Subscription not being recognized

Fri, 01/08/2021 - 1:28pm - Anonymous

I called and spoke to a representative today.  They say it is a known issue that they are working to correct.  Basically subscriptions that are active aren't allowing shows to be watched.  You are prompted to subscribe to only be told you have an active account.  It has been over 24 hours.  I have a ticket, but nothing has happened yet.


Cookie on

I had the same problem with the CBS All Access subscription not being recognized since at least 1/8/21.  I finally called the help line at 888-274-5343 today - 1/10/21.  I was told there was a billing glitch (I do monthly auto bill).  After verifying my info, the rep checked the account to make sure the account was current.  He then sent a refresh signal and the app is now working on my firestick and computer.  Took about 5 minutes on the phone.  I did ask for a credit for the time I could not use the app and that was taken care of as well.  Hope this info helps someone.

jaylyn on

Same here - reported on 1/8 and they still have no answer and have not restored my service, tho account paid till 1/22.  Per a phone conversation with support today, there is no fix, but they offered a free month if we used a different email address (did not accept). They would not confirm or deny if the issue was widespread. 

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