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Wed, 08/30/2023 - 11:39am - Anonymous


I'm very disgruntled with TWC at this point. Not the TWC reps, but the website, lag-time and ongoing technical issues from the TWC website. These issues are not user-error but rather ongoing technical issues on the TWC side. 

TWC has set my unemployment to ineligible 2x when I wasn't ineligible, refused to back pay me for the time it set me to "ineligeable status" when I was indeed elite able and took no accountability for the website not responding or TEC's tech issues--- the reps are mainly kind but the TWC policies are not when it comes to taking accountability of the websites technical issues.

TWC website has kicked me off numerous times even when I clear my search history/cash/ connect to different Wi-Fi etc. 

And most frustratingly of all, I do not want to get fined or made ineligible for financial assistance from TWC in the future, but the site has been down so I have not been able to report that I'm back to work (working at ZenBusiness) as of Aug. 28th 2023 (I have not been paid by ZenBusiness yet)-- and won't allow me to request my "waiting period" or update my TWC account to reflect my very recent employment, as the system is broken.


This morning at around 7:15AM CST I called TWC on my (512)-955-1477 cell number and spoke to Mark to inform a TWC rep that I am indeed back to work as of Monday Aug 27th (i was sent my offer letter late that Friday, and not at a time when a TWC rep would be responsive, and I've was in training from 7AM-6PM on Monday Aug 28th). 
While Mark was kind and helpful, I do not think my employment status was updated in TWC yet by any of the TWC reps I called-- and the website has been crashed for hours! 

Having a broken system and then penalizing people for not being able to report new employment or not back paying them is horrible company culture, and honestly needs to be addressed sooner than later.

Pls address the TWC ongoing technical issues and don't harm unemployed people trying to update their information by rejecting eligibility when the main issue is your own website-- thank you.

Best Regards,

Maranatha (Mara) Thoms

Cell: (512)-955-1477


Alternate Email:


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