Pinning Problem

Fri, 05/23/2014 - 3:41pm - Anonymous

Huge memory leak with Chrome.

Page becomes unstable and unresponsive.

Cannot Pin.


Anonymous on

I too have had major issues with pinning, the page locks up/freezes then eventually pins, but it's SO sluggish.  I did everything, cleaning cache, defragging, you name it, I did it, but to no avail. I even uninstalled Chrome and got my Firefox going again, nothing in Pinterest changed.  It's definately something with Pinterest, in my opinion.

luminousmortal on

For the past two days pinning has slowed to such a crawl that pins take up to a minute to process! I'm also having problems with pages locking up so that I'm not even allowed to log out--this really bothers me because I always make it a point to log off all sites properly. At first I tried logging off and on again (when that function was still working), and I rebooted my computer several times just to see if it was a problem at my end. So far, all of my other applications are running fine (I use Chrome), so I'm mystified as to what's causing this meltdown on Pinterest. I absolutely LOVE Pinterest, so I'm hoping that the issue will be resolved soon.

Also, I was wondering whether you might be working on a new pinning solution--I would love the ability to drag and drop pins on my boards and also to be able to drag and drop them within the board to create my story. If our board view could be manipulated to show them vertically (down the left side of the page, for instance), it would be wonderfully quick and easy to grab a pin and visually move it to the intended board, instead of having to go back and forth to make sure it's been pinned.  Of course, it seems like an easy process to me, but I'm not a programmer--this is just something on my Pinterest wish list! :D

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