Reconcile button not working

Tue, 12/17/2013 - 6:30pm - Anonymous

When accessing online banking I cant click the reconcile button to change it to cleared. All I get ia a red triangle with an exclamation point inside.


IRS on

Me too.  Actually, it started one week ago 12/10.  BoA is stalling, saying it's my browser.  It's not.  They changed acls on their js server and now that js action is broken, that's why you get a warning (in some browsers).  Other browsers just don't do anything.

DJV on

Not working in Chrome

OK in Internet Explorer

Eli on

Also not working in Chrome, but working in IE. Only reason I have to open IE...

HMD on

Not working in IE either.  Customer support said it will take 5 to 8 business days for me to get a call back for technical assistance.

Also, BofA insists it is a problem with their connection to Quicken.   BLAH BLAH BLAH!

SFBayou on

I am getting the red triangle on Chrome, but it works on Safari.  Started around a week or so ago.


IRS on

Thankyou.  It works now.  I actually use Chrome, but I haver a useragent that can pretend I'm other browsers. First I tried in Chrome and it still gave me the red exclamation point in a triangle.  I cleared all browsing data, then logged into BA as a Safari browser and it works.  Logged out, cleared all browsing data again, then logged into BA as Chrome and it also works.

Could you try clearing all your browsing data and logging into BA with Chrome to see if that works.

IRS on

I think I've got it.  Either BoA introduced an error into their (R)econciliation button or changed the error handler for the (R)econcilliation button such that ABP (AdBlockPlus) treats the error recovery process as an Ad and blocks the entire process hence stopping the change between the (C) and (R) buttons.  I can consistently reproduce the blockage by enabling/ disabling ABP in both Chrome and Firefox on Ubuntu LTS 12.4.

To solve this for now:  DISABLE AdBlockPlus ON BANK OF AMERICA's DOMAIN.

I hope BoA is listening.

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