Home Page locks.

Wed, 12/05/2012 - 9:29am - Anonymous

This AM when I accessed I was prompted to update Flashplayer.   I did so, then the page locked up.  I tried accessing 3 more times, and each time Flashplayer update came up and the page locked.  Now I'm not getting the Flashplayer prompt, but the site locks on the WP home page.   I cannot access any articles.  What's up?


steve sacharoff on
Washington Post locks up ....Compatibility test shows a problem app for transfer from ipod to cp..No other site affected...Called Post waiting for reply.
Lydia Louise on
Similar problem. Keeps freezing -- says "Internet Explorer Not Responding." Anyone else seeing this?
steve sacharoff on
post says they now know--working on solution
steve sacharoff on
Seems to be fine now...@ 2:20 PM est

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