Error code nw-2-5

Sat, 02/23/2013 - 8:42am - Anonymous
It starts loading than error nw-2-5 pops up.


shea on
This has been goin on for 2 full days now and starting the 3rd! Highly annoying that I pay the subscription and at least twice a month sometimes more this is happenin! Seriously thinkun about canceling.
wtf on
I'm having the exact same problem.... Any ideas how to fix it?
annoonn. on
I've tried everything and nothing will fix it. I tried unplugging the PS3, deleting and reinstalling the app, playing with the clock, and a whole bunch of other stupid tips from the internet and nothing. This is bulls!*t.
dennis on

I am having the same problem for a week now. Samsung bluray gives me error

netflix server 3 not connected with nw-2-5. called them and no help, same old

fixs that I have allready tried.

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