The server at is taking too long to respond.

Thu, 11/01/2012 - 1:48pm - Anonymous


joff on
Same thing here.
Yolanda Marrow on
What is wrong with the site! Not responding.
forrest shigley on
I cannot get through to site keeps asking for password. I have a pin not password. Do I need to transfer present fast trac to a different auto just purchased? Thanks. I tried phoning but told cannot accept present calls.?????
Harold Robinson III on
I do not have an online account at Fastrak and I want to establish one. I do not have a PIN for Fastrak and need to establish that as well. Fastrack does not acknowledge my account number with my email so nothing works. My account will terminate unless I renew because I have moved and am now an "Inactive Account". What do I do?
Anthony E. McGuire on
yesterday I registered for fastrak. My account # is 117120352; my toll tag # is 01456930820. I did not receive a confirmation from fastrak that I was enrolled. So I tried today but could not remember my 4 digit #. I would like a confirmation that I am enrolled. Thank you. AEM
Anthony E. McGuire on
Please answer the above question and what do you mean by homepage. AEM
carla gee on
I just purchased a new car and want to add it to my existing account and delete the old car. I don't remember my pin so don't know what to do.

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