Unable to sign in or checkout

Fri, 05/23/2014 - 8:42am - Anonymous

When I do any action which requires a sign-in, the site spins for a while "waiting for amazon" trying to get to the signin page, then times out with a "webpage not available".   The site however is up.  I have a cart full of items to buy, and they show up every time I go to the site, but when I hit "Check out" I get the "web page available" behavior.

This has been happening for almost a day now.  I've tried different browsers, different computers, PC, tablet, and phone, web interface and Amazon's app.  All behave the same - can't even get to the webpage where it asks for my name and password.

Otherwise, the site seems fine.  I can search for products, put them in the cart, but I can't check out, or access "My Account".

While I've been trying, Amazon tells me that the price of one of the items in my cart has dropped.  Cool, but I still can't buy it....


Jack Haverty on

Seems to be fixed now.  I didn't change anything, but now it works.  If someone out there read this and fixed it, thanks!

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