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Site Report Date Comments
http://www.okcupid.comOkCupid Its homepage will not open. 6:01pm 07/30/14 Verisign lockup 4:29pm 07/30/14 Slow, checkout down 3:44pm 07/30/14
http://www.att.comAT&T No cell service 3:08pm 07/30/14 One won't load login page 12:19pm 07/30/14
http://www.okcupid.comOkCupid 503 Service Unavailable 11:54am 07/30/14 Bank Cannot log in 11:30am 07/30/14 Site Down 9:54am 07/30/14 Placing an order 9:29am 07/30/14
https://www.wellsfargo.comWells Fargo Please try again later. Wells Fargo Online® is temporarily unavailable. 8:20am 07/30/14
https://online.citibank.comCitibank Haven't been able to log on 7:34am 07/30/14
http://www.usps.comUSPS Unable to print SCAN forms 7:33am 07/30/14
http://www.usps.comUSPS Tracking indicates "Delivered" instead of "Accepted" 7:33am 07/30/14
https://www.wellsfargo.comWells Fargo Site is still down 7:32am 07/30/14
http://www.usps.comUSPS I cannot access my Shipping History 7:30am 07/30/14
https://www.wellsfargo.comWells Fargo Rewards Site still down 7:04am 07/30/14
http://espn.go.comESPN You have requested a page that cannot be found 5:23am 07/30/14 not access online 5:12am 07/30/14
https://www.bankofamerica.comBank of America able to log on but accounts aren't showing up but my card is... 4:51am 07/30/14 Problem checking out 3:00am 07/30/14
https://www.wellsfargo.comWells Fargo rewards site still down.. since monday afternoon 10:10pm 07/29/14
http://www.att.comAT&T go phone down 8:53pm 07/29/14 Problem checking out/accessing card services 8:31pm 07/29/14 Won't even work on PC 8:06pm 07/29/14
https://www.pinterest.comPinterest pinterst fail 8:04pm 07/29/14 Site down 6:55pm 07/29/14 site down 6:50pm 07/29/14 Getting Error message--Site is busy try again later 6:49pm 07/29/14 site down 6:48pm 07/29/14 3 hours Down 6:43pm 07/29/14
http://www.kongregate.comKongregate kongregate website wont load 6:35pm 07/29/14
http://www.craigslist.orgCraigslist IP Address 6:35pm 07/29/14 Able to complete order after 4 hours of being completely down 6:34pm 07/29/14 Our site is extra busy! 6:25pm 07/29/14 finally made it out cart now stuck in secure checkout 6:25pm 07/29/14 cant get info regarding purchased item 6:24pm 07/29/14 timing out - cab't get to signin to account page or any other 6:23pm 07/29/14
http://www.kongregate.comKongregate Still completely down 6:22pm 07/29/14 site busy - only browsing, no add to cart 6:19pm 07/29/14 stuck in cart 6:19pm 07/29/14 Site Busy. Site Down. 6:02pm 07/29/14 doesn't display any product 5:57pm 07/29/14
http://www.kongregate.comKongregate Site is down - server not responding 5:54pm 07/29/14 Walmart site is down 5:54pm 07/29/14 Site is extra busy, don't worry 5:53pm 07/29/14
http://www.kongregate.comKongregate Site is down 5:52pm 07/29/14 Site down for EVERYTHING But browsing! 5:50pm 07/29/14 checkout is down 5:26pm 07/29/14 Website down - NO purchases can be made 5:06pm 07/29/14 Extra Busy 5:02pm 07/29/14