On my PS3 my Netflix stops lauding at 25%. Why?

Mon, 10/14/2013 - 4:19am - Anonymous

When I go to watch some movies or tv shows on Netflix, it stops loading at 25%. I clicks one other movies and some work and some don't. What's the problem?


L on

the exact same thing happens to us- on ps3 our netflix was working just fineĀ 

But recently it only loads shows up to 25% and then seems stuck.

It load any unviewed episodes fully, so we're only able to watch theĀ 

Ones that we've already seen. what is causing this, and how do

We fix it??? help!

kromatox on

change the audio settings on your device to stereo or digital stereo. worked for me.

etoyah on

thats happening to be and its annoying

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