've been in and out of OKC under different identities for a couple years now and I can say for a fact: you post Atheist or Agnostic down there and you're History faster than any profile that displays Christian or Catholic! I think the mods there have a grudge against secular guys. Now they're trying to cover it up with this bunk announcement that's total bull. Factually speaking most secular guys have dropped out of there and a few even committed suicide because of cyber bullying by faith-heads! Now here comes OKC trying to silence that avenue of thought, for fear of, yeah, getting sued!
Dave on


i posted being a Christian twice and that God was the first thing on the list of 6 importants

.... Deleted thrice

tetrodotoxin254 on

Me too.okcupid sucks!

Random_soccer_dude on
Oh I thought that I was a horrible horrible person, who broke some God forsaken rule of OK cupid when they blocked me and was in utter disgust that how such a well established, educated, polite guy commit such a sin? Then I came across this blog post (and few other), my faith in myself has been restored! ahahaha! This whole thing is utter nonsense though! Thanks guys and gals for venting your heart out, glad to know, I am not alone :)
vergessa on
It's such a relief to read what you guys wrote here.Thank you for your clarification for that weird "Sorry, we're having technical difficulties right now. Check back later " since I was stupidly persistent in logining in Okcupid with the hope oneday I would login there and see my messages.Yeah.Okcupid should change its name to "Okstupid".But I must admit the idea of creating such a website for global communication is great.So Okcupis is no big ideal.Some better similiar websites are likely to appear.I wish I could creat one if I ever could.
ReelCoolDude on
I went by the handle ReelCoolDude on OKC and lasted maybe a week before the 'technical difficulties' crap-like appeared. I think my mistake was in hitting on black women. Someone reported me I guess. This was of course after I was doing a daily upgrade of my profile and answering their questions. I listed between 40 and 100 music groups I loved listening to. Gave a frank and colorful profile of my life, my triumphs and disasters. Interjected lots of humor. I must have thrown away as many as 20 odd HOURS on this site - all for What? To get my profile flushed down the toilet. That's what! I think the more often you log in there the more your chances of getting shafted. They shouldn't get away with this sh!t! They should be held accountable for each and every person who gets deleted. I'm talking Documentation and Reason here. Logs of who does it and Why. I was on the verge of meeting a couple chicks there and now I can't even contact them. Assuming of course they even were real chicks and not some jerkoffs having fun at my expense. You just can't believe anything online anymore or trust anyone.
Tryton01 on
Glad I found this. I stupidly tried retrieving password. Not sure what I did but guessing answering agnostic might have been it. Either way, spent a bunch of time the other night answering questions polishing profile and poof.. very disappointing as the format seems great.
santbidro on
they blocked me for no reason > whyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy ?????????????????
Pissedd on
So after almost 3 weeks, f!*#ers deleted me.. I tried logging in for 3 days, kept saying technical difficulties,,, Needless to say after researching and reading everyone's post, I CAN AGREE MY ACCOUNT HAS BEEN DELETED. Funny thing, I had 2 accounts, one to just view (empty profile) and the other one I uploaded a pic and had a nice profile, short and sweet....and answered some questions, abt 20 or so... they deleted the one I put effort into.. Asswipes... On the empty account, I checked for my "real" account and it's not there!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Im just glad I NEVER PAID!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! My only wish is I had to chance to delete old account..... Guess I can keep tabs on empty account to make sure the "real" account remains DELETED..JERKS!!
akinom on

I thought I've been a terrible person 'coz I have up to 100messages a day and wont answer to 90% of it.

I think the problem is that I ignored too much(well, maybe) or is it my photos xD damn it !

I thought I was alone, thank you for the effortly written experiences and feelings here xD

Take care guys! PS xD just go to some other better sites(teh fact that okcupid was the best but turned out to be the worst site Ive ever been LOL) like ? or xD they wont banned u even if someone reported you xD and they answer emails (: and no a**holes moderators xD

Danielle Ferguson on

i've tryed emptying my cache and cookies and that's not helping and i've del my saved pw for the siet and tryed a new email as well with no luck i think it's bullsh*t that they del accounts that have not violated they're rules i know i never did and i've been unale to log in for going on 2 yrs now and it's making me mad because i can't work or drive so i can't get out and meet new people and can only get out if i'm with someone who know's how to drive because of my focal seizures i can't drive i don't know if i can even learn when i was able to use the site i met a guy but it didn't work between me and him he dumped me and never told me why he won't even reply to my emails and i can't call him because i lost his number when i had to get a new phone 

Danielle Ferguson on

i know what it's like to be stoo up that happened to me the guy never told me he had a girlfriend and i found out the night he stood me up that he had a girlfriend then a few weeks to a month later he said that he got me pregnat when i've never had sex this happened when i was in high school i write poetry to help me get over things because i have mild depression as well as focal seizures i have blacked out from having really bad seizure's and every guy i've tryed to date has dumped me i don't know what i'm doing wrong for this to happen all i want is to be loved by someone other then family is that to much to ask for if you get to know me when i date someone i'm loyal i don't beleve in cheating on the person i'm in a relationship with i try to treat other's the way i like to be treated it's the way i was raised 

