cannot log on to western union site on various computers. sometimes it works and other times you cannot get in

Wed, 04/18/2012 - 2:49pm - Anonymous

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jacob on
help me out
muhamad mastur on

what's this?Hello,

RE: Account Number# XTVD-004370051000
This is to remind you of a payment transaction authorized
on the Internet to make a payment to your account for the 
amount of $24,403.09 on today 01/27/15.
Payment Amount: $24,403.09
Payment Date: 01/27/15
Account Number# XTVD-004370051000
Wire Transfer Fee Amount: $0.00
- Notification Team
Md.Nazrul Islam on

Account Number# XTVD-004370051000

 Amount: $44,403.09
Payment Date: 04/13/15

Kaahwa Geoffrey on
To [email protected] Hello, RE: Account Number 004370051000 This is remind you of a payment transaction authorized by support to make a payment to you account for the a mount of $26,403.09 on 01/23/15. I want this money deposited in my personal account. How should I do it.

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