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Site Report Date Comments Due to technical difficulties, we can't show the page you're... 5:22pm 10/24/14 New mail status unavailable 4:36pm 10/24/14 Trouble playing 4:12pm 10/24/14 blank screen 4:11pm 10/24/14
https://www.bankofamerica.comBank of America Page can't be displayed 4:05pm 10/24/14 Bank Unable to log into Online Banking 4:03pm 10/24/14 "cannot connect to server" when trying to send emails 3:46pm 10/24/14 Site says "We're experiencing a technical issue". 3:12pm 10/24/14
http://www.craigslist.orgCraigslist Site will not load 2:39pm 10/24/14 cannot login to get my email 2:04pm 10/24/14 Website can't be found 1:20pm 10/24/14 Xbox one code ui-113 1:11pm 10/24/14 ps4 won't load netflix 1:11pm 10/24/14 ps4 won't load 1:10pm 10/24/14 cant log in 1:09pm 10/24/14 Chase Bank Down 1:08pm 10/24/14
https://www.bankofamerica.comBank of America Can't connect to Bank of America 12:54pm 10/24/14 will not load 12:41pm 10/24/14 AOL Down for the last week 12:03pm 10/24/14 Can't get emails 11:33am 10/24/14
https://www.pinterest.comPinterest too many redirects on safari 11:19am 10/24/14
http://www.groupme.comGroupMe site is having server issues 11:16am 10/24/14 Express cant log in 10:53am 10/24/14
http://www.usps.comUSPS Won't take payments 10:53am 10/24/14
http://messages.att.netAT&T Messages Can't log out of email; page not found 10:43am 10/24/14 can not see my cart 10:30am 10/24/14 Email Not Working 10:19am 10/24/14 Express I meant log in PAGE not loading! 10:12am 10/24/14 Express log in patch not loading 10:11am 10/24/14 One Will not open through any link 10:01am 10/24/14
http://www.weebly.comWeebly published site won't load 9:57am 10/24/14
https://online.citibank.comCitibank Can't login in 9:48am 10/24/14
http://www.weebly.comWeebly can't login 9:47am 10/24/14
http://www.nationalgridus.comNational Grid Website not loading. 9:44am 10/24/14 Express can't get past log in page 9:37am 10/24/14
http://www.usbank.comU.S. Bank site will not load 9:31am 10/24/14 Can access chase.comq 9:30am 10/24/14 Express can't log on 9:29am 10/24/14
http://www.nationalgridus.comNational Grid Can not login to pay my bill 9:07am 10/24/14
http://www.usps.comUSPS can't print label or access history 8:24am 10/24/14
https://www.bankofamerica.comBank of America This page can’t be displayed 8:06am 10/24/14 Walmart Web Site Issues 8:03am 10/24/14
http://www.verizonwireless.comVerizon Wireless Cannot Login 7:58am 10/24/14 internet down 90% of the time 7:57am 10/24/14 can't access site 7:44am 10/24/14
https://www.bankofamerica.comBank of America Cannot get sign in to accounts 7:37am 10/24/14
https://www.wellsfargo.comWells Fargo no access to site 7:22am 10/24/14 username / password not recognized 6:58am 10/24/14
http://www.craigslist.orgCraigslist Cannot access my account 6:54am 10/24/14
https://www.bankofamerica.comBank of America Cannot access online 6:43am 10/24/14