Josip on

I made my profile 2 days ago and it was deleted in less than a day, I did nothing wrong only thing I could imagine I've done wrong is ignoring some messages? Not writing enough info on my profile? This is ridiculous 

Cato on

Hey all. I thought i would join in with basically the same story as everyone else. I reated an okcupid profile yesterday. I spent pretty much all evening trying to make itlook ok.Wrote a lot on the profile, i answered around 300 of their questions. I uploaded a few pictures. Only thing i did not do was write someone, just because i am a bit too shy to do that right away. And then today, i tried to log on and i was welcomed withthat exact message. And now as i am reading through a lot of the posts here i realise i must have been blocked. Why i would have no idea. I did nothing, no bad language in my profile, nothing. In a way it kind of hurts, i have problems with my self-confidence so i am immediately thinking that maybe i was not "good enough"for their website. Anyway, it is a shame, cause it looked to have a really good set up, the website. I did also try to create a new account, just to see what happened, that would not work either so. I've sent them an email that i expect won't be answered. I guess Okcupid is a bunch of BS

Cheffy_Dan on

Yeh guys I think it must be true. I have a slighlty different story. I've been on the site 4 different times. The first 3 times using the same account, which I used for about 2 years until 6 months ago. I met some great girls in that time, and some horribley insane ones! Dated a couple and when I did I would deactivate my account... cause I'm not a player and a bit old school about one on one relationships. The last time I was chatting with a girl who lived in Taiwan (I live in australia, so obviously it was just a pen pal type thing). Within a week of talking with she confessed she was in love with me and was leaving her boyfriend to come and live with me in Australia. I told her not to, because we didn't know each other and she got incredibly angry! She would text me, no joke, 100 times a day talking about "I hate you, I love you, why are you doing this to me, you're an a!*#$le, you're the best guy I ever met, please love me back, please never talk to me again." etc etc etc. It was very emotionally draining. She even went as far as hacking my facebook account and posting photos of herself on my wall! I had to delete my old email, facebook and of course that okcupid account. I just signed up again last night with a new email, new user name and new photo. Straight away I had about 30 girls, all from china, taiwan, phillipines, malasia etc visit my profile in like an hour. This morning I tried to log in on android and got the "Staffrobot has had a meltdown, try back again later" message. I haven't been able to log on all day. My other friends who use the site say they can still access it, and my profile isn't there! There is something definately unscrupulous going on behind the scenes.....

Uli on

Same happened to me. May be, we should create a site "OKC Victims" as a platform for fooled users, with the goal to collect nearly all of them. Then we could file a class-action lawsuit against them.

David Davidson on
the way to reopen an account is make yourself a new yahoo account and new ok cupid account only from the library (not from your house computer) and put in a picture that does not resemble towards the old picture and never use your yahoo and cupid acount from your house only from the library like this they will not have a reason to think its you i tried it and it works again never associate your new yahoo acount and cupid with your old computer down load the pictures only with the new yahoo acount like this okcupid they will never figure out its you (I am so confident with that that i am posting it here and okcupid could read it and they will never know my secret account from the library
danielle ferguson on
i didn't make my account with yahoo though i think i made it with gmail but even if i put in yahoo or aol email to make a new one it just comes up with that shouldn't' have happened when i finish trying to make a new account and i only have 1 pic of myself to use on my account if i'm able to even make a new account and they would know it's me i don't think they should be del ppls accounts unless they violate the rules to begin with
Valerie Fuchs on
I seriously think I was too sexy for that platform. Still blocking without explanation is lame. But hey, a divine sign for looking somewhere else people!
teh King on

Some people on this site is stupid.
It's not a screening process for

That is a fact.

Adri on

so how do you get back on it , anyone have a solution ?

GDM on
OKCupid is one of many of the dating scam sties. Don't even bother meeting women this way. They just want to use your online info for data mining and statistics purposes. Any place low enough to resort to "Sorry, we're having technical difficulties right now. Check back later." instead of plain out telling people they're through is full of crap. I'm not a religious person and I plainly stated so in my profile. I answered 4500 dating questions. I fleshed out my answers. I was 100% honest. I think my "crime" was flirting with a religious loon. One "hi!" e-mail to the wrong person. I poured so much time and effort into this thing, that I'm still in a state of shock that all it takes is one delusional blonde bimbo to destroy me. You can't contact the website and they lock out your e-mails. I'm pretty sure that the crazy Catholic b!*#h Happyending4me was behind it: "I am reporting you to OKCUPID, because I think you are the same psycho I might know but under a different screen name. Might also take the time to make a police report. Better get your Christianity to save you now."
JayZ on

Same thing happened to me.  Originally got my account removed/blocked.  I tried to create a new account but it seemed like they had a ban on my IP.  I created a new account elsewhere and it worked fine.  One day later, they deleted my new account without explanation.  What a s!*tty a!* company

aubrey on

I've been trying to delete my OKC account for weeks!! Since I have the app on my phone and dont need to log in everytime, I have forgotten my passoword. OKC WILL NOT let me change my password! Its so frustrating! I know that i can delete the app off my phone, but i dont want my account still active for other people to see. I have emailed the support center tons of times, and of course, no response.

