Walmart 1 hour guarantee site unavailable

Thu, 11/28/2013 - 6:39pm - Anonymous
Site: site will not launch page will refresh every 30 seconds.


Cheryl Washington on
Need to place order with 1-hour in stock guarantee
vfitzgerald on
The correct site is:, follow instructions by using access code off of ur receipt u received as time if purchase. I left a comment 2 every1's concern 4 this. Hope this helps! :-)
Smove gatch on
I love @Walmart/onehg
Kim myatt on
Need to place order for 1-hour in stock guarantee
bdog on
The above address is true. Walmart is playing some sort game with peoples money. The 800 number is useless and you can't register on their web site. For those that are interested, the web site again is If you do not register by the end of the day Dec. 1, 2013, Walmart will convert your one hour guarantee into a Walmart gift card. If you can't register, do not allow this allow them to do this (it's a win win for Walmart). File a complaint at the Federal Trade Commission (FTC). If enough people do this, then you will either get your money or the TV and they will will be fined.
sarah on
How do I file a complaint at the Federal Trade Commission (FTC)? Also do you know what kind of information I will need to give to file the complain? Do I just say that I didn't get the merchandise as it was promised?
maggie on
1hg is not over til tomorrow night lol federal what lol
leon oliver on
I'm very angry! I tried several times to log on at the website with no success. At this point I just want to get a cash refund. What do I need to do to make this happen?
leon oliver on
I'm very angry! I tried several times to log on at the website with no success. At this point I just want to get a cash refund. What do I need to do to make this happen?
Willis Lathan on
Still trying to register my 1 hour guarantee access code for 32 Emerson tv which it's Paid for plus insurance.....
Marilyn on
;;;Walmart should be sued.I expected to leave with a television. Instead I left with rain check which I had to pay for in advance.If Walmart take millians of customers money then buy several tvs at a cheap rate they can make . Millions of dollars on hard working people. You r right the web sight was a piece of crap. I want my money back.
Coffee on
When I scratch off the stripe the pin number was inadvertely scratched off. that was frustrating. I paid at the register and I have a receipt. The 1 hour instock number is not working. I want a TV not a refund.
Melody on
I was able to finally get through using my Ipad. My laptop was useless!
Anna on

I have spent three hours to get a coupon for 32" TV, I paid off the price, but was unable to registeter.  Please, someone let me now what can I do.  I paid the price by my credit card and now I need to pay it off.  I do not need a Walmart shopping card.  If they are not able to give me my 32" TV - I DEFINETLY NEED MY MONEY BACK ON TO MY CREDIT CARD.  If not, I am concidering  that as a fraud, and wanna my $105.84 plus compensation back.

