Log in issue

Sat, 11/19/2022 - 6:33am - Anonymous

Once logged in will just just circle. Will not connect. Have not been able to connect since Friday 11/18/22


James Kevin Smith on

I've tried several times to log on to my 5/3 accounts, all with no luck... finally called 5/3 service.  A very nice lady guided me through the process of getting online by using chrome and not using the NEW 5/3 APP - and NO problem!  Woot!  I can access my accounts again on my phone!  I just tried to access my accounts this morning using the 5/3 app and (big surprise) no go!  Thankfully due to a very nice tech at 5/3 I was able to access my accounts via Chrome and just logging on without the app.  I tried the "forgot my password" and it returns the typical "oops something went wrong"  I've double checked the info, and tried several times always getting the same result! Also tried restarting my phone, as well as deleting and reinstalling the 5/3 app, all with the same lack of result.  I have now deleted the 5/3 App and replaced it with a Chrome shortcut on my phone!  Until they get the problems sorted I'll used the only way I can to connect with my accounts!  If there are any code people out there that want to contact me please feel free!  Anyone else having similar problems, save yourself a lot of time and just delete the 5/3 app and connect using the internet by going to and clicking on "LOG IN" in the upper right corner. 

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