Does anyone have any advice?!

dog gone it on
I've had my account deleted twice. Each time I answered 400 or so questions. I replied almost every email, thanking those ( whom wasn't interested) for their message and wishing them good look with their search. All photos and correspondence was G rated, nothing degrading nor objectionable. There can be no reasonable justification for deleting my account, False accusations from disgruntled user? Someone mentioned secular profiles? I just don't know. I like the concept of the site, it make a lot of sense, just not the seemingly random account deletions. Support center emails were ignored. I just don't understand.
my account is gone on

My account had been on there for over 7 years and suddenly it's gone.  I'm furious, I put so much work into that account and now they don't even reply back to me.  I tried creating a new account but likewise the cookie is blocking me or IP is banned.  f**k them.  Never had much luck with the site anyway.

Ghost on

I guess it's my turn to vent and rage.


I randomly logged on today to check my messages. I was in the middle of responding to someone who sent me a question and I got logged out with the message "sorry, we're having technical difficulties." I've cleared my cache/cookies on every browser and tried to login but nope. 


I'm starting to think I've been banned as well. 


Oh well I guess. Their moderators are power hungry teenagers who don't get paid. They do randomly ban people they don't like and one of the users on there may be a moderator. If they think you're ugly, have a creepy profile picture, don't like your opener or just plain don't like you, they may delete you randomly.


It's better off going out to meet people. OkCupid was a cesspool at best anyways. The majority of people ignore and delete messages and have ridiculously high standards of who they hope to meet. 


Now that I think about it, this woman kept messaging me. She was getting mad that I was reading and not responding to her messages. This was a very heavy set woman with crazy eyes so she didn't really obtain my interest at all. I would put money down to say that she was a moderator there. f!*# OkCupid. 


To all: If you're getting the message "Sorry, we're having technical difficulties right now. Check back later." It's more than likely that you have been banned for some reason (they don't need a reason). Their moderators are volunteers and usually in their early 20s or teens.

Genova's Witness on

Site is a f!*#ing joke. Strong cowardice not being able to tell you you've been banned. It must be run my weak willed women and beta effeminate men. Barely 2 days deep before I received the ban. Hopefully the account is completely removed and unviewable.


Stats over 36 hours: Messaged over 100 women. Recieved 50 profile views. Had 10 unique replies. 4 pictures, a couple sentence description, answered 75 questions. Pictures and messages weren't out of line.


It's a blessing in disguise. I was deluding myself and being lazy. Approaching women in public will always by the superior option. I encourage everyone else to do the same. I guarentee you'll have a better success rate. 

maxwell on

I had the same issue: not being able to logon to OKC for a week from two different home computers (with two different browsers and even after eliminating cookies and history) and from the app on my iPhone, the same "Sorry, we're having technical difficulties right now. Check back later." message, the same lack of response to my emails to OKC, and this while still getting emails from the OKC staff robot and trying to log in directly from the imbedded link... BUT EVERYTHING CLEARED UP when I shut down my home modem and wifi for five minutes and started them again.

rj on

All they really need to tell us is that we have been banned for this reason or that.....I can handle that (won't like it, but can handle it).....but this B.S. about technical difficulties for 5+ day??????  If there is truth to that, they need to get a new group of IT specialists to fix this problem

Joey on

Have been on the website for about 3 years.  All of a sudden yesterday I was blocked.  Did nothing wrong or out of the usual.  I actually enjoyed the website, and had turned at least 5 of my friends onto the site.  They can at least give a reason for blocking your account....

Frustrated on
It's nice that this page lets people vent their frustrations (of course of all things in life, people are going to be a lot more angry when it concerns love and sex). People need to vent (although it makes this page nearly worthless to the rest of us). That said, settle down, people. There are no conspiracies. You probably didn't get banned for being an atheist or for your witty and unconventional profile one-liners. There are usually good reasons, if sometimes glossed over or too zealously applied. If moderators are not employees, however, there will certainly be some that are more willing to deactivate accounts based on less objective judgment. It could depend on their mood, if they tend to be puritanical, ideologically biased, a little too politically correct, or if another user's complaint seems compelling enough not to bother taking the time we all deserve to apply better judgment. The thing that is clearly unacceptable is that OKCupid does not tell you your account has been blocked. "Technical problems?" OKCupid is a free site, so they owe you nothing (you'd think otherwise reading above) (unless you paid them, that is). That said, OKCupid would do a lot for its reputation and for the sad an frustrated bunch of people who are left wondering if in fact their account was taken down and if so why..... why why why!?! It would be much more effective if a mass campaign (reddit? one of those petition sites?) were to take place encouraging OKCupid to simply send out a quick notification when an account is taken offline and better yet, to spell out details of what steps one can take to get it back online. It is likely that they don't want to budget for this, as it would be an added workload to a *free* site. But perhaps they can leverage their unpaid moderators for this purpose, since those moderators seem to be (at times) a little too aggressive with their power in the first place. What we need is just a little transparency from OKCupid. That's not asking for a lot. I say all this as someone who was recently the victim of an over-zealous blockage -- my profile was quite mundane, so I have to assume it was one picture I had that was entirely innocent but could have been construed by the viewer to be different than it is, but only if that viewer was a little too sensitive/politically correct. Why couldn't they have just taken down the picture, as I know they can do? I'll never know. Can I just get the account back again and remove the picture myself? Who knows. There was no ill intent, nothing objectionable, but someone took things the wrong way. Although it's a free site, it would be nice to think we live in a world where we are all more reasonable and AT LEAST that each of us deserves the dignity of knowing why someone else passed judgment on you.... C'mon OKCupid, matters of love are perhaps the deepest and most important things to every one of us, so please, PLEASE treat that with the respect that we all deserve. We don't ask for much. We use your site because it's a great service. You can make it a little itty tiny bit better.
ANotherone on