sherry on


Carolyn stubstad on
Need printer phone is 609-204-6600
Samantha Wright on
1 hour guarantee not working need to place my order for tv
Carolyn stubstad on
Carolyn on
Summered dell store
samantha on
Need to place one hour guarantee what's going on.
vfitzgerald on
The correct site is: Go 2 site n enter "access code" from the receipt u were given @ time of purchase. Hope this helps! :-)
aparham on
I've been trying that site all day, and I've checked and rechecked my access code, but it keeps giving me ER-003 and a useless number to call with a recording that does not give any useful information.
aparham on
I've been trying that site all day, and I've checked and rechecked my access code, but it keeps giving me ER-003 and a useless number to call with a recording that does not give any useful information.
Kristy Tite on
Need to place order for the tv
Donna on
Need to order one hour guarantee items.
Kristy Tite on
Need to place order for the tv
Negail Jones on
Trying to register for my tv
Glenda Cooke on
I have already paid for my TV. I was trying to go online and register. I have my receipt, access code, pine number, etc. I cannot find the proper place to register online. I want to insure that I will be getting this as it is a Christmas present for my daughter. Please help! Thank you!
Teresa Dew on
Need to register 2 items
Teresa Dew on
I need to register 32 " TV and Blue ray
Tina on
Need to complete my order
Calsi shepherd on
Need to place my order that's already paid for.
Kay farmer on
Tring to place my tv order for pickup. Already paid for.
Samantha Wright on
After being on my computer for 3 hours it let me finally process my order.... site isnt down just has alot of people trying to access it... it does take a while... but order will go through mine finally did...
Tammy on
Same as everyone else I bought a TV I got one hour guarantee and I can't get to the right site can you help?
Nicci on
The page is working you need your reciept. For the access code and the scratch off on the 1hr guarantee to pay for it
Np on
Need to register guarantee for my tv. What up with the website??
Nannie Persley on
I am trying to registerfor my 32 in tv. What is the problem with this site
sispup on
Link plse
Shawanda Whiteside on
Need to place order for an item
Frank on
walmart is playing games i can't place my order for my tv
Melody on
Now what do we do? can't get through on sight, I will try tomorrow morning again, then it's off to Walmart for refund.
carolyn on
I can't register my tv, why is that???????
Donna Alves on
Paid for a iPad min at Walmart the 1hour sale need to pick up at the store in Huntington Beach ...8230 Talbert I have a pin you need it?
gracie banda on
Purchased 32 in. Flat screen tv at 1 hr sale have and have the I hr guarantee coupon need to make sure tv delivered at Monett, Mo. Notify my if you have received my pin . Thank you.
mark h on
Tried many times,kept erasin numbers,any ideas
Magda Arambula on
Cannot proceed with my 1 hour in stock for an xbox game, when taking off sticker on card, part of numbers were pulled off and I cannot see all numbers. What do I do know or where can I call for help???
Tim Arnoldt on
Need to registar for tv
Levvi on
They ran out of the 32" TV's and I'm trying to register my 1 hour guarantee and pay and I can't find the correct site. Please help
Taurous Perry on
Need to register for my 32 inch tv
Pete on
I been trying to get trought, whats going on with the webside?
Paulette F. on
Need to register my 32 inch tv
BSD on
tried numerous times to place order 11/28. tried again 11/29. When will site be working.
CP on
Trying to register my TV I can get as far as the "choose a payment" message. It is already paid for but it won't let me skip that page. Any suggestions?
Pamela on
When you get to the payment page, fill in the number from your one hour guarantee card and the pin number on the card to then hit apply to order. That should do it.
kita on
don't skip it click the botton that says gift card and put in the # off your 1 hour
Ce Ce Henry on
I've been trying to place order for 32in. TV since 6:30 a.m. with no success. I get just short of being able to put my card code in
debbie hubbard on
when i peeled off the sticker for the card number and pin..some of it is not readable...for the tv...what do i do..go back to the store???
Suzanne hockenberry on
How will I get the tv I purchased on Thursday for 98.00 I was told to go to this site
Angel Arizaga on
i need to place my order for beats
shamaila tanweer on
How will I get the tv I purchased on Thursday for 98.00 I was told to go to this site and when? call me 703-216-5961 thaks
shamaila tanweer on
How will I get the tv I purchased on Thursday for 98.00 I was told to go to this site? and when >?
Lakeysha Taylor on
Need to register for the T.V I purchased onThursday at 6 pm 1hour deal am I going to the right site?
roxanna s on
paid for my tv. trying to register. says site is down
Tishona whitfield on
Need to register my 1hour guaranteed items they already paid for Christmas gifts for children please contact me
Pamela Williams on
Can't place order for the 98.00 emerdon, 32 inch tv purchased on thanksgiving day. Will I get the tv at this price before Christmas? L
Angelica on
I go to the site to register and it's telling me that my access code from my receipt is invalid. I've tried calling the 877 number provided, but the recording says that they're experiencing a high call volume, to go online, then the call is ended. What do I do now?
Trying to register for TV special
Vicki Keele on
Larry Bishop on
Trying to order TV that I purchased and it's not letting anyone thru. Typical WalMart
Tori Thomas on
cant register 32" tv bought 11.28.13 @ the Hudson Bridge Walmart in Stockbridge and when I called 1-800-walmart they told me and 2 of my friends we had defective tickets go get our $ back!! NO NO NO I stood in line like everyone else I WANT MY TV!!!! The pin # has 4 numbers yet the web site ask for 6 numbers!!!
maggie on
the site actually asks for 4 # for the pin. its like a regular gift card
RW on
I have tried since about 7pm last night ... it appears there servers were overloaded and last night is was cycling every 30 seconds today not page at all ... Walmart is going to have a black eye for this one ... but the real question is will we be able to register and if not what are they going to do about it?????? As a person that works in IT this should have been expected and they should have been "sized" for this surge of logins or made it easier and not as long to register so people could get in and out and less system usage. .... tells me it's not work it for next year!!!!
Reneelwhyte on
Need to finish registering two items for 1hour guarantee Can't get past continue order after puttinh in access code.
kenny blaker on
Need to place an order for 1hour guarantee on Mini Ipad
Deb Ayala on
Knew the site would be down didn't Walmart know with this many ppl trying to get on to place their order before Sunday? If I can't get on I want my money back no gift card for your store.
Lorie on
