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Site Report Date Comments
http://www.att.comAT&T att site will not go to login page, will not go to email login page 7:33am 04/21/14
http://www.att.comAT&T time out 7:30am 04/21/14
http://www.att.comAT&T Unable to log in, "problem loading page" for 7:26am 04/21/14
https://www.dropbox.comDropbox Can't sync. Doesn't load site. 7:03am 04/21/14
http://www.craigslist.orgCraigslist IP address blocked on craigslist 7:03am 04/21/14
http://www.att.comAT&T Can't Login. 7:01am 04/21/14
http://www.att.comAT&T Unable to Login to email account 6:52am 04/21/14
http://fedex.comFedEx Tracking is not updating. 6:46am 04/21/14
http://www.att.comAT&T can't login 6:40am 04/21/14 Keep getting error messages when trying to check out online one mentioned... 6:39am 04/21/14
http://www.att.comAT&T login server times out 6:27am 04/21/14
http://www.att.comAT&T cannot login 5:46am 04/21/14
http://www.att.comAT&T Can't access the login page 5:40am 04/21/14
https://www.pinterest.comPinterest Won't let pns be sent to other pinner 4:48am 04/21/14 For days Netflix won't load 11:50pm 04/20/14 error -201 on android tablet. 11:15pm 04/20/14 website down. movies won't load 10:19pm 04/20/14 nw-4-8 8:21pm 04/20/14 Error: Incorrect Username or Password 8:19pm 04/20/14 login password 8:17pm 04/20/14
http://www.att.comAT&T dsl not working 8:15pm 04/20/14 can't get emails to work 7:49pm 04/20/14 Weather Channel Down 7:35pm 04/20/14
http://www.okcupid.comOkCupid "Technical Difficulties" 7:11pm 04/20/14
http://www.weebly.comWeebly Cant Edit Weebly Site 7:01pm 04/20/14
https://www.pinterest.comPinterest Will only send pins to some people 6:55pm 04/20/14
http://www.att.comAT&T Not loading 6:10pm 04/20/14 can't sign on to account or access e-mail 5:39pm 04/20/14 Cannot login to pay bill 5:10pm 04/20/14 Can't get past login screen 4:43pm 04/20/14
http://www.att.comAT&T Broadband not available 4:37pm 04/20/14
http://www.okcupid.comOkCupid technical difficulities - cant log in since Wednesday 4:17pm 04/20/14 Won't play on Samsung blu ray/home theater system 4:13pm 04/20/14
http://www.ebay.comeBay cant log in 3:51pm 04/20/14
http://www.okcupid.comOkCupid Can't login 3:46pm 04/20/14
http://www.att.comAT&T calls & texting down 3:00 pm. 3:25pm 04/20/14
https://www.bankofamerica.comBank of America Bill pay 2:58pm 04/20/14
http://www.okcupid.comOkCupid unavailable due to technical difficulties 2:24pm 04/20/14
https://www.pinterest.comPinterest blank buttons, no scrolling 12:25pm 04/20/14 Express website down 11:17am 04/20/14
https://online.citibank.comCitibank Site down. Can't make payments or use my card. 11:14am 04/20/14 Can't load website 11:11am 04/20/14
http://www.att.comAT&T Site not loading new mail into the IN Box 10:55am 04/20/14 Bank No access to online banking 10:49am 04/20/14
http://www.att.comAT&T cannot log into mail account 10:37am 04/20/14
http://www.att.comAT&T Cannot log into emial 10:22am 04/20/14
http://www.att.comAT&T mail down 10:05am 04/20/14
http://www.att.comAT&T AT&T WebMail not Accessible 9:45am 04/20/14
http://www.att.comAT&T ATT -- ATTGLOBAL - cannot receive email again - CHRONIC PLEASE FIX 9:40am 04/20/14
https://online.citibank.comCitibank Cannot access anything on the site 9:26am 04/20/14