Site has been down for over 3 days.

Sun, 09/23/2012 - 6:57am - Anonymous


adlai on
One would think that after all of the cash they garner they would be able to afford a tech to work on the weekend to fix this; especially since it is causing me and many other of their "beloved" customers some real problems.
kat on
Rang my branch on the day it went down Friday, got told we haven't received any notification it is here try this number...rang number I was transferred to a rewards person who was trying to get me into a rewards program, she wouldn't give me any answers but kept trying in the end I said no thank you and hung up..Saturday still not up and my credit card payment needed to be transferred. So went into the branch, the car park was full, I mention the website being down and the teller didn't know and said ohh is that why we have been so busy...I am wondering if they just wanted people in their branches. Stress and petrol wasted for this inconvience...they have our email addresses..mass email next time...

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