Fing Walmart. Cant register site says my access code is incorrect and it isn't. Fing Walmart they can shove this tv
Jessi on
That is what mine is telling me as well...did you ever get yours figured out? :(
raymond on
So all of us that got cards have till Dec. Dec. first ,and if we can't get registered by then ,Walmart will be singing oh! happy day ,profits up.
Donna on
cant get the site everyone else what do i do ????
Brenda on
web site will not launch to reserve tv
carl underwood on
i nee d to place order on tv 1 hour in stock guarantee carl underwood
Blase's on
What do I do if I cant get my order in! Need to place order and no I will not want my money back with waiting in line so long for it
Susan Parman on
Want to get my order in for the TV that I already will get it for Christmas..
Donna Chandler on
Need to register our 1-hour guarantee card for a TV
Daneen Walters on
Need to register for 1 hour guarantee of Beats headphones.
Rosemarie LKoss on
Site is not hangs up on you...They just don't want to give out that 100 gift card...this is a scam...Don't shop at walmart stores anymore..To do this to us all is insane...for 100 dollars not worth it for sure..I have been up all nite typing that site and the phone to call with no results..this is really a nice customer service deal for thousands of people trying to do the same thing...a rotten shame for 2013 thank you Wal Mart for this...not very customer friendly for all your customers who went to your stores to buy items and this is what is going on FRAD...false advertisement SUCKS>>>>>>
Daneen Walters on
Need to register for 1 hour guarantee of Beats headphones.
cjball on
The site does eventually launch. It has repeatedly told me to enter a VALID access code. When I called my local Walmart, I was told to call the contact number given on the 1-Hour site. The number goes through a recording, telling me I can remain on hold. The number then disconnects. I have until Sunday night to register. Can this be any more frustrating? The armbands given @ my local store were given out 2 hours prior to the sales. Did I miss the FINE print?
aparham on
That is exactly what mine is doing, very frustrating. It's like some sort of game. If you can't register it online, and then the toll free number it tells you to call hangs up on you, then how are you supposed to get this registered by Dec 1st? So then it turns into a gift card of equal value, but hello, that's why we stood in line for so long, was to save money on these products! Not to turn around and pay full price later because they are sending us in circles!
Brian on
I had same problem... "enter valid authorization code" I e-mailed the website and this is what they wrote back: If you bought a 1 Hour Guarantee card but were not provided an access code on your receipt or if the access code doesn’t work, please return to the store and ask them to use your current 1 Hour Guarantee Card to purchase another 1 Hour Guarantee Card which will provide the access code at the end of the purchase. Hope this helps! :-)
Jack Burnette on
Need to register for 1 hour guarantee of $98.00 will not accept the Code I was given...must register before 11:59 pm CST Sunday, December 1, 2013. What if the site isn't working by then?
pat on
like some of the others i also need to register for my tv that is already paid for
gary vickers on
unable to register my 50 inch TV already paid for on thursday Thanksgiving day at 8pm
Eleanor P. on
Can't get the everyone else what do I do? I need to register my I-pad mini.
Negail Jones on
The site is working. It just takes time. I got on to register my tv last night. It took abt 30 mins. So gud luck to you all!
Nancy Wolcott on
Trying to register for t.v. i have pd for!
Leon on
I don't understand why I went to register the out of stock TV to find that the original one I paid for and have all of the documents for the TV, now they are try to provide what they say is a comparable item is wrong. The one I purchased is a Smart 32' TV the one they offer as a comparable TV is not the Smart TV. Anyone else have the same issue?? This is nothing but a scam the way I see it. Looking for some feedback.
Doyce on
Please notify me when the site id back up. Must have used the same people as Obama for your web site..
Beverly on
My thoughts exactly!!!!
Loria Fells on
I need ot place order for my 32 inch TV
Susie on
Like everyone else - paid for my TV & was given the One Hour Guarantee Card, Pin Number, Gift Card & my Receipt. Been trying since last night to register to get my TV. Site was not working. Now when I try it says there are technical difficulties. It's also saying this item is NO longer available & asks if you want a different Emerson 32" tv?? I thought this was guaranteed??!! I called the store & talked to Customer Service - she asked the Manager. Manager said it's a company wide problem & they are working on the website. We ALL have to register online by Sunday, Dec 1st at midnight. I asked what if the website isn't back up by Sunday, Dec 1st?? Customer Service lady said I could come back & get my money back! I said NOOOO I want my TV - I stood in "Several lines" for 4 1/2 Hours.....for the 1 hour guarantee!! This is ridiculous!!
Loria on
How do we get our MONEY back, since WALMART is NOT holding up to their end of this SO CALL BARGAIN?????????????????????
Mae Lyon on
So What's the deal looks like a scam to me; will the website ever come up. This is terrible I trusted you to make a legitimate transaction, and your company has let me down. Please fix the problem. Thank you very much.
TV ,,,
carol on
I have been trying to register online for the 32 inch TV I already paid for it I put in access code than do the terms part than I have been on that web page for hours it said updating. So how long is this going to be I want the TV since I stood in line.1 hour guarantee what a lie They were out of TV before an hour Now this come on walmart I want my TV get the web site fixed.
Susie on
Very frustrated!! Purchased this as a gift for Christmas. When they ran out of the "One Hour In Stock Guarantee" TV in the store they gave me the 1 Hour In Stock Guarantee card w/Pin number & the Gift card & told me to go upfront to pay for the item. They also told me to register online & the TV would be shipped to this store by next week. Well, when I try to register the TV it is saying estimated arrival time is 12/14 - 12/22. Then it has technical difficulties & you can't finish the registration process. 12/22 is cutting it WAY too close for my comfort! Take a look at the AD & the card they gave each of us. It clearly says - "One Hour - In Stock Guarantee". It stock!! I'm probably like the rest of you....I don't have HOURS & DAYS to sit here at my computer trying to register online for this. NOT HAPPY WALMART!!
vfitzgerald on
The correct site is: Go 2 the site n enter ur "access code" from the receipt that u received @ time of purchase n follow instructions n thats it. :-)
Lynn on
SOUND LIKE 7 ON YOURSIDE OR ATTORNEY GENERAL NEED TO BE CONTACTED first thing Monday Morning. SAM Walton is flipping over in his grave for this mess.
