"success URL" error

Sun, 03/30/2014 - 7:23pm - Anonymous

A couple of people have this same problem apparently? I login, and am directed to a page titled "success URL" - that page is blank. No idea what I'm supposed to do next... :P


john m murray on

I have been trying to log in to my account for 3 days and have reached only Success url.


Supportive Applicant on

Same concern - attempting to "log in" and insert my "application id" to finish the process and have been receiving the Success URL for about 45 minutes - multiple attempts.  Further direction would be helpful - especially for those of us who have completed the application by phone and were instructed to return online to verify necessary information and make final selection.  Tonight's telephone greeting is saying to leave phone number and they will get back with you after April 1st - no penalty will be assessed.  Trusting the process and looking forward to moving ahead on many levels.  :-)

Debra Buerer on

Having the same problem when trying to log in ,get success url. Was trying to start all over with the healthcare , then  couldn't log in.

Monica Brown on

I have tried logging in everyday multiple times a day and it still gives me the same success URL blank screen...

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