Internet error & Fraud

Fri, 11/04/2022 - 10:29am - Anonymous


DEAR WESTERN UNION  You have to fix your Internet form because I wasn't able to finalize my transfer due to an occurring error saying that my zip code is invalid. I was inserting my correct zip code but over and over again I was getting that same message. That was very frustrating and consuming my precious time and energy. I had to go to an office in Stockholm on Gotgatan 96 (or 94) but their rate was unbelievably low. For 5000 SKR to USA they offered me 330 dollars. I used a different company where 5.000 SKR got transferred to 430+ dollars. I'm informing you about it because it felt very wrong as some kind of fraud and IT IS UNACCEPTABLE. 

I am willing to use WU but only after I receive your answer that this problem has been fixed. 

Thank you very much  


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