Teresa Owens on
I was in the store last night by 4:45pm. Received my map. Then each line I stood in I was told it was wrong and had to move onto another line. I expressed to the sales rep & manager that I have high blood pressure & a heart condition. They really paid No attention to my concerns about having to keep moving around the store because the sales reps Kept giving me wrong info. However after spending over 4 hours in the Northlake il store, I got up to the front of the line. I had my son with me who is 14 years old. The police officer who was at the front of the line actually told us to move up. We began to do so & then she put her arm out and I guess it's called close lined him. She did this three times to my son. This striking him with her arm/hand across his throat to stop him & I from moving forward. This is outrageous! I expressed my concern about this to the officer and she completely ignored me. So as we then moved up and finally received a voucher because No one told me I needed a braclet! Not to mention the fact we could have recieved two bracelets. I wanted to purchase two tvs as well. I watched several customers with out bracelets be directed to a certain line, where they obviously knew the sales rep because they were able to obtain four or more tvs. This was most disturbing. I was to the bracelet was if we were planning to stay for the next 8:00pm sales. However I did get a 1 hour guarantee that I've been trying almost all night & this am to enter. The system is down or something is seriously wrong. I need someone to contact me as soon as possible to advise me what the issue is & how to resolve it. My son & I experienced this Black Thursday sale for the very first time last night. In our home store, in Walmart on North Ave Northlake il. I've been shopping there ever since the doors opened. I have been a resident of Northlake all my 45 years of life. I watched the houses be sold and taken down to build Walmart & Sams Club. This really was not the experience I ever expected. Especially when the Northlake police were there to help secure that no one would get injured. Well close lining my 14 year old across his throat three times was totally uncalled for. He was traumatized and I was as well! I want to just enter my guarentee online so that I can pick up the 32" tv we stood inline for and was treated so violently by Sales Reps, Police, and Other Customers while doing so. We Actually witnessed a couple of customers get into physical confrontations over Toys. Please contact me as soon as you receive this message. I would truly appreciate your help resolving this horrible situation. Lastly I want to let you know that I think your store should come up with a better system to ensure the safety and guarentee the customers safety while in the store on anyway! I apologize if I sound harsh but I be did not ever expect for my son & I to ever be treated so poorly by the staff and or the police officer. I have tried several times to logo into the guarantee site to register my voucher & this too has been difficult & unsuccessful. I want to be Purchase two tv's and need your help resolving this issue. Sincerely, Teresa Owens Ps I would also like to know what can be done to rectify the horrible treatment my son & I received during this Thanksgiving Sale. We left our family dinner to attend this sale on Thanksgiving. I called the store before coming over, spoke to a lady who told me the lines were already forming at 3:00 pm. She advised me to come over Asap. We literally swallowed our Thanksgiving dinner and rushed over. Oh and she Never mentioned the fact we needed the bracelets. As matter of fact the person who handed me the map did not either. I noticed the bracelets while bring shuffled around the store to different lines. I was told by two sales reps the bracelets were for those staying for both sales. This is really horrible & completely unfair! I just want help entering my voucher, I want two tv's. I will pick them up in the local Northlake store when the shipments come in. Email address
Rosetta Acoff on
I am trying to register my TV. I had doubts about it anyway! I am very disappointed!
Stanford on
This is not good for Walmart. I payed for a 32" TV and a Mini iPad at the store in Crowley La. And can not get them registered on.
Sharon on
Need to register for iPad mini.
steve regier on
tried to register my 32 inch tv. site is down
michael h. on
preparation is the key to success.
cheryl on
1hour garantee web site is down cant get threw been trying since last night at 20 oclock still cant get on site i want to night what is walmart going to do about getting are stuff
Vickie Cochran on
Joyce carpenter on
try to register for the 32 inch TV but site is down
james on
what the hell is going on here this is gonna cause nothing but problems with the way the world and people react now of days walmart better get this fixed and in a hurry or something bad will come out of this people want the stuff they paid for and waited along time to get
Kelli S on
Access code won't work. Need to order tv
shelly on
yes, i have been trying to do my access code to the walmart said i had to call 1-800-walmart that they will help. i tryed them and can't get through. does anyone know what we are suppose to do?
Cherry Morrison on
Why would you have a site that is not available to your customers who stood in line over an hour are more to purchase these big items and when u get up front to purchase your item there is no item to prchase. We received the 1 hour guarantee card, but you cannot bring the site up. What should (we) do if the site is not up before the time expire on Sunday? Someone from Walmart should contact their customers with these concerns. The next time Walmart decides to host such event as this, I feel there need to be some more conrete planto make this go smooth and be sure there staff know what there duties are. As I stated above I would like to be contacted to see what options Walmart will take to make sure that (we ) are able to go on the site and finish the transaction. Will there be another option? I would like to have the 32" TV that I stood in line for.
Kelli Speer on
Cheryl, I called the 877-745-0190 help number listed. After almost holding for an hour, I was told they are having a lot of trouble with access codes and he will email my concerns to someone "higher up" he said he couldn't guarantee I would hear back by deadline. Meaning I loose the TV. Needless to say I was not happy. If walmart is goinf to sell this way they need to make sure the process works or honor it if it doesn't and you don't meet deadline.
carol duffee on
bought 32" TV 11-28-13 @ 6PM @ Altoona,Pa store. Trying to register. Get message "site down "== no telephone # or any info on how to register this item. What is going on. Am really mad and frustrated. REPLY
lena on
tried to access, then they asked for a credit card ????? now I have no access.
kathy harmon on
i would like to register for the tv i do not want a wal-mart gift card just a tv for my mother
