ui-113 error code

Sat, 05/25/2013 - 6:07pm - Anonymous
PS-3 tried to log in, get this error code.


Corey Haigh on
Cannot log onto Netflix
Ande on
Can't log in to Netflix on PS3, but it works on my laptop. Error code ui-113 .... I have US Netflix and am in the US. Everything I've read speaks to receiving this error code if in another country.
Darryl Smith on
Same ui-113 us regi o n us everything worked fine till today
Brett on
Had the same thing go to more info and account info. Then check network status and try again. Worked for me just now.
sydnil on
im getting this code ui-113 on my ps3 im from US what is that mean , i just hope they fix it beacuse im not paying if keep doing this
N. Lee Barnett on

Have not been able to get on Netflix for 2 days.  Have unplugged Roku 3 several times to no avail.  On re-entrance, my e-mail and password are not accepted.  This is on my television with Bright House.  Have no clue what the trouble is.  Please HELP ME.  Will also contact ROKU as I have a relatively new Roku 3.   

sharon somersal on

my is netflix is telling my email is not right. reset the password and still not working error code ui-113

malena lovins on

cannot get on netflix can watch u tube but not netflix saysNetfix has encountered an error please try again or here I am

Victoria on

My business partner and I decide to give our employees (29) a half-day Thursday and come back on Monday. He brought lunch an NO NETFLIX, NO NETFLIX, NOFLIX. I tried it 3 times did what was requested. This is not the first time Netflix has gone down. How do we reslove this issue? Apparently, I am not the only one with this problem. With that many angry people at Netflix there are going to be alot of cancellation and people will just start buying dvds again at Amazon. Sincerely, Unhappy Customer Victoria

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