Union Bank site down, unreachable using too

Thu, 01/24/2013 - 9:42pm - Anonymous

All day and site down.


teniralc on
I was able to get on using
Jose R Gallegos on
I have been trying to log on to for 3-days for business and I have not been able to do this, what is the problem and/or please fix asap.
Debbie on
I have been able to get onto the website for several days as well and need to update some online banking. What is going on?
Sidney Sok Ke on
What is the problem ? I can not access to my account. I need to pay my bill on time . please let me know as soon as possible . Thanks .
Sidney Sok Ke on
whatis the problem. I need to pay my bills on time. please let me know what's happen ?. Thank you very much .
Sue on
I am overseas and desperately need to do some online banking. Please advise when this will be working again.
amelia on
This is my third day in trying to access my bank account. I have been told it has been reported. This is unacceptable for customers like myself.
teniralc on
At some point they changed from Union Bank of California to Union Bank at which point their url changed. It's now
amelia on
I have tried that url as well and still my message is saying I cannot connect. My local bank said today there has been reported problems, but not all customers are affected. "They are working on it"!!! teniraic...thank you for your suggestion.
Lloyd on
I have tried for days if not weeks to connect even had to change password, their customer service rep did not even know they needed a officer to change a email, they have really gone in the toilet am changeing all accts, buss and personal to chase they at least have a clue. If you go in Union you never see customers , wonder why? oh and check out their overdraft policy, that to is a real beauty

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