Selene Pickens on
come on Walmart you have got to do better then this!!!I need to complete my order for my TV.
conne flowers on
i purchase two of the 32tv for 98.00 each and each time i try to register it ask me my card # to pay what do i do
Billie Syfrett on
This is rediculous! Paid for tv (2) and now can't get through to finish this stupid process. What is WalMart going to do?
dg jordan on
unable to register.
Carol on
Albany Or. walmart did not put access code on the receipt for one hour guarantee called need to come back to store to get new receipt . It s is 70 miles one way I asked that they pay for my gas the assistant manager said he will give me A gift card. I am holding him to it. Ask for gift card for your inconvenient.
Greg on
as of 12 noon 11/29 site is unavailable What a bunch of professional in the I T dept at walmart
Edward Lewis on
I am unable to register my information. Please email me as soon as possible.
DebraGrencavage on
first you have to stand in line just for them to tell you they have no more bracelets for the TV they hand you a card and tell you to register on line, now the site is down what the heck is going on!! they should have expected this, hope they fix it soon I want my TV Ialready paid for.
AJ on
been trying for 12 hours to register for my TV. Can not access page after completing required information. anyone else having this problem?
nadia sustaita on
ya con esto queda la informacion para que llegue mi tev
Sue Sharples on
I have paid for my TV, now I need to register on line, the site is unavailable. What's up with this???
Kathie Brady on
Still waiting to regester,since 700 last night
Adam Wagner on
Is it possible to redeem 1 hour guarantee instore and have ordered instore as well considering website has either crashed or clogged.
vfitzgerald on
Hello ladies n gents, hru. I knw all of u r frustrated and n some cases "irate" over the Walmart "1-hour InStock Guarantee" for purchase, register n delivery 2 ur local store with ur product. U all received a rectangle shaped card that has a scratch off strip under bullet #2, with a 16 digit # and 4 digit pin # that u will c after scratching off strip. Also under bullet #2, they provide a website that u r 2 log on2 to register ur 16 digit "access code" thats located on ur receipt (from "receipt given @ time of purchase"). The website on the card is "Incorrect" and shows as: written n "thick" font. No need 2 feel ignored n left out n the cold any longer folks! I have the correct website so, get pencil n paper n make sure u spread the word often n "fast"! There's not a lot of time so here we go! Enough teasing n waisting ur time so, here is the correct website: "" I knw, I knw! How silly! Weeeeell, call it what u want, I no doubt understand! :-) I hope all of u get ur issues handled n #'s registered n that more than anything........ that "u have a fun luving n safe holiday season"! If this info helped n u have other consumer concerns n can not get the answers u require or u can not get a resolution 2 ur customer service issues resolved, please contact me @ Hope I All enjoyed my comments. Have a very pleasant n safe holiday season! Vfitzgerald
Amy on
I never thought Walmart would treat they're customers like this! This so frustrating! I hope Walmart comes up with a answer soon it was bad enough that we all had to experience all the confusion and craziness and now this! I want my TV please!! God Bless...
vfitzgerald on
The correct site is: Go 2 the site n enter ur "access code" from the receipt that u received @ the time of purchase n follow the instructions. :-)
Maribel on
my receive thas not have an access code and they never give me the gift card and think they did not know what they were doing this sale was horrible
kathy mays on
have been trying to register my access #c for 1hr have not been able to do it
kathymays on
I did what Mary say to do for a hr would not take it
kathymays on
I did what Mary say to do for a hr would not take itand it was from my recipt
Melanie on
I need to register my t.v. and cant what going on.
I want my 32inch tv that I stood in line for over a hour! Can someone HELP us out ? I mean this is my first time shopping on a day as of last night & day. I go and get called n#$%*rs an b!*#h never in my life growing up in California as a child & adult been called out like that I was more so shocked then mad but I am mad as hell now!!! E-mail us something my e-mail I I want what's promised???...
wanda on
well I didn't have a hard time getting vouchers for TV's, however I am having problems with getting it registered on line. Its like someone commented earlier what if we can't get in before late Sunday night, then what will be the results, will we be able to still get a refund or not. Thank You, Mrs. Wilson if you can answer this question please email me
vfitzgerald on
read vfitzgerald comments
noemy rivera on
I"m waiting and all complete iahora que algo ?
vfitzgerald on
The "INCORRECT" site is : The "CORRECT" site is : Once on the site, enter ur "access code" from the receipt u were given @ the time of purchase n follow the directions. U will also need ur "gift card" that u were given @ the time of purchase. It's that easy! I registered about 1pm n again, it was easy! 2 those that want resolution, do it now. 2 those that don't, gd luck!
Huge balls on
That $hit don't work!
biteme on
You have no idea of what you are talking about. The code on my card is "invalid" . So shut up and learn to spell.
kelli speer on
I have tried both sites and even gone to the atore and got a new access code and this crap still doesn't work. Called like someone else said to have local Walmart do it over the phone and they refused. I am about done with this and going to get my money back. Was told it may not be fixed by sunday and we are all screwed.
Jeffery on
Need my phone
julian mondragon on
the -1hour in stock warrantee line is down it won't let me in
KaeLynne on
need to register my 1hour guarantee
KaeLynne Garcia on
Need to register my 1hour guarantee
oscar mendez on
i have my tv paid and i cant get in or register to pick it up.
Jane on
The answer to the problem is that the gift card number asked for is the "1 hour guarantee card" number, the pin is printed on the same line, on the card.
KaeLynne Garcia on
Need to register my 1hour guarantee
Maribel on
I need to registry an ipad and the web is not working neither the phone
Ruth Rivera on
I've try to registering my 1 hour 32" TV all night 11-28-13 and all day on 11-29-13. I also try calling. I wasn't able to get through.
Alicia on
Still need to register , argh, went on last night and the page kept spinning, know it let's you log in and the errors out. I called the 800 number and the lady said there systems are down. Waaaaaaaaa did they not prepare or what? What a big mess!
joe c on
Read comments, going get refund now, This program was a total failure start to finish. vfitzgerald seems to be the only 1 who got what they asked for. nothing but error code ER-003
Melissa on
