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Johan on

Update from me: I never managed to get passed above problem on a Mac regardless of browser but tried Chrome on a PC and it wasn't an issue. Although when getting to billing/payment it said I could pay with a credit card or through paypal but of cause for unspecified reason they didn't take foreign cards nor foreign paypal accounts both of which is what I have. So I transferred the money quickly from my foreign paypal account to a US based account, linked to a US bank account and US credit card, of cause adding money for the paypal fees. But then when trying to pay from the US paypal account the payment was once again declined for unspecified reason. No matter what browser I got the same error. They were sorry though! I too spent days trying to get passed this system but eventually gave up on USPS and went with the competition. Of cause it cost more, plus the fees to paypal, plus all the time trying to work around their sorry excuse for a website but it would be an easy choice had I known beforehand.