Account banned after a few months on the site.  Have always been very polite in all my messages, no n00ds, pictures were of me, no bad language or hate speech.  Only thing I can think is my profile picture was of me and a dog but I had put the dogs face in the thumbnail of "show your face"

Is that really ban worthy with no explanation?  I was in the picture too.

If anything the site has no respect for its user base if they won't even tell you honestly if your account is violating ToS.

I emailed them to ask about the ban but I won't be back.  Not worth my time.

PSA on
The Anonymous hacker group should do something about Okcupid. There's a lot of injustice. The admins/mods need to pay for their actions.
Edwin on

This discussion is correct. OKCupid is banning people, to some extent reandomly or using some unpredictable rules. I presume it is enough if someody com[plains and you are out.

It might be better to find a better site and defintely not It is very likely that they do it for a business reason.



bobbo on

Like everyone posting, I have also been banned. Using Chrome and typing in address it opens to a blank page. I got to the site using Opera and it wouldn't let me log into old account...obviously banned. Piss me off! A lot of effort went into that profile, never been rude, offensive. Tried to be funny and clever but I'm assuming someone has flagged me and I got banned. And can't get through to them to review decision.

Swap to a different browser and you can create a new account. I swapped to Opera from Chrome, but Tor should surely do the trick. took over OKCupid a couple of years ago. Since then functionality has been slowly disappearing from the site. Forums, blogs and other stuff. Forums, incidentally, were full of criticism of disappearing functionality. Quite simply, it doesn't make commercial sense for to own a free site that is vastly superior to their pay site. Hence I suspect that functionality will continue to disappear, only to a cost.

But, in the meantime, put a lot of effort and thought into a profile at your own risk. At someone's whim, or not even, you can be wiped out with no appeal.



bobbo on

One major bit of functionality that have removed from OKCupid is the ability to search for people without photos. There are many members who don't have photos. Even if you have a photo, none of the members without photos will appear in any search you do. It used to be a checkable option. They have removed that. And all it has led to is a bunch of people using false photos.

Be very careful what you say to strangers you are chatting to on OKCupid. They can take offence at almost anything, or nothing, and report you...too much attention, too little attention, report your real photo as false...whatever. If they convince the site, you are gone. Any effort, time, hundreds of questions and tests you have answered are also gone. And the site seem to pay no real attention to appeals.

Cupidizer on

Hi everyonr...


First off let me apologize in advance for any typos here... the type is very small and i cant enlarge it on my phone...


I have probably been on Cupid longer than anyone in this forum... i joined it back in the day when it was as wild as the old west.... those were the days when any type of person could open a profile...and be totoally forthcoming with who you are... if you never tried to do word searches and go back as far as as they would search, you never saw the footprints of profilers from yesterday which are still active and frozen on the site likehaunting monuments to the days when freedom to be ran king on OKC.... in those days any photos were allowed, and the IM could not be turned off...there were also forums to read...and the okc search engine was the best for searching out words in peoples profiles on the internet.... you could not report anyone for anything... all you could do was block them...but seriously boys and girls...what else was necessary, Too many adults are grown up children wh got away with tattling on others... I was raised in an environment where the person who got tattled on got punished...but so did the person who tattled...for tattletaling.... 

I lost my profile recently too on OKC....and cant log on.... but i did deserve tobe cut by the pansy social ettiquette rules they run under today...everyone is so sensitive...about wverything...  Okc has apparantly beefed up its ability to b lock people...and i appreciate the valuable input... ive had 2 profiles going on simultaneously for a while in the past....however when one got shut down so did the other one.... they were run ujnder different email names... i was able to secure yet another profile...but this one, after a year running and being blocked  is not as easily rectifiable... so their methods of rooting out undesireables is more robust now... just a quick note to those who have voiced concerns may simply have been victims of OKC upgrading their blocking technology....especially if you didnt do things like i did to get banned.... one last bit of imfo....may help... the whole time i was on the site.... i never logged off.... that might account for my longevity.... if anyonhe4 wants to chat about OKC and ways you can even circumvent the photo requirement and search a request in this thread and ikll try to answer....

vanessa on

Hi everyone,

i came across this post during some research on OKCupid.

