Temporary unavailable????

Tue, 02/25/2014 - 7:15am - Anonymous

online banking is temporary unavailable since 02/21/2014 what is " temporary"  means to you guys??? 6 momths or a year??? You know this is realy bad with a company such as yours!!!! If you cant find someone to fix it give me a call!


I just got off the phone with a representative that had me re-register my account.  We could not use the same username.....

I had to basically start over with my account setup.  What is going on over there??

This is smells like a breach.

Jennifer Cribbs on

Well, at least it's just not me.  I have been unable to log on as well to my retirement account.  It tells me to reregister and then doesn't recognize my credentials....  I'm going to talk to the HR dept tomorrow and see what's going on.

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