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Thu, 02/23/2012 - 2:15pm - Anonymous


joff on
Yep, same here. "Connection refused" response (502)
Deborah Vivona on
When I try to go to my flickr thru safari or firefox I get a "connection refused " message?
Robert Stein on
"Connection refusen" The same caution here in Austria, in the late evening. I even tryed it, activating my backup network.
kim on
same with me "connection refused"
Michael Kelly on
Same here
Laura Smith on
Same issue...connection refused. Is the site down??
irad on
5:47 PM EST Connecticut, still getting connection refuse. What gives? I can't find anything posted on the 'Net from Flickr so that we can at least know what is going on. This must be a system outage since it was tried using Safari or Firefox.
Allie on
Yep totally down for the last 4 hours here. Anyone know whats going on?
Cathy on
I get the same but it is reassuring I found others that do too. I was afraid I'd been hacked.
Deborah Vivona on
The flickr forum and Picnik forum were busy today with members complaining that picnik editing tools was leaving flickr April 19. I wrote letters to both picnik and flickr...maybe many others did too! :( Did flickr crash???
Anonymous on
Tech support at my ISP said there was some blacklisting going on, could be law enforcement involvement.
fc on
Deborah Vivona on
I was on my flickr this morn with no problems. I use safari... Firefox is no better. I cant even get a "flickereno" help letter to go thru reply...??? Im in Oklahoma City, USA
alain on
same problem from Paris
Schmid Michel on
Pareil en France!!! depuis 22 heures... ;((
Fernando Soguero on
In Zaragoza , Spain, I cannot enter Flickr since one hour at last, so the problem seems to be worldwide.
Makoy on
Same here. I thought they blocked the site here in the office. But bit of a relief that it's not only me experiencing it. Hope when gets back, our pictures are still there!
Deborah Vivona on
I just got thru to flickr blog and there is a FLICKR UPDATE:1:43 pm PST: We’re having a small hardware hiccup and some servers need to get a gentle massage by our knowledgeable engineers. Apologies for the disruption, we’ll keep you posted in this space and it will hopefully not take long. Thanks for your patience. 2:06 pm PST: The servers are still not comfortable, but we’re getting closer to finding the source of the lumbago. We’ll keep you updated right here, as soon as we know more. 2:14 pm PST: Our chiropractors have found the spot and are applying gentle pressure right now. If all goes well, we should be back shortly. 2:45 pm PST: Looks already better, but word is the massage session might still take a smidgen longer. We appreachiate your patience. SO it is not is them! :)
Dr Valentin Pas... on
Can't log in via Safari, Google or Bing. Doesn't work an iPhone, iPad, or PC. Dead on Edge, 3G, 4G, WiFi, Satellite uplink and DSL. Either Flickr has a problem or I'm pretty darned unlucky :( .
mixapirgossi on
Deborah Vivona on
Flickr is back up! :)

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