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Thu, 08/19/2021 - 10:21am - Anonymous

My password hasn't canged in years. All of the sudden it wouldn't let me log in. I tried to reset my password and the temporary password won't work. I have contacted support and they told me to wait 5 business days and try again. I tried again, still didn't work. Called again today, they told me to wait 5 days AGAIN. They said I was not locked out of my account or anything and blamed it on a "user error" when it is 100% their website. I have been through this process 6 times now. Haven't been able to access my EZCARDINFO account in months. 


Carol on

I am experiencing the same thing. Last month I was forced to change passwords after years of having the same one. Even after updating, I couldnt log in for days. This month I am trying to log in to double check the payment due and cannot get in. It has been 4 days and nada. I even requested a temp password when the latest one didn't work, and 3 temp passwords later...still not able to log in. This website is TERRIBLE. I can only hope that the payment amount due that I wrote down a few weeks ago is correct, otherwise I am going to end up with a late fee. If this affects my credit, I am going to get rid of this card altogether!!!

Michael Buehler on

Having similar issues, not even temp passwords work.

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