I'm a writer, living in Toronto,

looking to write a 'dating' book (will not get into it now)

and expose certain dating sites, and give the public a general 'insight' on 'online dating'


please email me if you have anyone you would like to add about OKCupid, or online dating in general.


Thank you,



vanessa on

sorry guys.. meant to type

'if there is anything, you would like to share' send me an email


take care everyone.

ItsTrue on

It's true. I contacted them about it, but it has been days. I told them so much for equality on their site since they brag up gay rights so much, but as soon as someone is straight and disabled joins they bring out the banhammer. I guess typing I am an easy going guy looking for a good woman to spend my life with is offensive in modern society. What a joke of a site.

Paranoid Android on

Guys... what do you think the 10000 + questions at the site are for?.... this site is just to build up SIGINT databases. They want you to answer all the questions in order to start profiling the population... this is a tool made by the NSA

Sowad_bd on

i can not  login. when ever i try to login thy just show me "We’re having technical difficulties,
try again later". bt i need to really fix it now...bcz i have to communicate with some one i dont have her, plz some body give me any suggestion or solution....plz

gtgt2010 on

We’re having technical difficulties,
try again later.

Friendseeker on

For what it's worth I got the same shabby PROFILE DELETION act on Plenty of Fish. I think the two places are run by the same mentality. Basically everyone is expendable. No, you don't have to piss off a moderator, any woman who doesn't like your profile can simply click on something to "report" you and Then the moderator will step in and delete you. Really fair s!*t. Being a guy is tougher than being a girl on OKC. Everything's stacked against you from the ridiculously picky high standards the bimbos are looking for in guys, to getting stood up on a whim by them. I got stood up and I tried contacing a moderator explaining the situation. Guess what happened. The bimbo is still very much alive and well on OKC but I got instantly deleted!


3n203n20 on

I found this thread because I have been getting this message. I just opened another browser and opened a new account and searched for my old account and it was no longer there. This is a day after I put in a complaint about this CRAZY girl who created a fake account with MY FULL NAME and my picture and said the most horrible stuff about me--and my kid! As far as I could figure, this was all because I said I just wanted to be friends. I mean, seriously crazy. A couple of days after creating that account she came into my apartment while I wasn't home and trashed my room, knifed my mattress! Even my kid was like, "What did you do?" "I just tried to distance myself because she was getting CRAZY," I told him. Anyway, they--Alice seems to be the pointperson on this stuff--said they deleted the woman's account and then a day later my account was deleted, too. It's just not fair. I had that account for years, put a lot of time into it, But as somebody said, it probably doesn't matter what we say here. It's not going to change anything. But it makes me feel a little better to know ya'll got screwed over, too. Sorry. I am hoping Alice at least gets back to me with an explanation. By the way, have ya'll tried using the feedback form? or tried contacting her directly?

Arne J. Levang on

Can anyone help me reactivate my okcupid account, I fogot my password and okcupid wil not respond to my Queries?

Mark Smith on

Amazing all the noise and assumptions on here!!

HERE IS THE TRUTH for some of you (like me).

OKC has a script they run that checks IP's and accounts for SPAM.  If they find you're IP is generating tons of traffic they block you.  They disable RANGES of IP's, so if you happen to have an IP in that range, they don't ask questions.  They're ALL blocked. The support rep told me my IP is spamming their sever!! They are the only dating site I've ever seen utlizing this rediculous scheme.  Apparently they have never heard of IP spoofing.  My machine is CLEAN.  No virus or malware.  I have been blocked and re-enabled about 10 times in the last two months.   They take forever to reply and they could care less if you're an A-List paying customer like myself.  I am shocked at their lack of response and indifference to paying customers!!  I recommend avoiding IAC Interactive stock.  Apparently they don't care about how they treat shareholders :(

Arya on

Conspiracies aside, one thing is clear - OkCupid is banning and deleting accounts for no reason. 

I had a normal profile, I had been inactive for a while but decided to start using it again. I added some pictures and content, I'm very well aware of the rules and I know how to follow them. When I got messages from guys who seemed incompatible with me, I politely turned them down and wished them luck. Maybe one of them flagged me, I don't know, it shouldn't matter. I had a few conversations, I answered to matchmaking questions, I browsed people. Then I suddenly couldn't log in anymore, and my profile had disappeared.

Look, I don't care if someone flagged me, I don't care if it's NSA or illuminati or ancient feminist aliens, that doesn't matter.

What matters is that OkCupid has no respect for their users.

I'm waiting for an explanation from them, but as they don't bother informing people when they close accounts, I doubt they'll bother answering questions and feedback. Good luck to all of you here. I don't think you should bother trying to make a new account. 

Mark Smith on

They don't ban accounts for no reason, they are banning them for the WRONG reasons, in my opinion.  Customer service is slow and horrible, but they do eventually respond.  They don't necessarily explain what happened but can re-enable you.  I suspect they are extremely understaffed in the support department and get thousands of complaints every day.  Some legit, but many just nonsense as indicated above. 

