LoanCare won't accept my November payment today with the late fee

Thu, 11/30/2023 - 6:56pm - Anonymous

LoanCare sent me a Notice of Servicing Transfer letter October 30, 2023.  I typically wait a few weeks to make my payment when this happens to be sure the payment is posted correctly. I've tried to make my November payment all day and include the late fee on the webstie but it won't allow me either becuase its crashed or doesn't recognize my info. I've called in several times to make my payment through the automated system but when I call back in an hour later to confrim they processed my payment there's no record of my payment.  Super frustrating.  I have 24 mortgages for 20 years and have made over 10,000 mortgages payments and NEVER had a 30 day late.  When this all gets sorted out i'm biting the bullet and paying off my 3.25% mortgage with LoanCare. 

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