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Mon, 02/04/2013 - 5:17am - Anonymous

Over the past few weeks your site either show "Hmm, the page you're looking for can't be found or just returns blank screens.  At first our users where blamming our IT group but they found it to be nothing internal.  We also thought is was Google Chrome as IE seem to load more often but this has also changed.  Need less we have had our users switch to AccuWeather as your site simple can not be relied on.


Roger on
I'm having the exact same issue.
dave collins on
I'm having the same issue with the Hmmm.. page can't be forund, and blank screens both at home and work. This has been going on for several weeks. I have this issue with both chrome and google. I would think a company with your resources would have responded to these issues by now. I guess this is also part of the new reality, power failures during superbowl, weather channels with reality entertainment, websites that don't work for weeks! If so I liked the way things used to work - this stinks!!! Fix this mess.
flyingsod on
Same thing with Firefox and Explorer. This is def a site issue. Going on for weeks... I'mnot likely to return to using them at this point.
Bob on
Get the same problem when going to hourly and sometimes 5 day. I have Windows 8 with IE10. Thought it may be something with IE10 but also have Firefox so when it happens I try it as well and same thing. Also have a Laptop with Win8 IE10 and same problems. Didn't have this prior to 2013 though as I've had Win8 since October.

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