Cannot Receive Koney

Fri, 07/19/2019 - 12:22pm - Anonymous


Grayce Watson on

Yupp, I live in Arlington, TX and have driven to and called over eight different locations and literally none of them are able to even login supposedly. And I went through reading many of many of the other complaints on here and am getting more and more worried for the fact that this "login error" bs has obviously been going on all around the world in different countries and as of today in the USA. My dad already had aent my money right before this bulls!*t started so hes given them my money but for some reason I am being told I cant acquire it. I called the one eight hundred WU number 4 different times too and was HUNG UP ON by the operater immediately following me asking what is going on and how long it is going to be until I can get my money.

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