Can't Logon to Submission Portal

Sun, 08/27/2023 - 9:04am - Anonymous

I am trying to logon to this sorry excuse for a website to upload my work search log. I logon to the website and when I go to submit my work search log a new window pops up asking for me to logon AGAIN. When I enter my logon information is says that my user name and password is invaled and that I need to reset my password. Clicked the link to reset and nothing happens after that. No email, no reset link nothing. It does state that if you do not get the email that you need to contact your account representative.   WHO THE HELL IS THAT????  Yes I checked my spam and trash folders there is no email from TWC to reset my password. Instead of asking my if I attended training during this work period how about y'all go attend some training and learn how to build a website that actually functions. Why can't we contact a help desk 7 days week? If you are going to run a website that is going to allow and expect you to upload all this information any day of the week then we need to have access to customer service 7 days a week especially when your website is this unstable. I mean really, if you had a site that was actually functional you would not need customer support 7 days a week. 

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