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Sun, 10/07/2012 - 11:22am - Anonymous

This site never seems to work. Always says to call customer service, but guess what? Customer service is closed.

When adding a vehicle it throws the Internal Error Found error, but somehow the car is actually added. You have to log back in, and you should see the vehicle registered.

They really need to update their terribly buggy site.

I always seem to get something like this:

Error Message

We have received an internal error while processing your request. The internal error message is:

Internal Error Found. Please contact Customer Service.

Internal Error Message window


Tom on
My experience is that this site is not robust and does minimal field checking, and consequently blows up rather than reporting a specific error. For example, my password manager autofilled my zipcode in the Zip+4 field (i.e., put 5 numbers in a field that should only hold 4). When I submitted the form, it blew up with the error message above, instead of simply a) limiting the field to 4 digits, and/or b) reporting that the value wasn't valid. So if you are getting this error, check your form carefully to make sure you're not inadvertently submitting something invalid.
David Enterline on

Can't create account with Costco purchased FasTrak (1/30/15). For two days the site responds with try again later. Called customer service. They could not get the codes to work in their system. Requrest a fax with data to resolve issue. Not very good telephone help.

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