can't complete check-out

Tue, 07/24/2012 - 2:48pm - Anonymous

gets stuck half-way through check-out process and will not let me complete purchase


Leah on
Same thing is happening to me. I click proceed to checkout but it goes straight back to my cart not letting me actually purchase anything. the stupid "updating" timer keeps popping up.. then nothing. I've been trying for a couple hours now. It's 2:21 AM on 7/25/2012. GET IT TOGETHER WALMART!!!!!! it's starting to piss me off. gooossshhhh just let me buy my item!! >:(
dana tines on
I cannot check out.Either the screen goes white or it says they have a high volume.
Brown on

Stupid walmart. Disgusting. I click proceed to checkout and nothing happens. Shut down your stores please.

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