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Sun, 03/28/2021 - 8:21pm - Anonymous

For over a week now I get a "403 forbidden" error message when I click the link to log on. Tried multiple browsers, adblockers on and off, clearing cache/cookies, etc. Nothing works. Spoke to two different reps; first one on 3/20 said it was system wide, second one on 3/27 said he had no idea what was wrong and that he'd have someone call me back. 


Mark S on

This is because their site is looking up where your browser is located and probably trying to do some kind of program logic with that info. The problem is that their logic/algorithm is flawed. You can tell this by the basic and poor response of a simple 403 error. A decent web application would branch off the location of the IP and display an error if something unexpected occurred. 

The main site comes up but the app login fails with the 403 error if you are loggin in from a location outside Texas. When I login from a Texas ISP, it works fine:

But login from an Azure desktop located in the Central US and it fails. Your taxpayer $$ hard(ly) at work!

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