Videos not loading

Wed, 07/11/2012 - 6:24am - Anonymous

Videos are not loading this morning on Youtube. I know the problem isn't with my computer or internet connection because all other sites are loading fine and my speed is great. My computer is also running perfectly. Checked Youtube on someone elses computer and Youtube videos are not loading on his computer either. So the problem must be on Youtubes end this morning Wednesday 7.11.2012 The pages load but none of the videos do. You either get a black screne where the videos are supposed to be or you see an image of the last page visited where the video is supposed to be. Again I know that this issue is not with our end of things. Not sure if this glitch with Youtube is temporary.

Videos come up blank or have image of last page visited instead of actual video.


Doom on
Yup, same with me.

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