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IT DID WORK---method for getting in online--IT WORKS!!!!

Thu, 02/02/2023 - 5:15am - Anonymous

First, deepest apologies to Erica who did state how she was able to get in online, this is the "glitch" that is currently letting you get to sign in online, and I hope they fix it soon because this is utterly ridiculous!

1. on the sign in page for 5/3rd, click on "forgot login?"

2. Follow screen ?s (made sure the last name starts with a capital letter) and ENTER YOUR DEBIT CARD NUMBER! not the account #, but the debit card number---THAT IS WHAT WORKS TO GET INTO YOUR ACCOUNTS!

3. make sure you click "enter" instead of just hitting it on your keypad and BINGO---it found you with the exact same user ID name you've been using the whole time to sign in with? this system is TOTALLY messed up!!!

again, Erica if you are reading this, I deeply apologize to you: I tried doing what you suggested on the login page and that didn't work, also I tried the account number one, and that didn't work, but you are right, you have to use the debit card number.

congratulations everyone: no more "OOOPS" thing for you to look at everyday!