So in the event that we are not able to get our items registered by the deadline what happens than? Do we get a refund?
shirley gustafson on
help i paid209$ have 1hour in stok guarantee cards cant find web site that i must use
sherry on don't put the www. in front of it.
sherry on
I finally got through to order one TV. The site said that my product isn't available and they are substituting another TV. My second guarantee tells me that there is an incorrect access code and can't process it.
rick segers on
been trying all day without success. This sucks! Screwed again by Walmart! When the public smarten up?
AJ on
Like most of you, I tried for 2 days to get my TV registered only to figure out, it was th e Broswer I was using that would not let me complete my registration. I went to Firefox and had no problem what so ever getting it registered on the first try. I was able to get right in without no wait time.
Barb on
I have been trying to reach website with no results. Dies this mean if we do not register by Dec. 1 we loose our money? I would of thought as big a corporation as Walmart something easier different would of been devised.
Beverly on
I cannot get or to work. I tried last night for 2 hours, I have also tried all day, I even dialed the 1-877-745-0190 number and I cannot get through!!!
Kendria on
I can't find my access code on my receipt!! Can anyone tell me where is it exactly on the receipt?? Help please!!
Mike jones on
Wally cox on
Yep, they did mine over the phone at the walmart I bought the tv at.
Kelly on
Thanks! I called, they hooked me up. Again thanks
Red dog on
Call the store where you bought the TV at. CS did the regs over the phone, worked like clock work.
karen on
I think Walmart is trying to rip all of us off. This access code and pin is full of crap! We paid for our merchandise and got a receipt why should there be any more steps other than to pick it up at the store on a guaranted day. The receipt should have a pick up date. Ms.Regret :(
d on
Been trying to claim 32 inch TV all day. Got out tablet cause had to run errands and did not want to miss chance. Went thru right away on tablet while lap top still waiting. I recommend try from mobile. :-) :-) :-)
kathie brady on
sounds like a scam
johnnie on
been trying all day to registered, I went to the store and still was not able to get it done I just want what I paid for, is that asking to much.
Mike hunt on
Janet on
Site not available trying after purchase till now
sandra echols on
iam trying to do my 1-hour instock guarantee.please call me at 1-903-762-6400. my computer is down.. I paid for the phone at the store. think you san dra echols
sandra echols on
was in walmart for oven 4 hour so I could get that phone, and I paid for the phone. I was told that I would gat my before Christmas.
mike on
A friend of ours had to go to the hospital. So she asked us to redeem her reciept for her. when we went to do it. The site would not let us finish the process i hope they fix it before the deadline if not. Yhey cheated a dying woman.
Kelly Mabry on
Yes, success!! After hours of frustration, I decided to read some blogs about what others were experiencing related to the one hour guarantee. I I then put several different suggestions together and have found a way to get my items ordered. Not sure how long this will work when everyone crashes the site using this method, but hopefully many of you will achieve satisfaction. You MUST use a mobile device (I used my iphone). Use, the address given did not work for me. I placed 5 orders for myself and family with pickup at two different walmart stores in less than 20 minutes. Good luck to everyone!! BTW, I still feel that walmart should be sued for this mess! For the frustration caused to so many people. I am sure there will be many that won't get their merchandise promised and end up with a gift card that they can spend only at walmart! Win-win for walmart!!! How smart of them, many people skipped other stores because of the one hour guarantee and only shopped at walmart . Now they may not have the item that they so wanted and most of their holiday money was spent at walmart. I also got in line at 620pm for the 8pm 50" TV only to be told that they were all gone at 625pm. I was lucky, some had been standing in that line since 4pm and was not told that they had already given out the 30 wristbands for that TV until 625pm! I don't know, maybe they were in a different time zone! (later found out that several people that refused to leave the line and told the manager that they would not leave until they had the TV because the ad said 8pm for the start of the sale ended up getting a better brand 50" TV at the sale price, they waited until around 9pm before the manager gave in and offered them the substitute. Great for them, but where is mine! UGH!)
mike duke on
memo: Mike Duke, CEO re: One Hour Guarantee We made a mistake. People are buying too many and we are making too little. Put a stop to this. The customers should be misdirected so that they give up. Then we will not have to sell with too little profit, although we are still making money. The customers are stupid and will give up when frustrated a little. They cannot afford to shop elsewhere, so we have them anyway. Do not worry about them going to competitors, they are used to frustration and delays. It is like the welfare line for them, they will wait and wait, then go away, only to come back next their payday. Bottleneck the customers at the registers. Close down the cards to just a couple registers per store and do NOT let employees hand out cards to customer i line. Misdirect the customers in the store to incorrect lines. Circle customers in lines around to route back into later spots in the lines. Close down the online registration system. Have it crash. Connect the telephone customer support to the same crashed system and have them make excuses that their system is also having problems. Bottleneck the call in system to only a few lines. Customers will give up holding.
vfitzgerald on
Hello Rebecca. U need "3" things. 1...a card (1 hour in stock guarantee), 2...go to register n give "in stock guarantee card" to cashier "AND" pay for product. Cashier will give u ur (1) "1 hour in stock guarantee card" "AND" (2) "receipt" "AND" (3)"gift card". With these "3" things, go to: (EXACTLY AS U SEE IT) Now, enter ur "access code" from the receipt u received @ the time of purchase n follow directions. U will need ur "gift card" n "in stock" card as well. It's quick n easy!
Kelly on