Again, if you're in IAC Interactive Shareholder you should SELL your stock since they are obviously throwing away money and paying customers.  That's always a losing proposition



Anon on

I was banned but I wasn't counting on getting banned so quickly... I purposely set up my account with links to web-pages containing information and or videos on CATFISHING, Money scams, finding real people IRL etc... I might have instigated a moderator or two but honestly I didn't give a damn because I realized that these bastards are behind who gets what, Playing God like someone in here said, I mean what kind of $hit is that, I felt as if these MFers were treating me and everyone else like livestock. I did what I did because of the frustration of not being able to find what I wanted, and they denying access to girls that were cute and date material and not on their so promising bull$hit profile upgrade all the 9 star girls were either fake profiles or just stuck up kunts, groomed by fembot Nazi dikes. So I started posting links and information on the reality of the site, in hopes that the average girl would read, since most of the profiles have "I enjoy reading" on them. I feel for those who have been stuck in that site for more than 6 months but the truth is that they do not like it when a dude gets the girl they want or the chick gets the dude they're after... I get it ban someone who post derogatory information towards OKcupid but don't lash at the paying customer. I know they are afraid of the truth and people seeing what's really behind the curtain because they are afraid of letting their costumers get a check on reality, and use fake profiles as a form of manipulation, giving hopes to the naive... If you ever got checked out by a good looking woman it was a mod, if a woman started the messaging and then she stopped responding it was a mod, if your profile rating went up a lil it was a mod... All is done to give you false Hopes my friend. I hope ya'll understand that sometimes being stuck on a website like that which is being ran by femnazi dikes is bad for your health specially if you let that crap go to your head... Now to enlighten some of you who are not aware of the overseas scammers who are using these website to pray upon both male and female for financial predation, this $hit is real and OKcupid and other sites can't seem to be able to do anything to help secure their domains, sad but true that some of you will get banned for no real reason but the true reason behind is to rid of these cancerous ppl who pray upon naive love sick fools... OKcupid is just under-staff, or just don't care. Either way you should be glad your account got banned, go out and party with real ppl bro... Don't let OKcupid get to you, so you're Beta male so what, maybe being banned is a reality check for you... There's no such thing as a free meal.. And OKcupid is going bankrupt... ^__^'

Mark Smith on

Wow, nice rant bro.  I think you're mixing reality with your own paranoid delusions.  Yea, the site is messed up, there are scammers ( on all dating sites) and there are likely inactive profiles that show up in search results, etc.  However, your claim there are no real or attractive women is bogus.  I met and was in a relationships for a year and a half with a beautiful woman I met on OKC.  She approached me initially.  I was so incredultous that an attractive woman would approach that I actually thought she was a scammer until we spoke on the phone. lol.  The moral of the story is to manage your expectations and use online dating as part of an overall strategy to widen your social network.  Be realistic and screen carefully for liars and scammers. 

BTW my account is still blocked and all attempts to unblock me have failed claiming I am infected with a bot.  I know this is not true because the last time they unblocked me, I logged on from my work laptop and from another state.  I was blocked within hours!! 

OKCupid, get you s!*t together!!!  You're the ONLY site that runs these rediculous scripts that throw out (PAYING) babies with the bathwater!! 

Megnonumos on

I Just started this thing and it it keeps telling me the same thing! What the hell did I do to these ppl am too pretty? Did I become popular too fast? I mean seriously isn't there a way yo f up these ppl legally I'm truly agrivated I mean I had these good conversations going with some people I just started this app cuz I wanted to meet ppl in America cuz I will be moving soon there and I would like to have friends b4 I mean and fuuuuuuu ugh. I mean seriously isn't there a way?

Cute on

When you saw this;

We’re having technical difficulties, try again later.<-- which means they have deleted your account already.

Mark Smith on

No it doesn't, it means they've BLOCKED your account. 

A Qadir akbani on

I have creatd e mail new account to day but I can open same namly A Qadir akbany and yaho account

A Qadir akbani on

I have created a new account to day and I can not open e mail whats wrong u cant like me or u dont like created my accout why I have one old accont but u have stop that also same namely why this with me?and pls do not write this same file to me thank u

Okcupidscam on



I just experienced the same thing.. My account got deleted and i think they might even block my messages for others to even see it.


I'm really glad others have similar experience.


Would anyone be interested in posting the reviews on a OKcupidscam website? I'm tihnking of opening up a website so people can tell the truth out.


If anyone is interested in helping me be sure to send me a message on


Thanks guys!!! let us spread the truth out!!!


Hi! I had the same problem. Can't login after making another account, but a different email address.

But hey, I was able to go to my first account again by clicking "READ MORE" on that email notification that they send to your registered email address! :) I hope this helped you out!

john smith on

It happened to me as well. I had a disabled main account and I browsed quietly with a generic account. I never messaged anyone with my generic account and the only interaction I had, was I reported a few fake gorgeous 20 year ol model accounts. Anyway, oddly enough I could log on using a masked IP, but I found the best solution was just to permanently delete both accounts and use POF.

not ok cupid on

I just had my account blocked as well. I try to login in and I get the "technical error" message, i try to retrieve password and it says "no user with such username".

