Error code nw-2-5

Sat, 02/23/2013 - 8:42am - Anonymous
It starts loading than error nw-2-5 pops up.


shea on
This has been goin on for 2 full days now and starting the 3rd! Highly annoying that I pay the subscription and at least twice a month sometimes more this is happenin! Seriously thinkun about canceling.
wtf on
I'm having the exact same problem.... Any ideas how to fix it?
annoonn. on
I've tried everything and nothing will fix it. I tried unplugging the PS3, deleting and reinstalling the app, playing with the clock, and a whole bunch of other stupid tips from the internet and nothing. This is bulls!*t.
dennis on

I am having the same problem for a week now. Samsung bluray gives me error

netflix server 3 not connected with nw-2-5. called them and no help, same old

fixs that I have allready tried.

Saundra Carlson on

Please look up the last time I spent over one hour on the phone with your teck Mike and over two hundred dollars for them to clean up my laptop and t also take care of Netflix problems  For over three days I still can't get Netflix to come up I have a Vizio E550i-AO the code nw-2-5 or nw-1-1000 keep coming up very very annoying.  What can I do Thanks.

Angie on

NW-2-5 on Vizio

Jet on

On a Vizio Smart TV - getting the NW-2-5 error code. how can we fix this? Not using a PS or xbox. Did the connection test and could not connect to Netflix servers 1-4 but internet connection was solid. Help!

jodi on

same exact problem on my vizio..connection solid but error code nw 2-5..did you  figure out how to  correct  the  issue?   need  my  Netflix  working asap smh

Nancy Gonzalez on

can not connect to the internet wifi

talmadge monk on

new subscriber only thing I get is error code could not connect to Netflix servers 1-4 but internet connection is solid.

Patricia on

What is going on with net flix ?

Bout to blow up on

getting the same freakin code on Xbox one!!! WHY?! It done the same thing yesterday. This morning, it worked for abt 35 mins & then this crap starts!! 

manoel nascimen... on

erro de conecção

sandra on

DOes anyone ever respond to these complaints?  Im having problems as well and would like someone to help. thank you

ibed sierra on

i do not have,service. What is the problem?



james hart on

Cant get netflix to work gor 2days now error code nw-2-5.....   cant seem to fond an answer

erick on

well what can i do about the error code n w 2 5


erick on

n w 2 5 is a reuse code apperantly they caught on to useing other peoples netflix account


rhonda lee on

I don't know the problem but I'm paying customer I would greatly appreciate you fixing the problem now.  Haven't had netflix now for 1 and half days.  when I finally get a day off I would like to relax and watch netflix.  I greatly appreciate this matter to be fix ASAP!!!

Jake Suckley on
CJ on

Same thing with my VIZO smart TV. It is connected to the internet and I can access NETFLIX from my PC but I want to view it on my TV. Would like to hear some answers to these question we paying members need to knw.

Tracy Davenport on

Can't seem to log mobile phone was lost.the number was ending in 84.Need help logging in. Thanks

ruben colindres on

buenas noches no me puedo conectar a netflix me pueden ayudar por faWi

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