I emailed them and this is what I got - I especially like "Don't worry, you have until December 1 at 11:59pm to register...." THANK GOODNESS I HAVE NOTHING ELSE TO DO... Dear Customer, Thank you for contacting We are sending you this automated response to help you with your 1-Hour Guarantee question. Access Code Issues: If you bought a 1 Hour Guarantee card but were not provided an access code on your receipt or if the access code doesn’t work, please return to the store and ask them to use your current 1 Hour Guarantee Card to purchase another 1 Hour Guarantee Card which will provide the access code at the end of the purchase. You will be responsible for any taxes or fees not loaded on the first card. General Information: • 1-Hour Guarantee Cards must be registered by 11:59 pm CST on Sunday, December 1, 2013. • You may also purchase a product care plan on the 1-Hour In Stock Guarantee website during registration. • If you would like a refund on your 1-Hour Guarantee card, please take your 1-Hour Guarantee Card and original receipt to the store to receive a refund equal to the balance on the card. You may also use the card as a regular gift card. Lost or stolen 1-Hour Guarantee Cards cannot be refunded without the original receipt. • Items may only be shipped to a store for pick up. • You can register your product here: • For more information, see the 1-Hour Guarantee FAQs Due to extremely high volume, the 1-Hour Guarantee hotline has a long hold time. While the hotline will be able to answer more specific questions, we hope this email will be able to assist you. If this email doesn’t fully answer your question, please call the 1-Hour Guarantee hotline at 877-745-0190 at a later time. Don’t worry - you have until 11:59 pm CST on Sunday, December 1, 2013 to register your product.
carmen on
I have been unable to register. unable to get someone to answer the 1 877 # this is BS
Call the store on
Call the store
D.Mo on
I have this number memorized, I've done it so many times. I've been to the store to get mistakes corrected 7 times, spent most of the last two nights working on this fiasco. Am I the only one who thinks they hired the Obabma Care rejects to set this up? I'm ready to give up. It's pretty much ruined my Thanksgiving break. Let me know IF you ever get it fixed
vfitzgerald on
I can not believe all the complaints that I am seeing. I have gone to the site "multiple" times and the 1st screen I see is for me to enter the "access code" from my receipt that I received at the time of purchase. Although I have already registered my tv, I go to the site "OFTEN" just to see if it is still working properly and "IT IS"!!! "THE CORRECT AND ONLY TO USE IS BELOW": "THAT'S IT!!!" Now follow the directions. It's quick and "very" easy!! If you read this and ignore without have read, you deserve what you get. If the process was not done correctly by the store you went to and you are not satisfied, contact Walmart "corporate" office until you get your issue resolved. Now! Everyone have a fun living and safe holiday season!!! :-)
Joel on
Unable to order as covered in the 1hr in Stock Guarantee. I want my three 32inch TVs that I stood in line for over a hour! Can someone HELP us? We have been trying to reach the website for over 48 hours with no results. This is looking like the President is running this sight.
Barbarb on
Unable to order as covered in the 1hr in Stock Guarantee. I want my three 32inch TVs that I stood in line for over a hour! Can someone HELP us? We have been trying to reach the website for over 48 hours with no results. We have dialed the 1-877-745-0190 number and I cannot get through!!!This is looking like the President is running this sight. Walmart needs HELP ASAP.
Steven H on
I did every thing on that new site, everything went ok, butnow there texting me saying there not going to put the order through, does anybody know whats going on.
vfitzgerald on
Hello ladies and gentlemen, I confirmed with a Walmart manager that if you have an "in-stock guarantee" card with scratch off strip, paid at the register and received a gift card and "properly" registered online by the "2am friday morning deadline", "you will" receive your product. If "you did not pay at the register", that means "you did not receive a gift card". If "you paid at the register", the cashier will give you a gift card in the amount of the product you are trying to purchase, including the taxes. If you have your receipt, your gift card and your "in-stock" card with scratch off but, "did not register by 2am Friday deadline", you will "HAVE TO" get a refund OR use the gift card on a different product(s) in the amount that is on the gift card. All others, if you "did not pay anything", you will have to wait until the next great deal "or" next year. "Please", READ ALL PROMOTIONAL MATERIAL FOR DATES, TIMES AND DEADLINES!!! Remember, holidays are more than gift giving so, smile, stay safe, have a fun and loving holiday season! :-)
Anne on
This sucks, it's down and now can't get my flat screen I paid for ??????? What's going on here.
vfitzgerald on
Hello everyone. The Walmart website stopped taking registers because there was a deadline @ 2am Friday morning as the instructions said. If you did not "properly" register on-line by "2am", you "will not" get your product. It doesn't matter if you paid or not. You can get a refund "with your receipt" OR spend your gift card on a product(s) in the dollar ($) amount on the card. If you did not pay at the register, you would not have received a "Walmart in stock gift card".
Liz on
Walmart has pull a scam on the people of America. If you read the fine print they are saying, if you don't get registered, they will refund you with a Walmart gift card. They will profit again.
Melody on
I used my Ipad and finally got through! I used my laptop for 2 days with no luck. I tried using my Ipad, and I was able to register for both of my headphones, one right after the other with no problems. If you have an Ipad or know someone who has one, use it!
Kimberley S Meyer on
I have been trying this web site since Thursday night,tryed calling number given 50 times now.Tryed calling my local walmart they don't care,they can't help me. Wishing I would of just bought the tablet from Toys r us, Same tablet and same price!
kim nelson on
I need to order my i pad tablet 004900. I purchased at the wal-mart in Richland, MS on Thanksgiving. They gave me a card and told me to go on your site. I cannot believe site is down.
john jackson on
I got the same thing in Jackson, Ms an they told me the samething an i been waiting on this 877 number an its not working so the best thing to do is just take it back an get a cash refund
Betty Huger on
Your website it the worst ever. It doesn't allow your email address. I feel that Walmart could have been better prepared to assist their customers on line with online help, but all you receive is a voice message first from and male and then a female. People send to much money with Walmart for customers to be treated as second class citizens. If this will not corrected, I will post on facebook, twitter, and other media pages to let the world know how unprepared a giant change has let their customer down. I rate your customer service as a 1 for poor.
I want to know why wal-mart gave customers a 1 hour raincheck if I cannot get on site this is false advertisement. Wal-mart needs to do a better job when it comes to sales. The Richland, MS store where I gor rain check did not do the sale right. The times were false advertisement because this store gave items before the times in their ads.
Angela Lawrence on

