Wont let me checkout

Thu, 05/07/2020 - 4:22pm - Anonymous

I review the order. Hit checkout. It sends me to the site to type in my pin. Accepts pin. Tells me that they are out if this item, that item. I hit ok. It spins and spins, then dumps me right back to the "review order" screen.  I go through it all over again, accept the substitutions,  type in my pin, it accepts the pin, it spins and spins saying " reviewing order " then says "preparing order" , then when its supposed to say "order confirmed!!" It dumps me right back to the beginning. I lost the first t7me slot because i had to checkout by 630pm. Then lost the second checkout because it had to checkout by 703pm. Now theres no more slots available for the next week, at all. I had two slots, and lost them both because the site is freaking garbage and keeps re directing me, with no explanation,  back to the review your order screen. Im not a new customer,  ive done probably 20 grocery pickups in the last 4 months. Theres $895 in my account, the orders only $275, so its not insufficient funds or any nonsense like that. 2 weeks ago when i did the last pickup, i was running into the same problem, but after 30 minutes of trying over and over it eventually went through. Today, i reserved my slot, made my order, and after an hour of trying to checkout, lost the slot. Got another slot, the order was already picked all i had to do was checkout, and the entire time that was allowed, i tried checking out over and over until i lost THAT time slot as well. Such complete bulls!*t

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