"scheduled site maintenance"

Sat, 10/20/2012 - 9:11am - Anonymous

Site went down Thursday 10/18 PM, has been down two days. Tech support in Virginia said "there was a problem" and they hoped to have it back up Saturday afternoon


ID Guard user on
Sure hope their site has not been hacked!
Doug on
Still down this morning. Not even able to access their "contact us" info. I did however receive an automated email from them notifying me of no changes in my reports in the last 30 days. I too, hope they haven't been hacked. The site says it's down for "scheduled maintenance." - No site goes down for 72 hours for scheduled maintenance.
Jim on
Sure hope the company isn't going bankrupt or something. If they aren't up by Monday afternoon, I'm cancelling my subscription as this is ridiculous.
Joe on
Still down 9:30am PDT 10-22-12. Not right.
Doug on
Contacted Identity Guard this morning to cancel my service. I was able to get through to a rep. quite quickly and they were very helpful and did not push me to stay. The rep. was extremely apologetic for the inconvenience and did tell me the entire system is being restored, and that is why it's taking so long. The recording on the phone says the site "should be up and running by tomorrow" but I don't know if the recording was updated from this weekend or not.
Brad on
Down for days and no update. That is not a good sign. Please update maintenance page COSTCO
Angela on
Now that our site is back up, we’d like to thank all of our online customers for your active involvement, and most importantly, your patience. We understand what it’s like to be unable to access services, and as a result, we’d like to offer each of you one month of complimentary service for the inconvenience and frustration. We’re currently experiencing high call volume, but feel free to call our Customer Care department at 1.800.452.2541 at your convenience and speak with one of our reps and they’ll make the adjustment. Thank you.
Mary on

Checked Identity Guard this morning tried to log on and can't it says " validator....." ( something)...then it tells me a user name and password is required even thought I have one typed in..weird. Now it's saying " CMN3101E" error...The system is unavailable due to "CMN1039E".  Help??? Is anyone else having this issue??? Thanks.

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