I have never heard of such an unorganized company! This is complete crap! For four days I've tried to enter my codes called 800 numbers and to no avail! Now I'm told I need to name time to go to the store and get it resolved! By those idiots!! They dont know a thing , who trains these people? Complete incompetence . Just because we pay a lower price we pay in customer service. Bad very bad! 

misty gass on

went to walmart the night of thanksgiving, to get a TV for my daughter.  and all I got was a raincheck. they told me to go online to register it and i can pick the TV up later. I have never had xo much trouble, so I called the 1877 number and nothing...  then I finally got through 3 days later and the lady told me to call back in an hour that the system was down, really with all the confusion there system was down how can they help people get this done when they cant. this really sucks walmart shouldnt even had done this this year. to much hassel thankgiving was to be worry free not stress out. you need to come up with a better plan for next.

cathy on

Went to Walmart on Thanksgiving to purchase mini Ipad, with 1 hour guarantee.  First, the store charged me double for the item & didn't realize it until we left the store.  Had to go back for the refund.  Tried to register online.  Couldn't get on website for 5 days.  Called to number - couldn't get through.  Went to the store on Wednesday with my receipts but the store didn't know what to do.  I was told my access code was the number on the card.  This is incorrect.  My receipt doesn't have an access code - it was rung up on the register incorrectly by cashier.  Tried registering tonight Wednesday but wouldn't go through.  Couldn't get through hotline number until 10pm tonight & waiting on hold for 50 minutes.  Was told the store needs to give me new access number but the store is now closed.  This must be registered by 12 midnight tonight.  Also called Corporate.


cathy on

SHAME on you Walmart... Walmart scammed the public.  How do expect customer to register when you can't get on the website or get through phone.  SHAME on you Walmart...



Angela on

I went to the store today, to have some stupid girl tell me to call the 1-800 number! Like I hadn't already tried that 10 times!! To have the customer service manager tell me she didn't know what to do.  These employee s need to be trained for god sakes!! Give them the tools they need to help customers.  Shame on Walnart! I'll ya the $5 bucks more and go to Target next time!! 

cathy on

I called another Walmart store nearby last night to try to get a new 1 hour in store guarantee access code (my original on Thursday was not rung up correctly by the cashier) & she told me I have to go to original store & the manager should have instructed store customer service how to correct the problem & issue new card.  She told me her manager in her store instructed staff on Friday.

I truly think Walmart did this 1 hour guarantee to get people in the store & will not deliver the product.  Per Walmart's website, they had 5 million customers & added more 1 hour guarantees 21 this year.  I don't think Walmart have enought products to deliver.

Shame on Walmart.....

julie bizzak on

im waiting on a phone have 1hourguarrantee card from store

Jagga on

The Ipad Mini Walmart put on sale (Price: $299+$100 gift card) on the day of Black Friday 2013 had “One Hour Guarantee”. That means in that one hour guarantee period, whoever got the ticket of that item and paid for that item must have the item too. They cannot say the item is out of stock, and especially, they cannot say the item is out of stock when they already get paid for the item 17-18 days ago. And now they sent me an email showing they canceled my order saying the item is out of stock. When I paid for the item on Black Friday night(17-18 days ago), the item wasn't out of stock. On Black Friday, I stayed awake the whole night and got the ticket including excess code and paid for my iPad Mini, and registered my purchase online, and in few hours I already received the confirmation email from Walmart, which showed my order will be ready between 12/14/13 and 12/22/13 at my local Walmart store. And now on the 12/13/13, I received an email showed that Walmart issued $328.16 to gift card and canceled my order. I didn't stay awake the whole night on Black Friday to buy just Walmart gift card. If I want to buy just Walmart gift card, I can go to the store anytime and buy it.

I already bought the case cover for this ipad mini in first week of December, and emotionally attached to this item, and have been waiting for since I paid for my item(17-18 days ago). If Walmart wasn't sure whether that item would be “in stock or out of stock”, the Walmart wasn't supposed to advertise “One Hour Guarantee” on the sale paper, and make customers paid for the item at the store right away. Now they don’t want to refund the money either saying their system won’t let them refund the money; moreover they issued gift cards.


 It is really immoral if they cancel the order just like this saying the item is out of stock, especially in these type of cases.

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