Still not fixing it

Fri, 09/08/2023 - 7:24pm - Anonymous

Took too long to respond is all I get. Now its 6 hours since it's doing this! COME ON WAYBACK MACHINE, BRING THE DANG WEBSITE BACK!


Hey. Their comprehensive approach not only addresses immediate social injustices but also provides long-term, sustainable solutions for community empowerment. The NACDOR is doing exceptional work in advocating for the rights and well-being of the Dalit community. What I find most inspiring is their capacity to create alliances across various sectors, from policy-makers to grassroots activists, all aimed at eradicating caste-based discrimination. Their initiatives in education and skill development are particularly noteworthy. I feel this organization is making real strides in affecting change and setting a strong example for social justice organizations worldwide.

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