My Soultion to the Temporary Difficulties Message

Thu, 08/02/2012 - 8:57am - Anonymous

All of my items in my cart were being shipped to the Storefront. Some of the items were available at the store and some were not (website stated estimated delivery time).

Everytime I went to checkout the website would say, "We're having temporary difficulties arriving at the destination you requested."

After about 15 minutes of retrying to checkout, I decided to delete all the items that were available in the store. What would you know, it worked, the website immediately went to the checkout area.

This could possibly mean there is some errors/glitches in the written code that does not allow the buyer to continue with a mixed shopping cart. Hopefully this solution works for the rest of you.


Jodi on
I'm having the same problem. However, I'm only purchasing 1 item and i need it shipped to the store for pick up tomorrow. No matter what i do, I cant get past the "difficulty processing request" message.
Pete on
Yes, the problem seems to be with the ship-to-store function only, as I was able to process an order that is to be mailed. I've tried different browsers, the mobile app for iPhone, all are not working.
Roseann Hayhurst on
I was having the same problem. I took the item off that was available in store and worked!!! Thanks for the info!

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