Cannot open Daily Motion on any browser at all to watch a video!

Tue, 04/29/2014 - 12:12am - Anonymous

I tried to open Daily Motion several times throughout today (29th April 2014 Sydney, Australia time, yet 28th if in USA) yet even after troubleshooting by deleting cache/cookies etc, I just cannot open the website at all. I am simply trying to watch a video, something I watch every day on DM, yet no matter which computer, tablet, or browser (Safari, Chrome) I try; I end up with a blank page. I know it us DM site only, as YouTube, and other sites work perfectly. Yet, when I check on the "Is DailyMotion Down" site, it doesnt indicate that DM has had any such service interruption whatsoever! Anyone else having the same issue today (NB: for those in the U.S, it's Mon the 28th of April, however for us in Australia, it is Tues 29th when this issue is occurring)

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