I have been using other dating websites and wasn't really active on OKcupid. I never bothered anyone and had only a few normal lasting conversations with very few people. No issues or arguments/complaints etc there.

I've spent some time setting up my profile and answering questions and they blocked me. I know that I did nothing wrong, I bothered noone and I was genuinely looking to meet new people.

If OKcupid doesn't want members like me and other legitimate members, then it's their loss... There are other website who respect their members.


GFY okst*p*d

Noobie on

What other websites? (Are they free) I'd like to see these sites, I had the issue of a jealous moderator blocking me from the site... I am looking for a decent site to use because I am also legitimately looking to date.

Jennifer on

I had an acct on okc for over a year. I pay for A list. I got an angry message from a nutjob who I reported to okc and the next morning I could no longer sign in. Staff robot was having issues. My friend who has an account looked me up and I no longer exist on there. I cant get a hold of them to complain. They really are horrible. I got a message from one of the moderators the night before saying I have been reported but he saw nothing wrong with anything I said or did on there. It really sucks. So on my Instagram I show all the s!*tty messages I received on there. f!*# you okcupid you suck. 

SecretAgentStud on
I was SecretAgentStud on OKC for a few weeks. I filled out ALL of their f!*#ing questions with f!*#ing hilarious explained answers! Then an hour ago I found myself locked out! This was after I earned a good 30 or 40 Likes! WTF if someone doesn't f!*#ing like you they can f!*# your account over?????!!!!!!!!
Rob on

two days ago a lady on the site told me of a Ray Who had the same photos as I did. I found his profile and reported it as a fake account. today I go on and I'm blocked. This is actually the second time I've been blocked by Okcupid. I have no idea why I was blocked the first time but my beat guess was I was reported by a lady I met once on the site who i had no interest in seeing again after meeting her. She became real nasty about it and a day later, I'm off the site. A reputable company would allow users an avenue to redeem their profiles. 

Bart on


I had the same problem and i did nothing wrong at all: I was just looking at profiles, filling out questions , hiding irrelevant profiles and had just normal modest vacation pictures online.

when reading you complaints, trying the restore password link,  and having writting to OKcupid without any response back, i applied the advise found here:
-I flushed the DNS
-I deleted in Firefox all cookies through firefox's options.

And now I am able to login again.

Tnx to you all.


Bev on

A friend of mine got blocked as I did and has actually filed a complaint with the FTC.   They said they will look into it.  I know for sure I did nothing wrong on the site and unless an angry ex (I have one) reported me to be vindictive, I see no reason I should be blocked.   


I`ve given up trying to log back into my account and I`ve tried numerous times to open a new account with no luck.  I tried changing my birthdate slightly, changing my zip luck.  I`ve used a friends computer.  Nothing works.  Annoying and surely illegal to do that with NO explanation at all.


If more people complain to the FTC maybe something will be done about it?  Power in numbers.  

Mildly amuzed on

This site is either run by homosxuals or f@# hags.

One of the dingbats contacted me asking if I truly feel that homosexuality is a sin, which one of the questions. My answer to her was that there is nothing sane about two perverts pocking each others cornholes...and then my account was summarily deleted.

You decide...

Nutz running the asylum...


d_robe on

Check out

She is a lesbian that RUNS the customer support team of OKC.  She hates men.  She is responsible for all of this crap we are experiencing and she is breaking the law.  Sexual discrimination runs both ways.  Someone should sue this site for discrimination.

dol on

Can we file a class-action lawsuit against OkCupid for locking users out of their accounts without reason? This seems more than simply unethical. It screams illegal. Customers and the public at large have rights. The same way a gym cannot simply kick you out without reason, a web service such as OkCupid cannot simply refuse service without a valid reason.

Either way---how much will people put up with? They have been exposed for running experiments, such as manipulating the match and enemy percentages. And now there are years worth of customer complaints online, with more coming every day. And these are not your run-of-the-mill complaints. These are serious complaints that hint at discriminatory or, at least, reckless practices that violate customer rights.

I personally have no desire to use OkCupid again. But I am so pissed off that I actually want to see them sued and exposed publicly for their practices. I want the public to know what they do and to say "Huh, I will never use OkCupid".

Mildly amused on

I can almost guarantee that suing OKC will do no good. The sight is run the "lgbt" lobby and in this county speaking up against gay perversions is nearly a crime. It will soon be a crime if things go as they are. I encourage you to try though.

