page won't load

Sat, 02/19/2011 - 4:42am - Anonymous

First discovered problem Friday night 2/18 @ about 10 PM when I tried to load a story posted on Facebook.  Tried to go directly to Washington Post site & cannot --- problem continues this AM -- cannot load any pages at all. . . Other websites load perfectly well, so I'm certain this isn't a problem with my computer.


Terry on
Since the recent redesign of the Washington site, I can not access/download any of the articles or other sites from the WP homepage. I have spoken with WP customer service, who advised that many other subscribers are encountering the same problem. All other news orgs are accessible except WP. Please advise on any technical options to access your news site. Oterhwise, a vaery long time customer is lost.
Terry on
Pls disregard. Will have to swithc to the Washington Times.
stoney on
now i cannot open any links, pages wont load again. Washington post you are MORONS. SACK your IT dept you need to upgrade you WANG and AMIGA servers to something built this century
stoney on
5 hours later: their website is still NFG

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