Sent messages disappear

Tue, 01/28/2014 - 10:20am - Anonymous

When I send a message, it gets sent, but then the message disappears and doesn't show up as sent.


Soph on

Same here. I sent a message and it said 'sent' but then disappeared straight after I refreshed. Not showing 'delivered' or 'sent'. 

Someone fix it please! :(

Teh Jaywen on

Same here

zach on

Do you know if the person you were sending it to got the snap chat?

Teh Jaywen on

I dont think so. The persons id disappeared in my friends list too and when I tried adding it back, it says user not found. I tried logging in Into another account and tried adding,  it works

Anonymous*** on

same thing just happened to me

Teh Jaywen on

Guys theres ntg wrong with snapchat. It means the person hasblocked you

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