14300 Tiki Lane, Jacksonville, Florida 32226

Mon, 03/11/2019 - 10:36am - Anonymous

Comcast Cable hanging lows off of the steel support cable it was wired to.  the binding bire has broken loose and the comcast cable in hanging low across the road in the S turn in the 14300 block of Tiki lane.  i haul a farm tractor with an AC Cab and have to drive in the Northbound in the Sourthbound lane in the curve to keep from catching the low hanging cable with the Cab of the Tractor.  this low hanging cable is a safety hazard and if a Semi comes down the dead end road it could snatch the cable and the telepohe pole down.  the telephone pole also has Electrical wires on it. 


Bruce Gazd!*k,  904-333-2796,

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