Can't Access

Mon, 06/11/2012 - 10:50am - Anonymous

Don't know why I can't access the site????BJHWE


maria on
i can't access pinterest site. and no pictures
Barbara Barreau on
I haven't been able to access pinterest for several hours. Why?? It is 8:17 on 6/12., Hope I get an answer--this is very frustrating.
s gillen on
unable to access pinterest
Kathy on

I haven't been able to open pintrest for 2 days from iphone

Rogerlene on

Must be a serious glitch with Pinterest that it's taking so long to fix. It's been a week and a day now.


sue caviness on

I cannot access my pinterest account. It's been over a week and it won't accept or re-set my password.Please help

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