Login Problems

Tue, 10/02/2018 - 8:37am - Anonymous

Browser is Safari 12.0. First I navigate to USBank Online. Attempt first entrhy of username. Response states failed login in a new window that now wants me to answer the security question and then the next screen wants the password. if I go thru this path, login will fail.

If instead after the first username entry failure I instest click "retry" under the login window the login process works. This ONLY HAPPENS ON USBANK ONLINE. Can log in to all othter sercure websits with no problem. I believe the Safari 12.0 update did this since I had no login problems with Safari 11.

I have cleared, reset, changed DNS and everything else that I found as fixing login and server recognition errors for Mac OS and Safari with no success. Tried loging is with every security feature turned off with no success. Trashed USBANK SSL certificate and downloaded replacement with no success. Pretty frustrating.


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