RetroActive2014 on
Hello, all, I'm the latest fool/rape victim of OKCUPID. It hurts like this: I became addicted to this place and those thousands of dating questions. Every morning I'd take time out to polish off my profile, add to it, expand on it. I answered well over two thousand of the dating questions, sometimes providing Essay responses! I was doing this every day for about a Year. It was a cathartic release for me, and a devastating blow the other morning when I tried to log on and got the Technical Difficulties statement of which this thread is dedicated. So I went on and created a quickie new account (RetroActive2015). A little searching and research on my part: People are Not blocked. Cookies are used of course but all sites use cookies. People's accounts are DELETED in a very permanent way, never to return again! Why was I targeted and what could cause this? Well, I am a very straightforward liberal-speaker and considered something of an intellect which certain nefarious (read Low) people might find threatening to them. My last essays on OKC were controversial to say the last. One was knocking the existence of Jesus Christ, plainly stating there's no solid evidence of a flesh-and-blood historical character and plenty of evidence of it being a "hack" of older religions, particularly sun-gods. The other were a serious of statements about the threat of microwaves and how wireless systems are directly associated with the rise in Cancer and Alzheimer's Disease--and how I predict that Apple's new smart wrist watch will add to it, maybe even yielding something like "wrist cancer" in the long term. Someone reading either one of these statements in the questionnaire section could easily have become annoyed enough to wipe my account out if he or she had the power to do so. I have a somewhat higher I.Q. than most and many people find my frank expression intimidating. Regardless, I had wasted hours of my life day after day for over a year which I will never get back. Thank you, OKCupid!
DM on

Hi guys, same here!!!!!!

I used to date on okstupid, had some dates and lies, then a relationship which did not work out, then I deleted everything. Time passed, things happened, I decided to give another shot for OKC. Why? Stupid me. I am an Atheist, and appearently not very ugly (who cares anyway) and pixelated my pics, as for so called internet privacy, prefer to show things to someone vs. everyone.. Noticed and reported a few fakers/scammers, not sure what happened.. Today earlier I chatted with a few ppl, later "technical issues". My a!*!!!!!!!!!!!! You guy are right: this is their coward method to tell us to F off. Well lemem tell you OKSTUPID: I won't ever be back. Not that I liked it much but me too, I answered those stupid questions.. wasted my time basically.I got a lot of stupid msg-es anyway after my look (?) also I clearly mentioned where I wanna meet (location) and you have those who negotiate or try to explain me why, then using words, dude, can I have personal prefernces/choises? Thanks. and no thank you for OKC.

On the next thing, so called LIFE.

M I on

I did actually talk via email with someone and they seemed very unprofessional, even listing their instagram address in the topic subject. I got around it by using a script to change my mac address. Very strange behavior.

rebecca on

i cant register okcupid on my computer...what can i do 

mildly amused on


Don't waste your time, OKC only lets people who think like they do to stay on their site, all others get deleted .

There are other free sites on the Web where you can meet people

Chris on

I got banned also. Incognito mode let me register again. I just wanted to register to make sure that my profile was no longer on the site. I sent them an email talking about how itwas bulls!*t. I barely even used it so no idea why I would have got banned unless they thought I had multiple profiles. Only way I could see them doing that is because my work wifi. I had previously paid for Alist though, luckily it was over. Its bulls!*t that they don't answer ban questions. Don't even get a system email when you get this ban. I was actually considering joining but I think they own OKC so f!*# them too.

binaley salami on

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Kara on

My account was also deleted a few days ago without warning and for no valid reason after being on there for a couple of years.  My support request has also been ignored.

sophie on

i am also getting a 'technical difficulties' message all of a sudden when trying to log in even after clearing the cache and cookies. but then i can log in with an incognito window?

lakiesha page on
Rene on

If you are still having trouble signing in or signing up then watch this video on youtube.

TheCanadian on

After reading all this (and shaking my head at OKCupids business model). I did the following and have a profile up.  Download Tor, create a new profile (making sure to use a different name, password, email address and flip your photos so they don't get pinged by photo recognition software). I then (probably should have done it first) purged my cookies in Chrome as well as my cache. I could create my profile in Tor, but hit a wall in getting into my profile, no problem, opened up a nice clean (cookie/cache purged) Chrome and logged in under my new username and password.  I'm in!  I'll probably get kicked off tomorrow, but I only went on because I had a couple of dates lined up and I'd just vanished when I got kicked.  f!*# OKCUPID!!! f!*# POF too while we're at it, I've been subject to their shenanigans for no reason once or twice too...Ah well I guess you get what you pay for.

joe on

I think a class action is in order.

frank on

i used ny phone stayed off my laptop it works

Ryan_1984K on

Same thing.  After 3.5 BANNED for no reason.  I actually wasnt using it a ton. Just maybe once or twice a week, totally polite. BOOM Banned. 


No phone numbers. No contact informaiton. NOTHING!!

Paul Irvine on

I was also recently banned it appears after over 5 years of never having a problem. Dunno what happened, never got an explanation or response and it took me a while to find this thread. Seems like it's a pretty systemic problem. Very quickly losing my patience for this kind of stuff and plan on spreading the word around social media if they don't fix what happened with me soon.

newfree on

I only get this message from my laptop which is the comuter I use the most. I can log on with my Desktop and my new iphone. Any suggestions on how to corrcet this? Ok Cupid dosen't seen to care.

Elliee on

it won't let me send messages back to anyone who messages me I don't think they're getting the messages. is the site down or what ? seriously a waste. I'm deleting this b.s site

Betty on

since yesterday I been habing dificulties accessing my account 

johan satan on



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