It is not solved. I was cut. See my photo and interest


Hi. I'm Wans123 on okstupid. Today I have contacted the FREE dating site twice  Maybe I'm dropped. For sure I am. Only one guy can reach me and we are friends. Not a match. He's so cute and sweet. ❤️ 

I have no idea about cookies other than the ones we all eat occasionally. Really?ive been on this site for 8 months and feel like I have been dropped like a hot potato. So rude. I mean right ,just tell us.  Again people. I only use my phone soooooooo what am I to think. I'm older. Attract young young men. Like too young. I prefer younger men. Women and men age out at the same age if female is 10 yrs. older. Oh well. Enough. I've had a glass of wine or two. I am upset with OK Stupid.  Okay. Okay. Perhaps I have gone to far on a blog?  It is what it is. I am who I am. My best to you all. Please females. Brush up on your texting/ writing skills. seriously. My best to all. 

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